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Milk River Catfish Classic Set for June 6th In Glasgow

Wednesday, May 27th 2020

We have some changes coming to this year’s Cat Classic.

There will be NO Friday Night Live Band or Street Dance on Front Street this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions, however, we do have plans to move forward with a Calcutta of the fishing teams.
We will be following guidelines from the Governor’s Office and our Local Health Board and we are planning to section off the street in front of the Montana Bar to be able to auction off ALL 80 Teams on Friday June 5th from 7:00-9:00 PM.

The Famous Midnight Weigh-Ins will also be moving locations. It will now be held in the large Elks Parking lot. (Across the street from the Elks and behind the Busted Knuckle)

Full details will be released by the end of this week following the approval of our Phase 2 Social Distancing plans for both the Catfish Classic and the Glasgow Chamber’s Milk River Catfish Days event!!

Official Team Numbers Released For Milk River Catfish Classic

Wednesday, May 27th 2020


1. Curtis Meiers, Missoula, MT., Jake Meiers, Nashua, MT.
2. Norm Braaten, Fort Peck, MT., Dustin Braaten, Fort Peck, MT.
3. Bobby Wise, Billings, MT., Robert Wise, Billings, MT.
4. Rod Ost, Glasgow, MT., David Irving, Glasgow, MT.
5. Blaine Berg, Glendive, MT., Damen Scherting, Glendive, MT.
6. Jake Knaff, Glasgow, MT., Kelcey Arnold, Glasgow, MT.
7. Trey Shores, Malta, MT., Cole Robinson, Saco, MT.
8. Steve Norcutt, Glasgow, MT., Brien Norcutt, Glasgow, MT.
9. Mitch McIntyre, Glasgow, MT., Jim McIntyre, Glasgow, MT.
10. Timm Canen, Miles City, MT., Aimee Kloeckner, Glasgow, MT.
11. Cale Swanson, Glasgow, MT., Dominik Zimdars, Glasgow, MT.
12. Coel Stutheit, Glasgow, MT., John Grimes, Nashua, MT.
13. Dave George, Glasgow, MT., Candy Lagerquist, Glasgow, MT.
14. Willy Lauckner, Nashua, MT., Colton Yoss, Nashua, MT.
15. Casey Riggin, Glasgow, MT., Jessica Pennington, Glasgow, MT.
16. Grady Nelson, Sidney, MT., Quinten Nelson, Sidney, MT.
17. Marc Kloker, Glasgow, MT., Joel Smith, Glasgow, MT.
18. Seth Combs, Beulah, ND., Mark Combs, Glasgow, MT.
19. Clancy Harris, Malta, MT., Brandon Guhy, Glasgow, MT.
20. Derek Mahlum, Great Falls, MT., Aaron Wittmer, Havre, MT.
21. Callahan Belling, Richland, MT., JD Bailey, Opheim, MT.
22. Scott Redstone, Glasgow, MT., Aidan Redstone, Glasgow, MT.
23. Steve Harris Jr., Sidney, MT., Steve Lowrey, Sidney, MT.
24. Melissa Sigmundstad, Glasgow, MT., Briana Page, Glasgow, MT.
25. Cody King, Glasgow, MT., Michael King, Glasgow, MT.
26. Josh Marottek, Medicine Lake, MT., Derek Werner, Poplar, MT.
27. Brien Gault, Glasgow, MT., Autumn Gault, Glasgow, MT.
28. Landon Holte, Fort Peck, MT., Carter Holte, Fort Peck, MT.
29. Curt Shipman, Glasgow, MT., Darci Shipman, Glasgow, MT.
30. Casey King, Glasgow, MT., Tyler King, Glasgow, MT.
31. Katie Anderson, Glasgow, MT., Cody Kuka, Glasgow, MT.
32. Keigan Ingram, Glasgow, MT., Lane Thompson, Glasgow, MT.
33. Brady Flaten, Glasgow, MT., Jason Molstad, Glasgow, MT.
34. Caleb Lagree, Glasgow, MT., Ethan Stone, Glasgow, MT.
35. Shannon Ost, St. Marie, MT., Tori Gagne, Glasgow, MT.
36. Allan Harrington, Glasgow, MT., Tara Harrington, Glasgow, MT.
37. Bryon Armour, Lewistown, MT., Gunnar Thomas, Lewistown, MT.
38. Karl Krause, Glasgow, MT., Jake Kuka, Glasgow, MT.
39. Seth Ingram, Glasgow, MT., KJ Ingram, Glasgow, MT.
