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6:10 a.m. Boneheads In The News

The NY Post says Nicholas Ellingford, of Lincoln City, Oregon, recently shot himself in the groin while showing off his handgun. The 29 year-old was waiting to check out at a grocery store when his gun discharged sending a bullet through his groin and out his thigh. He was airlifted to a Portland hospital. Nicholas may face charges because he did not have a handgun permit

6:20 a.m.

Top 10 Things Quarantining People Miss About Their Office ... according to a new survey by YouGov

1 Seeing Co-Workers (66%)

2 Meetings (49%)

3 Office Gossip (38%)

4 Having Lunch Out (31%)

5 Leaving Early (26%)

6 Wearing Business Attire (15%)

7 Boss's Jokes (13%)

8 Office Decor (7%)

9 Smell Of The Office (5%)

10 Setting An Alarm To Get Up (4%)


6:30 a.m. Daily Quiz

#22 in 1987

Born on 8/1/1953 in Columbus, Georgia. Blues-rock guitarist/vocalist. Played bass with fictional band, Otis Day & The Knights, in the movie Animal House . Band formed in 1974 as backing tour group for bluesman Albert Collins. Lineup from 1986-89: Peter Boe (keyboards), Richard Cousins (bass) and David Olson (drums).

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7:15 a.m.

TOP 15 COMFORT FOODS OF 2020 …. According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Farm Rich

Pizza 55%

Hamburgers 48%

Ice cream 46%

French fries 45%

Mac & cheese 39%

Potato Chips 39%

Cookies 38%

Chocolate 37%

Cereal 34%

Fried Chicken 34%

Spaghetti & Meatballs 32%

Mashed Potatoes 32%

Bread 31%

Hotdogs 31%

Pancakes 30%

TOP 10 COMFORT FOOD SNACKS …. According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Farm Rich

Chocolate 49%

Chips 46%

Cookies 39%

French fries 38%

Candy 37%

Mozzarella sticks 31%

Popcorn 31%

Chicken nuggets 27%

Cereal 27%

Peanut butter 26%

TOP REASONS PEOPLE REACH FOR COMFORT FOOD …. According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Farm Rich

Tastes good 48%

Satisfying 43%

Brings happiness 41%

Something to look forward to 39%

Sense of comfort in uncertain times 38%

Lunch Menus/Valley Happenings

7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

Bloomberg says Walmart is doing away with one way aisles. The retailer started the directional aisles as a way of social distancing during the early part of the coronavirus pandemic
Amazon.com is rolling out a competitor to the Peloton bike. Their Prime Bike costs $499 and is 75% less than Peloton's $1,895 base model. The Prime Bike includes access to live and on-demand classes and is free for the first 30 days
CBS says plastic surgery is on the rise because of the coronavirus pandemic. People are getting Botox and fillers because they are working from home on Zoom calls. Women are getting their lips done on Friday’s so they can go back to work on Monday. Groups of mothers are getting ‘Mommy Makeovers’.
WMTW says Londoner Jason Pack recently went skydiving with his girlfriend. As they were floating to the ground, family members held signs that read: “Katie Marry Me?” She accepted as soon as she hit the ground.
Fox News says a 10 year-old girl from Coventry, England has used hypnotherapy to cure her food fears. Martha Davies only ate Pringles barbecue potato chips and white toast until her hypnotherapist was able to cure her of her food phobias. He hypnotized Martha before she ate a giant pizza. She's had a food phobia since she was 18 months old.
Lubbock, Texas resident Chelsea Jerabek recently set a Guinness World Record by collecting 1,622 different varieties of lip balm. She owns so many sticks of balm that she was forced to install custom cabinets in her house to display them all. Chelsea says her collection began when she was 11 years-old. "My aunt collects Pez, and she has this whole huge collection. So, you know, as a kid, you want to be like all the adults in your life. I think we were at Walmart or something. The next day, I saw more [lip balm] and it just snowballed from there."
An Illinois man is celebrating the 60th birthday of an unusual keepsake -- a sandwich that he has kept frozen ever since it was half-eaten by Richard Nixon in 1960.
Steve Jenne of Sullivan said he was a Boy Scout when Nixon visited the town of Sullivan during a September 22, 1960, campaign stop. The future president attended a cookout and ate half of a buffalo chicken sandwich, which Jenne then took home to keep in his freezer.
"I looked around and thought, 'If no one else was going to take it, I am going to take it,'" Jenne told the Herald-Review newspaper.
The sandwich brought Jenne notoriety over the years, most notably a 1988 guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
Jenne said the appearance yielded him a half-eaten snack from Carson, as well as a paper plate signed by Steve Martin, who quipped that he had earlier used the plate to eat some chicken salad. Jenne said his collection now also includes unfinished foods from entertainers Tiny Tim and Henny Youngman.
Jenne said the Nixon sandwich remains the crown jewel of his collection.
Just before the country went into lockdown for the pandemic, a mom and her teenage daughter set off to hike the Appalachian Trail.
Briana Sullivan and 14-year-old daughter, Cambyr spent nearly six months trekking the 2-thousand miles through 14 states.
They adopted the mantra “positivity is everything” and that along with what they call “trail magic” helped them reach their goal.
Metro UK says doctors in India recently removed a toothbrush from a man's stomach. The 39 year-old patient was brushing his teeth when he accidentally swallowed the small brush. He rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors opened his stomach and removed the toothbrush. The man is expected to make a full recovery.
The Tri-City Herald says the Kennewick, Washington police recently ticketed a teenager for going 132 mph. An officer clocked the teen at 126 mph before he sped up and took off. The teen hit a curb and abandoned his car. Cops quickly found the 17 year-old before charging him several felonies
KCAU says the Sioux City, Iowa police recently arrested Cesar Rodriguez for trashing a Save-A-Lot grocery store. The 33-year old was drunk when he entered the store and started eating from a bag of Ruffles potato chips. When confronted, Caesar knocked over a Lipton Iced Tea display. Cops found him passed out in an alley behind the store. He was charged with criminal mischief and public intoxication
Every morning for 18 months, an entire Welsh village would lose its broadband internet connection or see speeds slow to a very frustrating crawl. The cable company replaced several large sections of cable but still, the problem persisted until finally, some smart engineers figured out what was going on.
It was an old, very low tech, secondhand television. Every morning at 7am, an unsuspecting homeowner would turn on their "vintage" TV which emitted electrical interference. Specifically, single high-level impulse noise which would "knock out broadband for the entire village," according to one engineer. But it took bringing in engineers from across the UK to figure it out. Engineers walked around the village with a spectrum analyzer, used to detect electrical noise.
The "mortified" owner "immediately agreed" to stop using the TV and once again all is right with the town's internet.

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