The unemployment rate for Valley County took a significant drop in November of 1999 compared with November of 1998. According to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry the unemployment rate for Valley County was 3.5 percent compared with 4.6 percent one year ago. Surrounding counties and their unemployment rates in November compared to one year ago:
Phillips County 7.0 % - 6.1%
Daniels County 4.1% - 3.9%
Roosevelt County 8.6% - 8.0%
Sheridan County 4.2% - 5.1%
Mccone County 3.2% - 3.3%

The Glasgow Police Department along with Valley County Youth Probation will be working with Glasgow Middle School students in January and February on drug and alcohol issues. The seven week program will be given to all seventh and eight graders at the Middle School and will focus on refusal skills, life skills and teaching the students to resist drugs.

Glasgow Police Chief Lynn Erickson and Youth Probation Officer Melanie Grewe will instruct the students on the dangers of marijuana, tobacco, alcohol and inhalers. The program will be taught two days a week with 30 students in each class and is funded by the drug and alcohol education fund along with money from the Glasgow Police Department and Valley County Youth Probation.
According to Glasgow Police Chief Lynn Erickson, the department will be enacting a month trial period of a new physical fitness policy. The policy would encourage officers to become as physically fit as possible. Physical tests will be given semi-annually by the department; officers who achieve a certain level of fitness will be allotted a small amount of compensatory time.

Erickson noted that the program is designed to make law enforcement officers better able to deal with the physical demands of the job, and also results in fewer sick days taken due to the healthier personnell.
(AP) The Department of Energy has awarded the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation more than 363-thousand dollars to explore for oil reserves.

Senator Conrad Burns says the funding will allow the use of surface exploration methods as a means of locating potential oil reserves.

Burns says the program under which the money was granted is designed to help American Indians develop and manage their energy resources. (Copyright 1999 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
The Glasgow City Council met in regular session Monday evening at the Glasgow Civic Center.

The council is still looking for a Glasgow city resident to serve on the city-county planning board. The position has been left unfilled for months now and if you would be interested in serving on this board you are asked to call the city office.

The council heard a report from public works director Jon Bengochea regarding the size of garages in the city. At the last meeting the council instructed Bengochea to research the size of garages that are allowed in other cities. Currently, residents in Glasgow are allowed only 1000 square feet for garages on city lots. Bengochea proposed to the council that garage size be based on the size of the lot owned by city residents. The council agreed to consider Bengochea's proposal that would allow city residents with a lot ranging in size from 3900-7000 square feet to have a garage 1000 square feet. Those with a lot 7000-10,000 square feet could have a garage 1200 square feet and those with lots over 10,000 square feet could have a garage of 1600 square feet. The council is taking this proposal under consideration and will bring it up at a later date.

Bengochea also reported on a new project that would bring in state and federal money to improve Glasgow's sidewalks and curbs. The program is called the Community Transportation Enhancement Program and money for this program would be used to install handicap curbs at several Glasgow intersections. Bengochea is also working with Valley County and other towns in the county so administrative costs for the program would be reduced and everyone could get the benefit of the program.

The council also accepted the resignation of Vicki Nelson from the city-county library board and appointed Connie Petrino to take her place until the term expires in July of 2000.

The Glasgow Chamber "Best Decorated Christmas House" ballots are in. More than forty houses were nominated this year with the winner being Norm Girard at 11 Parkview Place with 22 votes. Other homes receiving more than 4 votes were Brian Gault, Bob Combs, Don & Paula Johnson, and Kent & Juanita Morehouse. Dick & Kari Weins had more than 10 votes with their multicolored trees. Last years winners were Ken & Barb Jansa. Be sure to take the time to drive around Glasgow this Christmas season and watch the Christmas decorations light up the sky.

We have pictures of other decorated homes in the Glasgow area, to see them, please CLICK HERE.


(Associated Press) A Great Falls businessman has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because, he says, he is in debt after investing in hundreds of condominiums at St. Marie (the former Glasgow AFB).

Larry Wright filed for bankruptcy just hours before one of his creditors planned to sell off four of his commercial buildings in Great Falls.

His attorney, Gary Deschenes, said his client needed protection against "unscrupulous, out of state third parties" who persuaded him to buy the condos at St. Marie.

The annual Blessing Tree project is underway in Glasgow, another fund-raiser for area residents in need. The Blessing Tree is a Christmas Tree that's decorated with tags carrying age & gender of an adult or child in need of a gift. Anyone in Valley County is eligible to receive gifts. Area residents simply pick a tag from the tree, provide an appropriate gift, write a description of the gift on the tag, then return the gift with the tag to the tree.