40. Ben Unterseher, Glasgow, MT., Jeff Unterseher, Glendive, MT.
41. Mike Merideth, Nashua, MT., Michael Hendry, Nashua, MT.
42. Justin King, Sidney, MT., William Vanhook, Sidney, MT.
43. Lance Howe, Glasgow, MT., Tom Clemmons, Glasgow, MT.
44. Chad Dawson, Dickinson, ND., Brady Burgess, Glasgow, MT.
45. Patrick Gay, Glasgow, MT., Clint Norcutt, Glasgow, MT.
46. Robert Petersen, Billings, MT., Jayson Riggin, Billings, MT.
47. Stone Tihista, Nashua, MT., Taeler Anderson, Billings, MT.
48. Bo Boreson, Perrysville, IN., Vance Anderson, Glasgow, MT.,
49. Joe Carpenter, Sidney, MT., Pam Carpenter, Sidney, MT.
50. Ty Thomas, Lewistown, MT., Jon Polich, Lewistown, MT.
51. Jacob Billman, Missoula, MT., Josh Trexler, Missoula, MT.
52. Eric Feit, Glasgow, MT., Dale Borgen, Glasgow, MT.
53. Dylan Linder, Glasgow, MT., Cooper Larson, Glasgow, MT.
54. Tyler George, Sheridan, WY., Ryan George, Joliet, MT.
55. Jeff Irving, Belgrade, MT., Dylan Hughes, Glasgow, MT.
56. Kyle Gibson, Glasgow, MT., Trevin Gibson, Glasgow, MT.
57. Jimmy Decker, Sidney, MT., Austin Bement, Sidney, MT.
58. Corey Bushman, Billings, MT., Matthew Bushman, Billings, MT.
59. Wayne Linder, Glasgow, MT., Jeff Larson, Glasgow, MT.
60. Dan Achten, Laurel, MT., Amber Achten, Laurel, MT.
61. James Bergeron, Sidney, MT., Luke Bergeron, Sidney, MT.
62. Kolby Messerly, Malta, MT., Daniel Horn, Harlem, MT.
63. Matt Sudduth, St. Marie, MT., Wyatt Pedersen, Glasgow, MT.
64. Peyton Pedersen, Billings, MT., Carter Pedersen, Wolf Point, MT.
65. Josh Schmitt, Sidney, MT., Adam Knudson, Sidney, MT.
66. Bob Kemp, Glasgow, MT., Jodi Kemp, Glasgow, MT.
67. Todd Lindsay, Billings, MT., Kellie Lindsay, Billings, MT.
68. Jason Schultz, Glasgow, MT., Hunter Schultz, Glasgow, MT.
69. Brodie Boreson, Glasgow, MT., Alex Partridge, Glasgow, MT.
70. Jake Aune, Glasgow, MT., Shawn Wersal, Glasgow, MT
71. William Van Hook, Sidney, MT., Wes Van Hook, Sidney, MT.
72. Tyler Johnson, Nashua, MT., Zach Watts, Nashua, MT.
73. Jessica Ost, Glasgow, MT., Brooklyn Hallock, Glasgow, MT.
74. Kobe Sibley, Glasgow, MT., Trevor Klind, Glasgow, MT.
75. Jason Flaten, West Wendover, NV., Cole Plouffe, Glendive, MT.
76. Jeremy Johnson, Worden, MT., Cody Evans, Billings, MT.
77. Dan Dupea, Billings, MT., Eli Dupea, Billings MT.
78. Brendan Waarvik, Billings, MT., DJ Elletson, Glasgow, MT.
79. Sara Storkson, Glasgow, MT., Renee Sibley, Nashua, MT.
80. Quentin Compton, Glasgow, MT., Nathaniel Adams, St. Marie, MT.

Glasgow Recreation Department To Open May 18th

Sunday, May 17th 2020

As the GRD prepares to open on Monday, May 18 we are required to follow certain guidelines set fourth by the State of Montana. Notable guidelines are as follows:

- Only current members can use the facility.

- Members with fever, shortness of breath, a cough, or other
COVID-19 symptoms must refrain from using the facility.

- Cardio machines have been arranged to accommodate
mandated six-foot distance.

- Members using free weights shall maintain a six-foot of
separation except when a spotter is necessary.

- Clean non marking shoes that are only worn indoors allowed.

- In order to track the required 50% capacity guideline, all
members are asked to enter through the Rec. Dept. office.

If you have any questions or concerns about the GRD reopening guidelines, staff members will be available to take your call Monday morning. The Recreation Office an be reached by calling 228-8341.

