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TOP 10 INGREDIENTS FOR A LONG-LASTING FRIENDSHIP … According to a new survey by Specsavers Home Visits

1. Trust

2. Listening to each other

3. Supporting each other

4. Loyalty

5. Always being there to help each other

6. Similar sense of humor

7. Being thoughtful

8. Shared morals and values

9. Shared interests

10. Wanting to spend time together

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Friday Flashback - SUGAR, SUGAR THE ARCHIES 1969

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first men to arrive on the Moon during NASA's Apollo 11 mission.

The popular children's television show "Sesame Street" debuts.

Woodstock attracts more than 350,000 rock-n-roll fans
Bell Bottom Jeans and tie-dye shirts become part of the teenage fashion scene
Popular Films

The Love Bug

Funny Girl

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

True Grit

Midnight Cowboy

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Easy Rider

Where Eagles Dare

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Most people have had to deal with customer support at one time or another, and let’s just say for many it’s far from a pleasant experience. In fact, for some the experience is so frustrating they’d rather do almost anything than deal with customer service.

A new survey finds:

62% of Americans say a bad customer support experience led them to stop using a company or service.
On the other hand, 80% of those who had a positive customer service experience say they are more likely to stay loyal to the company.
But the truth is more people have bad experiences than good ones.
The average person says it takes three attempts, and 90 minutes of being on hold to resolve an issue.
And when they do finally speak to someone, the issue isn’t necessarily resolved.
In fact, the average success rate is only 46%.
65% of people say “it doesn’t feel worth it” considering the time and effort it takes to resolve an issue.
The customer service experience is so bad that some people would rather do anything else, instead of calling customer support, including:
Their taxes (30%)
Go to the dentist (28%)
Go to the DMV (25%)
Shave their head (22%)
Spend a night in jail (22%)
As for some of the most frustrating things about dealing with customer service, they include:
Having to repeat details of the issue to a new representative after being transferred or being disconnected (45%)
Having to contact a company multiple times to get an issue resolved (42%)
Only having one option in which to reach a customer support representative (40%)
Not being able to reach a live person quickly (39%)
Spending time on hold listening to bad music (39%)
Source: SNWS Digital

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Nerdbot says Oreo is debuting a new flavor for the holidays called Snickerdoodle.
WHTM says Reese's launched a new product yesterday called Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with Reese's Puffs. The Peanut Butter Cups are stuffed with Reese's Puffs cereal.
Scientists believe they have found new evidence of liquid water on Mars. The researchers used a laser beamed down from a spacecraft to find water beneath the south polar ice cap on the Red Planet. It's a breakthrough study and has scientists around the world very excited because it means that maybe, possibly, life exists there now -- or did exist there at one time.
A Canadian couple says they’ve saved over $30k after buying an old ambulance and converting it into their house.
They bought the ambulance for $4,500, and say they’ve saved $31,200 by not paying rent for two years.
The couple documents their life living in an ambulance on TikTok.
Source: Daily Mail
The Daily Mail says many parts of Naples, Florida are still flooded due to Hurricane Ian. A McLaren P1 sports car, worth $1.2 million, was seen floating out of a garage. Flood waters carried it away. A Rolls-Royce Phantom was also seen being washed away by floodwaters.
WAVY says a tractor-trailer, packed with pickles, overturned yesterday on Interstate 64 near Norfolk, Virginia. The truck crashed after another driver cut him off. The pickle truck hit a wall before dumping some of its contents. It took hours to upright the truck and clear the scene.
KETK says a chocolate truck overturned yesterday on Interstate 20 in Smith County, Texas. The exit ramp was shut down while crews cleared the chocolate. The driver was taken to the hospital. No word on his condition
The Daily Star says a 10 year old Malaysian boy recently got an orange traffic cone stuck on his head. The boy placed the cone on his head at school before teachers called for help. It took 20 minutes for six firefighters to remove the cone. The boy is okay
A popular bakery in Scotland can now reopen after its uninvited guest has finally left the premises. As we reported yesterday, Greggs bakery was forced to close down for a few days because a protected species of squirrel had taken up residency there. Attempts to coax it out of the shop had failed and workers had no choice but to wait for it to leave on its own. Ultimately, they grew impatient and they were able to safely and humanely trap the squirrel in a cage and bring it outside where the critter was set free. After a very thorough cleaning, the shop will finally reopen Friday.
Dashcam video shows a Forsyth County, Georgia deputy involved in a high-speed chase at over 100 mph on I-400 near Alpharetta, Georgia. Tejas Desai was eventually pulled over and arrested for reckless driving and felony fleeing and told deputies that since he was already driving 140 mph when they started chasing him, he saw no reason to stop. The same car was spotted the night before doing 178 mph by a deputy that was traveling in the opposite direction.
If you happen to find yourself walking through a corn field in Pocahontas County, Iowa, be careful not to step on any rodeo bulls. Three weeks ago, a herd of five bulls escaped from the T&C Rodeo Company. Two were captured, but a trio is still on the loose and no one really knows where they are. Local authorities are warning that they are likely hiding out in a corn field somewhere and the high corn stalks are providing enough cover for them to stay hidden. Rodeo chief Louis Stauter says, "You could even take a drone and fly over a field, and you wouldn't see them because they lay down in the daytime usually and roam at night." He says the bulls will probably be captured once the local corn is harvested.
Cleveland.com says a Richmond Heights, Ohio man recently called 911 because his sister removed his clothes from their washing machine without permission. The woman told cops she removed the clothes because her brother's cycle was taking too long. Cops didn't press charges because no crime had been committed. They advised the brother and sister to work things out.

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