The Valley County Welfare office is in charge of the Blessing Tree program, but there are no eligibility requirements. Trees may be found at:
St. Raphael's Catholic Church
J.C. Penney
Ben Franklin
Wesern Security Bank
The Dollar Store
Pizza Hut
R & E Dairy Queen



Every year, Glasgow area residents give thousands of dollars to the Block of Bucks campaign, a fund-raiser for need kids in the area. Over 200 children will be helped by the money raised by the Block of Bucks. The Montana National Guard has endured some harsh weather in the past, but it was a pleasant day Friday for the crew to accept money for the kids.

On Saturday, the Soroptomists will take the kids shopping, dividing up the money raised. Totals this year so far:











This years total is an all time record breaker at $13,365.00

United States Senator Max Baucus announced this week that Montana will receive over 6 million dollars in federal funding to reduce class sizes in Montana public schools.

The class size reduction initiative is a seven-year program designed to provide $12.4 billion to recruit, hire and train 100,000 new teachers around the nation.

The program, which began this year, has already hired 30,000 new teachers. The program is designed to reduce class sizes in the key early grades--kindergarten through third grade--by hiring new teachers. As a result, teachers will be able to spend more time with individual students.

The Glasgow school district received $34,332 in federal funding for the next school year to hire new teachers to reduce class size. This money will be used for the 2000-2001 school year. Last year the Glasgow schools received enough money to hire an extra 3rd grade teacher for the Irle School. Other area schools also received federal funding for hiring additional teachers, including:
Lustre Elementary-$1335
Wolf Point-$58,348


(AP)Two people died in a weekend crash three miles from Wolf Point this past weekend.

The Montana Highway Patrol says the driver of a car tried to pass a pickup truck towing a trailer, and the car and trailer collided. It happened just after six p-m, yesterday.

The two people in the car were killed: Norman Curtis Redstone and his daughter, Angela Leann Redstone. (see obits page)
The lone occupant of the truck was not injured.

Montana's 1999 traffic death toll rose to 211, compared to 223 at the same time last year.

(Copyright 1999 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

(New York-AP) -- A Grand Forks cosmetic surgeon who is a visiting specialist to eastern Montana hospitals has been charged with murdering his wife.

Prosecutors say 44-year-old Robert Bierenbaum killed 29-year-old Gail Katz-Bierenbaum. They say it happened about 14-and-a-half years ago when the couple lived in New York City. Her body was never found. Prosecutors say he killed her in their Upper East Side apartment, packaged the body and dropped it into the Atlantic Ocean from a small private airplane.

In 1990, Bierenbaum moved to Las Vegas. He lived there for five years before moving to North Dakota. He returned to New York yesterday and surrendered to prosecutors. He has pleaded innocent to the second-degree murder charge. He was released on 500-thousand dollars bail.

For more on this story, click below to visit the Grand Forks Herald and Fargo Forum WDAY/WDAZ reports.



The Glasgow School Board met in regular session Wednesday evening at the school administration office.

The board made the decision to change the traffic education course that is currently offered during the summer months. The drivers education classes will now be offered during the school year starting in the fall of the year 2000. The school district will save $14,000 by offering the course as an elective non-credit course. The class will cost the same as it did during the summer but instead will be offered during the school year. The course will be taught by high schoolteacher Hal Buerman who will teach traffic education half- time and auto half -time.

The board also approved a request by Glasgow teacher Sam Kitzenberg to get an unpaid leave of absence if elected to the Montana Senate. Kitzenberg recently announced he is running for the Senate and if elected will start serving his term in January of 2001. If elected Kitzenberg will not be paid by the school district and the district will not pay their share of his health insurance while on the paid leave.

It was announced at the board meeting that Glasgow school activities director Larry Oschner was awarded the 1998-1999 award as the Northeast Montana Activities Director of the Year.

The school board was informed that starting in the year 2001, standardized tests for 4th, 8th and 11th graders will be chosen by the Montana Board of Public Education. Currently the school district chooses the tests that are given to the students but the Board of Public Education has ruled that all tests should be standardized for all school districts. The Board of Public Education has also agreed to pay for the tests starting in the spring of 2001.

The board chose school activities director Larry Oschner and board member Dennis Dawson to represent them at the Montana High School Association meeting in Helena on January 16th and 17th.

