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A new survey found that adults in the U.S. spend an average of $91 on subscription services each month – which adds up to over $1,000 per year. To be fair, this number includes any and all subscriptions, including streaming video, e-commerce sites like Amazon Prime, music, gym memberships, food services and cloud storage services – among other things. But it's still about $1000 flying out of your bank account every year – all automatically and pretty much behind the scenes.

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Born on 4/26/1949 in Mobile, Alabama. Leader of the Southern rock band Wet Willie .

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Top 5 Foods To Improve Skin Health … According to a new article by The Mirror

1. Chicken - rich in amino acids essential for collagen production.

2. Egg whites - packed with proline to aid in collagen formation.

3. Berries - high in Vitamin C, which promotes collagen production.

4. Garlic - contains sulfur compounds for collagen fibers and skin integrity.

5. Legumes - a great plant-based source of protein for collagen support.

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A new study by the University of Southern California reveals that teens may impair their long-term memory by eating large amounts of junk food. Scientists discovered that high fat, high sugar diets cause people memory problems later in life. The study says junk food diets cause people to struggle with object recognition and memory retention as they get older.
Sales of electric vehicles are plunging in Europe as more and more car buyers are choosing gas-powered cars. Volkswagen produces some of the most popular EV models over there – and sales of those cars have dropped by nearly a quarter in the first three months of this year. Some of this decline is due to competition from other car makers, but changing government policies and changing attitudes toward battery technology has many customers going back to the old-fashioned gas-powered stuff.
Food Business News says General Mills is set to launch Wheaties Protein. The new $9 cereal has 20 grams of protein per serving and will come in maple almond and honey pecan flavors
Twisted magazine says Papa Johns has unveiled a limited edition garlic butter candle for National Garlic Day. The candle melts into a creamy dip flavored with their Special Garlic Sauce. It is available online. National Garlic Day is Friday
GeekSpin says Heineken and mobile innovator HMD have collaborated to create The Boring Phone. The phone doesn't have Internet access, social media, or apps. It has a transparent casing with holographic stickers and offers up to 20 hours of talk time.
IFL Science says Antarctica's Mount Erebus volcano emits $6,000 worth of gold dust on a daily basis. The volcanic mountain expels gas with crystallized gold.
A few years ago, NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover landed on Mars – and has been bouncing around up there ever since, collecting rock samples. NASA had plans to blast a rocket off Mars with the samples aboard so they could be delivered back here to Earth. Unfortunately, those plans have been changed because of budget cuts. The goal is to get those rocks back here for less than $11 billion – and ideally before the year 2040. With this as a goal, space startup companies are trying to complete the mission faster and cheaper – and, of course, get their hands on some of those billions of dollars in government contracts.
The owner of a bakery in Kansas is advising her customers to eat their cookies slowly, and not just to savor the flavor. One of those cookies may contain a diamond. Dawn "Sis" Monroe, the owner of Sis Sweets Cookies & Café in Leavenworth, Kansas, says she noticed that the diamond from her ring was missing and believes it may have fallen into some cookie dough. The rock is worth about $4000 so she'd really like to find it. She wrote on Facebook, "If you happened to find it, I would forever be in debt if you would return it." If the diamond is in a cookie, Dawn believes it's likely to be in a chocolate chip, sugar, or peanut butter cookie. (KMBC-TV)
Here’s a thought: if you don’t want to get arrested for a crime, don’t be obvious. A man is facing charges after he allegedly tried to rob a convenience store with a five-foot snake around his neck. Memphis, Tennessee police say Reginald Cook went into the store early in the morning and demanded money from the register. The cashier refused and Cook left. He returned again about an hour later, this time, with the snake wrapped around his neck and again demanded money. Cook also reportedly reached into his backpack and that's when the clerk grabbed his own gun in self-defense. Police showed up before any shots were fired and Cook was arrested.

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