Glasgow Recreation Department Plans Registration For Summer Programs

Friday, May 15th 2020

The GRD is moving forward with summer programs! Registration will begin on Monday, June 1 at 7:00 A.M. in the Civic Center Gymnasium.

Session 1: June 15-26
Session 2: June 29 - July 10
Session 3: July 13-24
Session 4: July 27- August 7

*Schedules are subject to change.

2019-2020 Scottie Athletic Award Winners

Friday, May 15th 2020

2019-20 Scottie Athletic Award Winners

Fall Cheer --
Most Valuable - Emma Page
Most Improved - Azuray Jones
Most Spirit - Kambria Ross

Winter Cheer --
Most Valuable - Aubre Hartsock
Most Improved - He’Lena Stulc
Most Spirit - Ali Cunningham
Coaches Award - Brianna Nybakken

Football --
MVP - Alec Boland
Offensive MVP - Colten Fast
Defensive MVP - Tel Aune
Blue Collar Award - Ty Kittleson
Eric Wentland Most Outstanding Lineman - Mayson Phipps

Cross Country --
Most Valuable Female - Iris McKean
Most Valuable Male - Wilson Overby
Scottie Pride Award - Donny Brabeck
Scottie Hustler Award - Carl Zabrocki
Scottie Hustler Award - Ali Cunningham

Volleyball --
MVP -- Keely Fossum
Offensive MVP - Rachelle Glaser
Defensive MVP - Anika Peters
Coaches Award - Taylor Pederson
Scottie Pride Award - Kaylee Ross

Boys Basketball --
MVP - Keigan Skolrud
Defensive MVP - Trevor Klind
Offensive MVP - Alec Boland
Most Improved - Dalton Sand
Highest Free Throw % - Tim Wageman

Girls Basketball --
MVP -- Taylor Pederson
Leading Rebounder - Taylor Pederson
Coaches Award - Anika Peters
Coaches Award - Keely Fossum

Wrestling --
Most Valuable Wrestler - Dylan Nieskens
Bob Smith Most Improved Wrestler - Cooper Larson
Best Winning % - Colten Fast
Most Takedowns - Kaden Zimmerman
Most Pins - Mayson Phipps

Golden Scottie Award Winners

Keely Fossum — 4 years of Volleyball, 4 years of Basketball, 1 year of softball, 3 years of Track
Taylor Pederson — 4 years of Volleyball, 4 years of Basketball, 4 years of Softball
Anika Peters — 4 years of Volleyball, 4 years of Basketball, 4 years of Track
Laura Ross — 4 years of Volleyball, 4 years of Basketball, 4 years of Softball
Alec Boland — 4 years of Football, 4 years of Basketball, 4 years of Track
Jaysen Turner — 4 years of Cross Country, 4 years of Basketball, 4 years of Track
Tim Wageman — 2 years of Cross Country, 2 years of Football, 4 years of Basketball, 4 years of Track

Outstanding Senior Athletes

Female – Keely Fossum
Participation: 4 years of Volleyball, 4 years of Basketball, 1 year of softball, 3 years of Track
Volleyball Accomplishments -- 2 time-All-State, 2-time Team MVP
Basketball Accomplishments — 3-time All-Conference, Team MVP
Track Accomplishments -- 2-time All-Conference
Cumulative GPA - 4.030

Male – Alec Boland
Participation: 4 years of Football, 4 years of Basketball, 4 years of Track
Football Accomplishments - 2-time All-Conference, 2-time Team MVP
Basketball Accomplishments - 2-time All-Conference, 2-time Offensive Team MVP
Track Accomplishments - 3-time All-Conference

Glasgow Girls Softball Association Tentatively Plans Season For Month Of June

Monday, May 4th 2020

Good news! The GGSA Board has decided to move forward with a softball season this year. It is going to look a little different than it has in the last couple of years. The length of the season will remain the same and will wrap up at the end of June. In an effort to address concerns related to Covid-19 we will be working to manage the season so that it falls in line with guidelines from the Valley County Health Department. If you are not comfortable with your daughter playing this season, please let a Board member know as soon as possible and we will get you a refund.

We are planning to start practices the week of May 11th. Coaches will contact parents to schedule days and times. Practices will be similar in format as last year with the addition of social distancing measures.

In order for the league to play games we are dependent upon the Governor's office rolling the State of Montana into Phase 2. Phase 2 would allow us to loosen social distancing requirements and make it feasible to play games in June. Our plan for games, should we enter into Phase 2, is to have two teams from each age group formed to compete with each other in a series of double headers. Due to low 14U numbers, we will most likely combine 12U and 14U this year. That may change if we have enough girls sign up after second chance sign-ups. The MonDak League that 10U - 14U are a part of is made up of a few other towns outside of our county. Currently they are not starting practices and some do not have approval from their health departments to participate. If other towns become eligible to play we will make every effort to get the teams some additional games.