A Glasgow tavern owner who has been fighting more than two years to obtain a new gambling license after his old bar burned down has won another round against state regulators-but his fight may not be over.

The Great Falls Tribune is reporting that late last month, a state district judge in Sidney said the state Justice Department erroneously denied Tom Rodgers a gambling operator's license for his Clansman Casino.Judge Richard Phillips said the agency's final decision last year was an abuse of discretion and ordered the state to give Rodgers his gambling license.

However, state regulators could appeal the decision to the Montana Supreme Court and said Wednesday they are considering that option.

The state denied Rodgers a gambling license in 1998 saying that he failed to mention on his application that he had two prior misdemeanor convictions and some substantial financial problems. It also said he had an improper arrangement to collect gambling-machine revenue from a tavern owner that owed him rent.

The case began seven years ago, when the Clansman burned down. After a lengthy fight with the insurer, he won a settlement and reopened the bar in another location in 1997, but state regulators said he had to reapply for his gambling license because it had moved to new premises. A routine investigation followed, and the state discovered Rodgers had owed nearly $272,000 in back property and income taxes and had a pair of misdemeanor criminal convictions. The state moved to deny his license and revoked his route operator license, which allowed him to distribute gambling machines. It said he improperly collected machine receipts from a tavern leasing machines from him, and took the money as rent on the building.

The case went to an agency-designated hearings examiner, who ruled in Rodgers' favor. However, state gambling regulators appealed that order, and Chris Tweeten, chief counsel to Attorney General Joe Mazurek, overturned the examiners ruling and denied the licenses.Rodgers took that case to court in Sidney, and Phillips ruled in his favor November 23rd.The Judge said that Rodgers did not intentionally mislead the department about the financial problems or past misdemeanors, and that they were not that significant in regard to gambling. He also said Rodgers' collection of the machine receipts from the other bar owner was a legitimate way to collect rent on the building.

Jim Oppendahl, head of the Gambling Control Division in the Justice Department, told the Great Falls Tribune that the department was reviewing the judge's order and looking at their options for appealing.


Nashua students had the day off on Wednesday, due to a water main break. School officials hoped to have classes back in session by Thursday.

A trial date has been set for Glasgow youth Jonathon Mainwaring who has been charged with felony deliberate homicide in the June 26th beating death of Randy Detienne.

An omnibus hearing was held Monday in the Valley County Courtroom and the specifics were worked out between Judge John Mckeon along with Valley County Attorney Ken Oster and the attorney representing Mainwaring, Alan Johnson. The trial is scheduled to begin May 1st at 9am in Glasgow with Judge Mckeon presiding. Mainwaring is being charged with three counts in the trial.

Count 1: felony deliberate homicide, or in the alternative count 2: deliberate homicide-a forcible felony and count 3: aggravated assault, a felony.

Mainwaring is charged in the beating death of Glasgow resident Randy Detienne from an incident that occurred June 26th.

According to testimony from the Glasgow Police Department from an earlier appearance in court, Mainwaring severely beat Detienne with his fist which caused major injuries to his head. Detienne was flown by air ambulance to a hospital in Billings where he later died. Valley County Sheriff Dick Wessler testified at the hearing that an autopsy was conducted after Randy Detienne died and the forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy filed a report that claimed Detienne died of an anoxic brain injury due to respiratory head trauma from the beating.

Mainwaring is being represented by Valley County Public Defender Alan Johnson of Malta along with co-counsel Gregory Jackson. Valley County Attorney Ken Oster will represent the state along with co-counsel Mark Murphy of the state Attorney General's Office in Helena.


The Montana Prevention Resource Center (PRC) is recruiting VISTA volunteers for February 2000. Americorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) members in Montana spend one year of their life helping communities establish long-term solutions to poverty. This is done by working toward the prevention of child abuse and neglect, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, crime and violence, and school dropout.

In February 2000, 13 new VISTAs will begin their year of service on the Prevention Resource Center (PRC) Project, which is sponsored by the Department of Public Health and Human Services. "This is a great opportunity for Montana natives who are graduating from college, to continue living in or to return home to Montana and gain great work experience" said Prevention Resource Coordinator Vicki Turner.

Communities throughout Montana have used Americorps*VISTA members to establish "prevention infrastructure", such as Lyla Palmer, a VISTA with the United Way of Yellowstone County. She supports and coordinates the Billings' Promise - The Alliance for Youth, a prevention coalition working towards providing Billings youth with five fundamental resources shown to decrease risk and increase the ability for youth to lead healthy, productive lives. The Prevention Resource Center supervises VISTAs who work with prevention-focused agencies such as DPHHS, Department of Corrections, and the Office of Public Instruction. Through local coalitions, VISTAs have worked on a variety of programs, including underage tobacco education, developing youth volunteer centers, mentoring youth, coordinating economic development summits, and enhancing community involvement in prevention strategies.

