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The most common jobs in America … Life expectancy rates are on the rise in the United States, and one of the effects of people living longer is the need for more home health care professionals and personal aides. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those are the most common jobs in the country right now. There are roughly 3.6 million Americans in each of those positions and the profession is growing. The second most common job is retail salespeople, followed by fast food and counter workers in third.

Here are the 10 most common jobs in America right now:

Home health and personal care aides
Retail salespersons
Fast food and counter workers
General and operational managers
Registered nurses
Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers
Stockers and order fillers
Customer service representatives
Office clerks
The least common job in America, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics? Wood pattern makers. There are only 260 Americans employed in the almost extinct profession.

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#10 Born on 9/22/1971 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. Pop-rock singer. Son of Len “Chip” Hawkes of The Tremeloes.

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Don't leave these items in a hot car … Everyone knows you should never leave children and pets inside a hot car, but there are many lesser-known things that could be potentially dangerous if left inside a vehicle, especially under scorching summer temperatures. For instance, that clear plastic water bottle left in the cup holder could actually pose a very serious risk. Believe it or not, experts warn it could actually start a fire. Sunlight beaming into the car can be reflected by the water in the bottle and actually ignite a fire inside the car if it’s hot enough. Also, water that's been in an extremely hot plastic bottle could be contaminated with toxins. Electronics with lithium batteries, like a vape or an electric scooter, could also explode. Other everyday items that should not be left in a hot car are things like aerosol cans, canned and bottled soda, cigarette lighters, medicine, and alcohol.

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As much as kids love summer vacation from school, they all get bored eventually and new research pinpoints when it’s the worst.
According to a new study of 1,000 parents of school-age children, kids reach peak boredom by August 1st. They’re not afraid to tell their mom or dad about it and complain an average of five times a week about being bored during summer break. Source: NY Post
Sports fans watch an average of 120 games a year, according to a new survey.
It splits fans into categories depending on how committed they are to their team or player and raging fans - those who watch every game they can - spend $879.40 a year, on average, on tickets to games, concessions, apparel, collectibles and more.
Fans feel it’s worth it, as they estimate they’ve seen five one-of-a-kind “miracle” live sports wins. Source: Talker
The Washington Post says the NFL is discussing extending the season to 18 games. A potential scenario includes adding a second bye week and moving the Pro Bowl to Week 13.
Watermelon Pizza is going viral on Tik Tok. People are grilling large circular slices of watermelon before topping it with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. They are then finishing their pizza by taking a creme brulee torch to the top of it.
The NY Post says people are using cabbage leaves to heal achy joints and sore muscles. Maryland pain management specialist Dr. Kunal Sood says wrapping cabbage leaves around the affected area reduces inflammation and pain reduction. Researchers found that using cabbage leaves for one hour is as beneficial as a cooling gel pad for 20 minutes
As sales of virtual reality headsets continue to rise, so too are the numbers of people getting hurt playing games on those headsets. Players are strapping on headsets, swinging their arms and legs while playing the games – and sometimes suffering injuries when they punch and kick things in the real world, or trip over stuff and fall. Emergency rooms are dealing with broken bones, fractures, lacerations, contusions, along with strains and sprains, all from VR game mishaps.
You've heard of a table for two ... but how about a restaurant for two? If you'd like to dine at the world's smallest eatery, you'll have to head to Finland, which is home to Kuappi, a tiny shack of a restaurant that only seats two people at one table. There's no kitchen, since the food is all brought in from a nearby sister restaurant, but there is a teeny, tiny bar that's stocked with teeny, tiny bottles – the miniatures you generally get on airplanes. If you want to eat there, you'll have to call at least two days in advance, and don't bother trying to get a table around Christmas – it's only open in the summer.
Forget about Tang ... NASA has introduced new technology that will allow astronauts to safely drink their own urine! Scientists have developed an un-pee-lievable new lightweight system that can collect and purify roughly 1.69 fluid ounces of water from urine within a person’s spacesuit in just five minutes. A humidity sensor sitting in a silicone cup beneath the astronaut’s privates will sense the urine, sparking a vacuum pump that draws it into a 17.6-pound filtration device on their back Th.filter transforms the urine into fresh, drinkable H2O that’s transferred to the spacesuit’s water bag.
Sharknado meets Cocaine Bear in a terrifying new plot, only it's not a movie -- it's real. Researchers in South America say 13 sharks caught off the coast of Brazil have tested positive for cocaine, raising concerns that the ocean is contaminated with drugs, likely as a result of drug smugglers or drug labs. Scientists collected 13 sharpnose sharks that were caught by fisherman off Rio de Janeiro, and during a necropsy examination found organs and muscle tissue laced with a high concentration of cocaine. Researchers say they don't know what affect the cocaine may have had on the sharks' behavior. (TMZ)
A couple set to marry this weekend got into a violent argument over a prenuptial agreement, leading to the would-be bride’s arrest. According to court records, 26-year-old Molly Rose Hogan and her fiancé were quarreling late Sunday night in their St. Petersburg, Florida home. The victim reported that Hogan attacked him, causing multiple injuries, after a heated argument about signing a prenup. Witnesses, including the victim's brother who was bitten by Hogan while trying to intervene, confirmed the victim's account. Alcohol was reportedly a factor in the late-night incident. Hogan was arrested for domestic battery and simple battery and later released. A judge ordered her to have no contact with her fiancé or his brother and allowed her a one-time police-escorted visit to retrieve personal belongings. The fate of the wedding, planned for Saturday, remains unclear. Despite the incident, the couple's wedding registry is still online, inviting friends and family to contribute to their celebration. Remember, nothing says "Congratulations!" like bail money.

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