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Lots of us don’t get enough sleep – and that is especially true this time of year. But, according to a study out of the UK, just 20 minutes of exercise can clear that brain fog you have when you don’t get enough sleep. The study found that cognitive performance improves during a session of moderate intensity exercise, regardless of a person’s sleep status or oxygen levels. “The finding significantly adds to what we know about the relationship between exercise and these stressors, and helps to reinforce the message that movement is medicine for the body and the brain, said Dr. Joe Costello of the University of Portsmouth’s School of Sport, Health & Exercise Science.

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Pop band from New Jersey: Gary Criss (male vocals), Carol Denmark (female vocals), Dennis Dees (guitar), Charles Moore (keyboards) and Jon Melia (drums).

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Are you in a dinner rut? Seems a lot of people get stuck on repeat when it comes to dinner. In fact, a new survey found that 60% of people eat the same dinner up to four times a week. The reasons why are pretty relatable. 56% say it’s because it’s convenient, 41% said the meals are quick and easy to make, and 38% say it’s become a habit.

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According to a new study, videoconferencing fatigue is real. Researchers compared people who attended live lectures with those tuning into online presentations and found that those attending the live lectures reported feeling more lively, happy and active -- and less tired, drowsy and "fed-up." The study authors concluded that "videoconferencing should be considered as a possible complement to face-to-face interaction, but not as a substitute."
MediaPost says Blue Moon and Popup Bagels have created a new bagel called the Blue Moon Beer Bagel. The bagel is infused with Blue Moon's orange peel and coriander wheat ale flavors. Popup Bagels is offering a Valencia Orange Cream Cheese for the bagel.
The New York Post says a new pair of $2,500 Louis Vuitton boots that resemble human legs is leaving fashion fans divided. The knee-high boots come in only two skin tone options and are considered to be "weird" by fashion influencer Isabelle Allain. The boots have been described as an optical illusion and a nod to the surrealist art movement. Some people find the boots creepy while others think they resemble Betty Boop's legs.
A private island in the Florida Keys is for sale for the low, low price of $2.5 million. The island Pretty Joe Rock -- also known as Sea Shell Key -- includes just 9190 square feet of land. But according to the listing, "plans are under way to build a brand-new single-family home here that will offer spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico and incredible sunsets."
Business Insider says counties in Wisconsin are using cheese brine to melt icy roads this Winter. Traditional road salt is expensive and can damage roads. Using cheese brine, a waste product, is a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly alternative. Other options include using beet juice, beer waste and pickle brine.
WISH says the city of Evansville, Indiana has fixed its Christmas tree. The City Council received complaints and ridicule after the official lighting ceremony on November 16th. Locals criticized the decorations, saying they looked like they were done by a child. Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke ordered the lights to be removed and reinstalled
WTOP says gusty winds toppled the National Christmas Tree yesterday in Washington, D.C. The 40-foot Norway spruce was lifted back into an upright position with a crane. The National Park Service is currently evaluating the tree. It is scheduled to be lit on Thursday night.
WOFL says a North Miami Beach, Florida woman was recently arrested for using counterfeit bills at a local Walmart. Zipporah Abraham was caught on surveillance cams stealing items and then trying to leave without paying. She attempted to eat the fake cash when the police arrived. Abraham was charged with grand theft and uttering forged bills.
The Daily Mail says a stolen car, in Auckland, New Zealand, was recently returned by the thief along with a handwritten apology note. Varun Chada reported their car missing, only to find it back in the same spot a few days later. The note explained that the thief was drunk and needed a ride home. 'Hey man braught your truck back sorry mate was drunk and needed a ride home. Left your keys locked in trunk [and] here a lil something for your baby. Thak you and sori.'
The Messenger says a Citrus County, Florida woman was recently found hiding from the police inside a couch. Stacy Usher was charged with fraud, grand theft, and obtaining property by a worthless check. Authorities had been looking for her since she violated her probation
ABC says a Stafford County, Virginia man was recently arrested after breaking into his neighbor's house. He ate their Thanksgiving leftovers. The intruder was charged with breaking and entering and a DUI.

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