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6:10 a.m. Boneheads In The News

Erie News Now says a 27 year-old Jamestown, New York woman recently went wild at a 7-Eleven after being asked to wear a coronavirus mask. Jessica McAdoo downed alcohol outside of the convenience store before entering without a mask. She knocked over displays and broke equipment after the store manager asked her to wear a coronavirus mask. Jessica was charged with criminal mischief and tampering.

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When we think about a poor memory, we generally think it’s due to age, but there’s more to brain health than that. It’s a matter of treating it like you do the rest of your body. Healthy habits make healthy gray matter.

Sports neurologist Dr. Vernon Williams says we should make it a focus of our life instead of waiting until something goes wrong. Where to start? With these tips and tricks courtesy of the experts.

Balance your diet
Get enough exercise
Get enough sleep
Don’t try to multitask
Balance your stress
Play brain games and learn new things
Use mnemonic devices
Write things down
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6:30 a.m. Daily Quiz



What happened in 1983 Major News Stories include IBM releases the IBM PC XT, Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Proposed, Harrods Bombing, Space Shuttle Challenger is launched Maiden Flight, . The worlds most popular word processing programme is launched Microsoft Word. Following on from the start of the recession in the US Unemployment Rises to 12 million. In Ethiopia following the worst drought in history the death toll reaches a staggering 4 million. The US starts deploying Cruise Missiles and Pershing Missiles in Europe at the Greenham Common Air Force Base in England and West Germany amid mass protest

Ford Mustang $6,572.00
Timex Sinclair Color Computer $179.99
Milk 2% Gallon $1.35
Kraft Singles Cheese (12) $1.49
Mens Leather Shoes $39.99
The video game Mario Bros. was first released as a Nintendo arcade game in Japan during July.
Final Episode of MAS*H airs record 125 million watch
Cabbage Patch Dolls are sold in shops and become a success

Popular Films

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Trading Places
Superman III
Staying Alive
National Lampoon's Vacation
Never Say Never Again
Terms of Endearment

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What would we do without sandwiches – especially these days? According to voters on ranker.com, these are the Top 10 best kinds of sandwiches:

Club sandwich
Reuben sandwich
Grilled cheese
Italian sub
Corned beef sandwich
Pastrami sandwich
Cuban sandwich
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

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7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

