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KLTZ/Mix-93 Staff
Tuesday, January 20th 2015

Program Director/General Manager Tim Phillips

Tim is a 1984 graduate of GHS.

1982-84: Part-time at KLTZ/Mix-93
1984-1988: at KDIX in Dickinson, North Dakota
1988-89: at WDAY-AM in Fargo, North Dakota
1989-1990: at WDAY-FM (Y-94) in Fargo, North Dakota
1990-1991: at KRIT-FM in Fort Dodge, Iowa
1992-1993: Morning drive & news director at KLTZ/Mix-93
1993-present: Program Director/Chief Operator for KLTZ/Mix-93 and Mornings on Mix-93
1998-present: Webmaster for kltz.com
2020-present: General Manager for KLTZ/Mix-93

Tuesday, December 28th 2021

Sales Manager/Assistant General Manager Haylie Shipp

Haylie is a 2003 grad of GHS.

2006-2014: Broadcaster for the Northern Ag Network
2014-present: On-air & Sales for KLTZ/Mix-93
2020-present: Sales Manager and Assistant General Manager for KLTZ/Mix-93

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

News & Sports Director Stan "Boomer" Ozark

Stan is a 1987 graduate of Nashua High School.

1988-1989: part-time at KLTZ/Mix-93

1989-1993: full-time announcer at KLTZ/Mix-93

1994-present: Morning Drive at KLTZ, News & Sports Director at KLTZ/Mix-93

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

Traffic Manager/Receptionist Gwen Page

Gwen is a 1981 grad of GHS.

2000-present: Traffic Manager & Reception

Monday, November 30th 2020

Georgie Kulczyk

2019-present: Office Manager for KLTZ/Mix-93

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

Shirley Trang

Shirley is a 1966 grad of GHS.

1962-66: worked as a page at the City-County Library

1968-70: worked for attorney Leonard Langen

1973: Shirley started as Traffic Manager (in charge of commercial schedules) at KLTZ

1977: started sales and took over as Office Manager

1984: Sales Manager

1992-2019: General Manager of KLTZ/Mix-93

2020: Sales

2021: Retired, but still in our hearts! And, still making us cheese dip too!