In terms of concessions, we are still working out the details on that. We will get out information on that as soon as we can. In regards to the raffle tickets, the girls have been doing a great job selling them! Let's have all raffle tickets and money turned into the coaches or a Board member by May 31st. We will do the drawings in early June. If you need more books let a Board member know.

Since the high school season was cut short we were unable to hold second chance sign-ups which some of you were waiting for to sign up. If you have not signed up yet you may do so at the following link and a Board member will contact you to complete registration. If you know of someone who would be interested in joining softball please pass the link along to them. You may also contact any Board member.


We look forward to making the best of the 2020 season and getting the girls back on the diamond. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let the Board know. ????

Spring Sports Salute Now Online

Friday, May 1st 2020

The Glasgow Scottie Spring Sports Salute presented by Mountain Dew is now online. Stan Ozark salutes Scottie Softball, Track and Field and Golf. with Tim Phillips, Ryan Hartwell and Todd Truscott!


2019-2020 Scottie All-Sports Banquet To Be Held Virtually May 14th

Wednesday, April 29th 2020

The 2019-20 Scottie All-Sports Banquet will be held virtually this year on Facebook LIVE.
Our GHS Head Coaches and AD Flaten will present live on Thursday May 14th at 7:00 PM.
Make sure to tune in to hear our coaches speak to each of their season’s and announce the award winners for this school year.
Varsity Letter Winners, All State, All Conference, Academic All State, Team Awards, Golden Scottie Awards, and the Male & Female Outstanding Senior Athletes will ALL be unveiled at this virtual banquet!
We will also recognize spring sports participants for SB, GO, and TR.

Sign-Ups Now Available For Cal Ripken Youth Baseball

Tuesday, April 28th 2020

The Board of Directors of the Glasgow Cal Ripken League met on Sunday and formulated a tentative plan to have youth baseball in Glasgow in 2020.

Now...much depends on Governor Bullock and when and if he decides to move Montana into Phase 2 of reopening the state. If Governor Bullock moves Montana into Phase 2 on or before May 22nd the tentative plan is to have baseball during the month of June. One month of baseball with number of games to be determined. If Montana isn’t moved into Phase 2 by May 22nd the season will be cancelled.

At this point due to the restrictions, the small amount of time for baseball and other logistical reasons, there will be no Minor League Baseball this year. The league will be Majors only for ages 9-12.

Realizing that many circumstances have changed, the league will have another sign up session. This is to determine the amount of players interested in playing baseball under different circumstances then when they originally signed up.

Understand that this is all tentative and the board is in uncharted territory. Our goal has been and always will be to provide an environment that is safe and fun. Understand the league will look different and all health recommendations will be followed.

The online sign-up is now available. If you have any questions contact Linda Hudyma at 406-390-4667


MHSA Cancels Spring Sports Season

Thursday, April 23rd 2020

Story from Montanasports.com

HELENA -- Spring sports in Montana are officially canceled.

The Montana High School Association and executive director Mark Beckman sent a release on Wednesday afternoon following Governor Steve Bullock's press conference detailing the gradual re-opening of Montana, beginning with "Phase 1" this weekend. In that press conference, Bullock said schools would have the option to re-open beginning Thursday, May 7, three days after the MHSA's hard deadline of May 4.

"As you are aware, the Governor has issued a reopening plan for the state, which included local school districts to determine allowing in-person instruction on May 7," Beckman's release read. "Because of the previous MHSA Board action, resumption of spring activities depended on our students' ability to return to in-person instruction without restrictions by May 4, and if in-person instruction didn't resume by that time without restrictions, spring activities would be canceled. The spring 2020 season is canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which is affecting communities across our country."

On Thursday, April 9, the MHSA executive board met via conference call and agreed to extend the postponement of spring activities in Montana but stated that the season would be canceled if in-class schooling wasn't resumed by May 4. Wednesday afternoon, Beckman confirmed with the MHSA board that Governor Bullock's statements indeed put an end to the spring sports season.

Montana is one of the final 15 states to cancel high school spring sports. The MHSA previously had to cancel its state basketball tournaments at the conclusion of semifinal games, naming co-champions in each classification.