Today (Friday, August 7th) is International Beer Day -- and to celebrate, Miller Lite is giving away free 6-packs … but there’s a catch.
Customers only get free beer if they life in a city or town named after a country -- like Trinidad, California; Peru, Illinois; Lebanon, New Jersey; Scotland, Georgia; and Denmark, South Carolina.
But, if you’re lucky enough to live in one of these 110 cities, the giveaway sounds hassle free.
All you have to do is buy a 6-pack, go to the Miller Lite website with a picture of your receipt and Miller will pick up the tab. (Travel & Leisure)
Travel Pulse says airline passengers are sneaking beer and alcohol onto flights because of the coronavirus. Some airlines have stopped serving drinks in order to stop the spread of the virus. People are smuggling booze on board United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines flights. During their safety talk, Southwest Airlines flight attendants are telling passengers that they are “prohibited to consume alcohol that you’ve brought.”
Yahoo News says a Knight Rider movie is being developed. It will be based on David Hasselhoff's TV series and set in the current day
The Daily Mail says an erectile dysfunction drug may have the potential to treat critically ill coronavirus patients. Aviptadil (Senatek) was recently fast-tracked into clinical trials. The drug has reportedly helped certain patients come off ventilators within three or four days.
Nintendo is reporting a 428% increase in profits thanks to a gaming boom. Their big hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons has quickly become a favorite of gamers who find themselves home more than normal. While plenty of people are setting jigsaw puzzles and binge-watching TV shows, plenty are also passing the time with Animal Crossing – and other games, of course. (NBC News)
41-year-old Brendan Rendall of Manchester, England, just ran 31 marathons in 31 days -- to raise money for the local zoo. And, he did it all while still keeping up with a normal work schedule, as a special education teacher.
Brendan would sometimes start his marathon running at 4 a.m., completing 18 miles before starting work. He would then finish the rest of the mileage afterwards.
Brendan admitted that during these unusual times, he wanted to do a challenge. So, he chose to run and run and run as a way to inspire others to donate to the Chester Zoo.
He’s thankful that he didn’t get any injuries, despite piling up all those miles. And he explained that raising money for the zoo and inspiring people was the biggest motivator for him to not give up. (LadBible)
Live Leak claims a woman from China called First Responders because she thought she found a poisonous red snake on her couch. Firefighters slowly opened the woman's front door and crept in where they found the snake lying motionless. A firefighter then ran up and grabbed the snake only to discover that it was a piece of calligraphy that had fallen from a painting above the woman's couch. The snake spelled out ''everything goes well''.
WMAQ says a 17 year-old Whiting, Indiana teen recently fell into Lake Michigan while skateboarding. The young man and his friends were boarding on a pier when his skateboard got stuck in a grate causing him to fall into the water. The teen's friends called 911. Firefighters tied a rope to a surfboard before pulling the teen to safety.
WCCO says thieves stole an Amazon delivery van yesterday in Minneapolis. The driver exited the van to look at an address before two men jumped in and took off. The van was found at a nearby intersection. All of the packages were there, but the driver's personal items were gone
An Amazon delivery driver is canned after going to the bathroom in someone’s yard in England. Sharon Smith, of Nuthall, saw the delivery man entering her yard and followed him, only to find that he was pooping in her garden. There was no other delivery for her! She confronted the man, who asked her what her problem was while continuing to squat and defecate.
He then said “he needed to go.” Smith called police, but the driver told them he didn't realize he was on private property and really needed to go. He ended up finishing his route, which included delivering a package to the next-door neighbor. No charges were filed against him, but Amazon released a statement saying “This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners.” We hope not!
They say, "you can run, but you can't hide." Well, it worked for a really long time for one prison escapee, but the FBI finally caught up to him. After 46 years, Luis Archuleta was arrested in New Mexico and will be returned to Denver, where he escaped from a prison cell in 1974. Archuleta, also known as Larry Pusateri, escaped from a Colorado Department of Corrections facility over four decades ago and a federal arrest warrant was issued for him three years later. Now 77 years old, he was found in Española, New Mexico, where he had been living under the name Ramon Montoya. He was convicted of assault of a police officer with a deadly weapon for shooting a Denver officer in 1973. The officer survived the shooting.
In Queens, New York, 84-year-old Oliver Neligan was attacked on his way to Mass at Saint Sebastian Catholic Church, a few blocks away. Mr. Neligan had reportedly left a deli when he spotted a man following him. He said, "When I went to take a sip of my coffee, he jumped me from the back and put his hands around my neck." But Neligan fought back and threw his cup of coffee on the attacker who then pulled him to the ground. Neligan hit his head on a wall but managed to pull off the suspect's face mask. He suffered swelling and bleeding to his head, right eye, and right arm. Police are searching for the mugger, who didn't get a dime from Mr. Neligan.
The Crookston Times says the Fargo, North Dakota Police arrested a man after he crashed his car into a golf course pond. The unidentified man drove the wrong way on several streets, ran red lights and drove recklessly before crashing. He fled on foot before cops busted him and charged him with aggravated reckless endangerment, felony fleeing and possession.
WCMH says a 44 year-old Columbus, Ohio barber is recovering from being shot in the foot. The unidentified man went to the hospital before telling cops that he was shot because he 'messed up' the suspect's hair. The victim is not pressing charges. Police are continuing to look for the shooter
The NY Post says a naked man recently blocked traffic on a street in Russia. The unidentified man casually strolled down the middle of the street before stopping and backing up traffic for several blocks. Another man got out of his car, confronted the naked man, and then knocked him out with one punch. The puncher then got back in his car and drove around the naked man.
WFLA says a Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff recently arrested an 18 year-old for impersonating a police officer. The real sheriff watched as Abdulelah Jamal Arnous stopped a driver while behind the wheel of his 2011 orange Chevy Camaro. The real deputy then pulled up and busted Abdullah. The teen told him, “It is what it is, bro.”
The Daily Star claims a thief recently jumped onto a public bus in Texcoco, Mexico. He demanded all six passengers hand over their valuables. One passenger kicked the thief before the rest of the riders jumped on top of him and started pummeling him. The bus driver stopped before the passengers dragged the thief outside and stripped him naked. The passengers then reboarded the bus and left

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