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6:10 a.m. Boneheads In The News

Cops say 55-year-old Michele Stilwell was taking an Uber ride when she unexpectedly leaned toward her driver and started choking him while he was driving. As he tried to fight her off and pull the vehicle over, she attempted to eat him and bit a chunk out of his neck. Luckily for the driver, some bystanders witnessed the attack and came to his aid. Police arrested her and charged her with aggravated battery. It's unclear what provoked her, but the police report indicates a smell of alcohol. (The Smoking Gun)

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TOP TEN GIFTS THAT WOMEN GIVE THEMSELVES… According to a new survey by One Poll

Cosmetics - 49%

Clothing - 43%

Skincare - 38%

Food - 37%

Jewelry - 35%

Tech or gadgets - 34%

Decorative items (e.g. artwork, figurines) - 32%

Alcohol - 27%

Useful items (e.g. appliances, kitchenware) - 18%

Books - 9%

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7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

A new study from Portugal found that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day makes you more alert, focused, and able to learn. It even improves your memory.
The days of password sharing look to be coming to an end for Netflix subscribers…and those who want to leech off them. Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, says the company is currently “exploring ways to limit account sharing,” but also notes that whatever they do “has to make sense to customers.” Right now, Netflix is testing ways to ensure those using the passwords are “authorized users.” It’s estimated that Netflix is losing $6-billion annually just due to password sharing…so it makes sense they’d want to get it back. Source: IGN
Yahoo News says customers will soon be able to pay for their groceries at Whole Foods with their palm. Amazon's contactless payment system, Amazon One, now links credit cards to your palm print. People can pay for groceries at Whole Foods by holding their palm over a scanner. Seattle Whole Foods stores are the first to get the palm print scanners
Driven magazine says Nissan has produced a McDonald's-themed GT-R. The special edition car has a gold chrome wrap, black wheels and red accents to match McDonald's colors. Nissan only produced one McDonalds car. They plan to give it away through a contest.
WBBH says Dave Frederick, of Cape Coral, Florida, was recently fishing when he saw a plastic baggie floating in the water. Dave scooped it up and found a pair of dentures. He posted the teeth online in hopes someone will claim them
A recently-deceased Illinois man, who was an avid bowler, finally did something in death that he was never able to do when he was alive -- roll a perfect game. 39-year-old John Hinkle Jr. paid tribute to his late father by having a special bowling ball custom-made containing some of his dad's ashes. Then, he took it Landmark Lanes in Peoria and bowled a perfect game. Hinkle, a former NCAA bowling champion, says his father was a great bowler but never pulled off a perfect 300 score. He says, "It's special. Dad shot 298, 299, never had a 300. I had goosebumps, chills. He was there."
Fox News says Qantas Airlines recently charged an Australian comedian $770 million to buy a seat with extra legroom. Dave O'Neill posted a picture of his receipt along with the caption: "Hey, @Qantas all I wanted was extra legroom on my flight to Perth, very happy to pay for it but this seems a bit expensive." Quantas accidentally overcharged Dave. A Qantas representative says, "While we know that customers really value extra legroom, the price displayed was definitely a bit of a stretch." The charge was fixed.
LAD Bible says the Australia police are searching for a thief, who stole a massive Big Bird costume. The costume was swiped from a "Sesame Street Circus Spectacular" event last weekend. Authorities posted, "Sometime between 4:30 p.m. Sunday and 9.30 am Monday, a large yellow Big Bird costume was stolen from the circus area. Feathers were spotted nearby on Port Road. If you know the whereabouts of the costume, please call the police assistance line immediately."
Over the weekend, workers at a Burger King in Montana noticed a customer at the drive-thru was acting strangely around 3 p.m. After he sloppily placed his order, staff told him to pull up while his food was being cooked. At that point, they called 911. Sure enough, when the police arrived, they arrested 38-year-old Joseph Brownell, charging him with driving under the influence of alcohol. The police have also released the information that Brownell has previous convictions for the same thing, making this “his fourth or subsequent.” Great job by the crew at that Burger King to catch what was going on.
NBC says a couple from Southwest Ranches, Florida recently tried to hold their wedding in a home they didn't own. Courtney Wilson and Shenita Jones showed up at the estate to set up for their wedding. They thought the home was vacant. Cops quickly arrived and told them to leave because the house is for sale and they didn't belong there. The couple planned a weekend-long celebration at the home.
WJAC says the Elk County, Pennsylvania police recently arrested Jessica Chase for breaking into her neighbor's home while naked. She stole a bottle of Corona Extra beer. Jessica was drinking on her neighbor's porch when she ran home because the police arrived. They gained entrance to her house and arrested her on several charges.
WKBN says the former manager of a Burger King restaurant, in Youngstown, Ohio, is on trial for robbing the restaurant. Israel Graham and two others stormed into the restaurant and jumped over the counter before forcing employees into an office and taking money from a cash register. Graham and his accomplices were disguised. His former co-workers identified him because of his distinct voice.

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