"We look forward to the resumption of high school activities during the 2020-21 school year with some level of normalcy," Beckman's release continued. "Our office will be entirely focused on contingency plans for the 2020 fall season and beyond, should they be needed. We will continue to communicate as state, local and health agencies keep us informed of new public health guidelines."

In an interview with MTN Sports on Wednesday afternoon, Beckman said he felt for the student-athletes, coaches, parents and officials that were holding out hope for a spring sports season.

"You look at some of these kids that, it’s their last opportunity to ever participate in a spring sport," he said. "There are a lot of them that were looking for personal bests or looking for championships, and there were a lot of teams that would have done really well, too. The seniors, definitely, it is difficult."

Montana's stay-at-home order will be lifted on Sunday, April 26, while other businesses and organizations will be able to remove their restrictions, though they must adhere to social distancing measures. For more information on Governor Bullock's plan for Phase 1, please click here.

Ali Cunningham Signs With Dickinson State For Track and Field and Cross Country.

Monday, April 13th 2020

Story from 406mt.sports.com

BILLINGS — Glasgow senior Ali Cunningham has signed with Dickinson State University for cross country and track and field, Cunningham announced on Twitter Saturday.

Cunningham finished 16th at the Class B state cross country meet in October and set a 5K personal record a month earlier with a time of 20 minutes, 37.4 seconds. Last spring, she finished 10th in the 3,200 meters (PR 12:36.29) and 14th in the 1,600 (PR 5:47.03) at the State B track meet.

High School Spring Activities To Remain Suspended Through April 24th

Friday, April 10th 2020

April 9, 2020




The MHSA Executive Board, during a conference call to conduct Association business on Thursday morning, took the following action regarding MHSA Spring Activities: All MHSA spring activities will be suspended through April 24th. This includes practices and contests/meet/festivals. Resumption of spring activities will depend on our student’s ability to return to in-person instruction by May 4th. If in-person instruction doesn’t resume by that time, spring activities will be cancelled. We take seriously the directives from the Governor, State Health Department and CDC for the safety of our students and for their communities. Their safety is our top priority during these challenging times.
If spring activities are resumed, the practice requirement for sports at that time will be five practices from resumption except for golf which will be the normal two practices required.
If spring activities are resumed, post season formats will be adjusted by the MHSA with Executive Board approval.
The MHSA April Executive Board meeting scheduled for April 20-21 has been postponed tentatively until May 18-19, 2020, depending on the directives from the Governor, State Health Department at that time.

Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Mark Beckman


Jory Casterline Named Class B Wrestling Coach Of The Year

Tuesday, April 7th 2020

2020 Montana Coaches Association winter coaches of the year


Class AA: Luis Carranza, Great Falls High
Class A: Guy Melby, Sidney
Class B: Jory Casterline, Glasgow
Class C: Charlie Crabb, Alberton-Superior

Boys swimming

Class AA: Siobhan Gillmartin, Bozeman
Class A: Eric Hartl, Hardin

Girls swimming

Class AA: Siobhan Gillmartin, Bozeman
Class A: Robyn O'Nan, Billings Central

Boys basketball

Class AA: Jeff Hays, Missoula Hellgate
Class A: Andy Roundface, Hardin
Class B: Josh Stewart, Lodge Grass
Class C: Jason Wolfe, Scobey

Girls basketball

Class AA: Katie Garcin-Forba, Helena CApital
Class A: Cindy Farmer, Hardin
Class B: Travis Walker, Missoula Loyola
Class C: Marietta Boyce and Mauri Elness, Roy-Winifred

Montana Coaches Association Inducts Nine New Members Into Hall Of Fame

Sunday, March 29th 2020

HELENA — The Montana Coaches Association will induct nine new members into the MCA Hall of Fame this summer in Great Falls.

The nine are:

• Tony Arntson, former Helena and Charlo high school football and track coach.

• Jim Carroll, a track and field coach for 39 years — including 33 at Conrad.

• Bill Lepley, who coached girls basketball for 32 years at Shepherd and 36 overall.

• John Sillitti, who has guided the cross country and track and field programs for 21 years at Manhattan.

• John Smith, a 37-year coach at Columbus in basketball, track and field, football and softball.

• Dan Stanton (posthumously), who had a 25-year run as coach at Miles City in football, basketball and track and field.

• Rob Stanton, a 27-year coaching veteran whose stints include nine years at Miles City and the last 18 at Billings West.

• Fred Volkman, the head wrestling coach at Cut Bank for 22 of his 24 years in the business.

• Steve Weston, who coached 38 years overall — including 24 as football and softball coach at Hamilton and another 13 in football and track and field at Darby.

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