The VISTA program is a domestic volunteer program in which adults over the age of 18 give one year of service to a community. In exchange, each VISTA receives: a monthly living allowance of $683, comprehensive health coverage, an education award of $4,725 to pay for tuition or loans, relocation expenses, training and career development opportunities.

Applicants should possess excellent communications skills and demonstrate initiative, motivation, and the ability to work independent of supervision. It is preferred that VISTAs have a college degree in Public Administration, Social Services, Public Health, or a related field, and personal transportation.

There are currently 17 VISTAs serving Montana, and new VISTAs are being recruited for: Bozeman, Butte, Glasgow, Hamilton, Helena, Kalispell, Lame Deer, Miles City, Missoula, Polson, West Yellowstone, and Wolf Point.

The deadline for applications is December 20, 1999. Parents - this is a chance to "bring your kids home for 2000." Contact Erika Newman at (406) 444-3925 for more information or visit the website at http://www.prevention.mt.gov

Glasgow City Police Chief Lynn Erickson said this week that the Glasgow City Cemetery has been the site of several instances of criminal mischief. He said that individuals have been taking flowers and ornaments off of graves and putting them on the grave of a individual buried at the cemetery.

Erickson said it's not exactly stealing by moving the flowers and ornaments to another gravesite but it is criminal mischief.

The Glasgow Police Department is investigating these instances of criminal mischief and according to Erickson will press charges against anyone caught moving, touching, destroying or stealing flowers and ornaments from gravesites at the Glasgow City Cemetery.

Erickson also wanted to remind individuals that the police department is writing parking tickets for those people parking the wrong way on the street and also for those exceeding the parking limit in downtown Glasgow.

A Wolf Point woman died in an early morning fire at her home Friday, according to a statement from Roosevelt County Coroner L.M. Clayton.

The victim, Pat Linville, was trying to put out the fire and was apparently overtaken by smoke, Clayton said.

The fire started at about 1:10 a.m. in the bedroom of Linville's home at 410 Garfield Street. Linville's daughter ran to a neighbor's house and was able to call the fire department.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

If you'd like to help the Linvilles, Bob and Donna Nuemiller, neighbors and friends of the Linvilles for more than 20 years, are helping coordinate donations for the family. Call them at 1-406-653-1764.


Glasgow's Valley Bank is continuing their Dress A Doll contest, with silent bidding open until December 17th. The bank earlier this holiday season asked area residents to help dress the dolls, which are now available to the public with the silent auction. All proceeds will go to charity. For more information, you may contact Valley Bank at 406-228-4364 or 1-800-621-3083. To see larger views of the pictures below, simply click on them.

A State District Court Jury Wednesday deliberated four hours before finding Valley County resident Tater Mcdonald not guilty of felony assault but the jury did find Mcdonald guilty of misdemeanor assault.

The trial started on Monday and the jury reported their verdict to District Court Judge John Mckeon Wednesday evening. The trial stemmed from an incident that took place on January 1st in Hinsdale. Valley County Attorney Ken Oster filed the felony charges against Mcdonald for allegedly causing serious bodily injury to Hinsdale resident Chris Barstad by striking him with his fist and causing severe trauma and damage to his face, which required corrective surgery.

Tater Mcdonald was represented by Glasgow attorney Francis McCarvel and Mcdonald will now receive sentencing on the misdemeanor charge December 15th. A person convicted of misdemeanor assault can be fined up to $500 and be imprisoned in the county jail for a term not to exceed six months.
State Representative Sam Kitzenberg says he will seek the Senate seat for District 48 next fall. The seat is currently held by Lustre's Daryl Toews, who is term-limited out. The district would encompass Valley, Daniels and Phillips counties.

Kitzenberg said that he asked a lot of people for advice on what he should do next in his political career: run for Representative again, run for the Senate, or get out completely. He said his friends and supporters overwhelmingly told him to run for the Senate.

As far as issues, Kitzenberg stated that economic development is a key issue, as well as agriculture. He hopes to come up with solutions for agriculuture on the state level, but said he's frustrated by the ag solutions on a national level. He stated he does not like the Freedom To Farm Act. Kitzenberg also noted he wants to do more on ethanol on the state level, stating that the state does have a policy on ethanol, but that it is not implemented.

So far, Kitzenberg is the only person to announce his candidacy for the seat.


Santa cash pack winners

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Mvc-003f.jpg (65708 bytes)

Mvc-002f.jpg (65999 bytes)




Char Arnold 

Julie Lawson

Dixie DeCoudres 


Tuesday, December 21 was the open house at the United States Department of Agriculture's new building located on Hwy 2 west between Airport and Skylark roads. Everyone was invited to stop by for cookies, punch and the grand tour of the facility.  Here are a few pictures of the party and tour.

Mvc-035s.jpg (27213 bytes)

agtable2.jpg (53987 bytes)

agtable1.jpg (55045 bytes)

agtree2.jpg (62238 bytes)

office2.jpg (59937 bytes)

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Winter band Concert 12-14
The Winter band Concert was held at the High School auditorium on December 14 1999. The bands played to a full house and was a delight to listen to. 

7th Grade band

8th Grade Band

Scottie Band


4-H Shooting Sports Training was held on December 10th and 11th at the Cottonwood Inn. The following disciplines were offered: rifle, archery, shotgun, hunting, black powder, and pistol. Here are a few pictures from the training:

bow1.jpg (45253 bytes)

hunting1.jpg (45402 bytes)

instruction1.jpg (49677 bytes)

pistol1.jpg (62364 bytes)

rifle1.jpg (43810 bytes)

shotgun1.jpg (60253 bytes)

Christmas Store (12-11)

Scottie Day Care  once again held their Christmas Store on Saturday, December 11th, in the basement of the Glasgow Elks Lodge. 

MVC-003F.JPG (68220 bytes)

MVC-002F.JPG (73007 bytes)

MVC-004F.JPG (67880 bytes)

MVC-005F.JPG (73837 bytes)



Prewett Framing & Gallery had it's grand opening on December 4th. Owner Kari Prewett invites everyone to stop by and check out their hand blown glass items and the tiled mosaics.  Husband; Adam, will be glad to frame your favorite piece of art or your photos. They are opened from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. The gallery is located downtown in Glasgow on the corner of the Valley Drug.

store2.jpg (64944 bytes)

upstairs.jpg (56160 bytes)

adam.jpg (55458 bytes)

KLTZ/MIX-93 would like extend a warm welcome to all the new business in town.


Everyone is welcome to attend this Sunday's, December 11th, 5th Annual Ecumenical Community Christmas Musical. This years theme is "Let There Be Peace". The program starts at 3:00 p.m. at the Glasgow High School. The Scottie Bluebells Handbell Choir is hosting the event. Some of the groups appearing at the musical will be: the Evangelical Choir, the 1st Lutheran Choir, the GHS Swing Choir, and many more. There will also be solos and instrumentals in the program. Here are a few pictures from the Dec. 9th rehearsal:

bell2.jpg (64910 bytes)

kelly.jpg (50443 bytes)

Mvc-017f.jpg (66087 bytes)

marie.jpg (57365 bytes)



santaplane.jpg (57411 bytes)

santavisit1.jpg (57162 bytes)

santawagon1.jpg (62440 bytes)

Santa made his landing (courtesy of the FMDH Air Ambulance) at the airport to throngs of excited kids of all ages. He arrived at 12:30 and then climbed into his shiny red fire wagon (thanks to the Glasgow Fire Dept.) to visit the local grocery stores and then the downtown area, ending his visit at the IOOF Hall.

santastore1.jpg (79126 bytes)


enterence1.jpg (69342 bytes)

party1.jpg (63687 bytes)

party2.jpg (55780 bytes)

Starting at 6:00 in the Ridgerunners Saddle Club, kids 12 and under had a festive time playing games and eating good food.

food1.jpg (57398 bytes)


table1.jpg (24605 bytes)

date1.jpg (33844 bytes)

dance1.jpg (26455 bytes)

From 8:00 to midnight, the Last Bash dance was held at the Ridgerunners. It was a festive time for all, no matter what the age. At 9:30 the fashion parade was held, everyone that came to the dance in a period costume was invited to participate.

fashion2.jpg (30175 bytes)

fashion3.jpg (24091 bytes)

dance2.jpg (44824 bytes)


Norwest Bank in Glasgow held it's Christmas open house today with some extra special guest.  Santa was there as well as the First Lutheran Pre-School Class. The kids sang songs and then shared their wishes with Santa. Here are some photos from the event:

mike2.jpg (65761 bytes)

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