The VOICE of northeast Montana!!!
Radio Sale-a-thon

The final price drop of the fall radio Sale-a-thon is underway!!!

During the Sale-a-thon, you may call in your buys during business hours at 406-228-9336 or e-mail anytime at kltz@kltz.com.

If you e-mail but do NOT hear back from us within 12 hours please call us to verify that we received your buys.

If you make purchases on Monday, please give us until Tuesday to pick up your gift certificates!!

KLTZ/Mix-93 reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to limit number of gift certificates sold to any one individual or household!!!

Items sold are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Gift certificates may not be used on existing bills!

Once a certificate is issued, it will not be re-printed.

Please note that the online inventory of the Sale-a-thon may lag slightly behind actual availability.

Retail Price
Today's Price
2 Double Wooden Rocker $199.99 $100.00 Albertsons No picture available.
1 Single Wooden Rocker $149.99 $75.00 Albertsons No picture available.
9 Adirondack Chair, White, Resin, Made in the USA $23.00 $12.00 All Seasons Home Center True Value 942121_1632511705.jpeg
2 $50.00 gift certificate to use towards product and/or advertising $50.00 $30.00 BS Central, Home of the BS Buzz No picture available.
13 $20.00 Punch Card $20.00 $11.00 Jump-N-Buck Ice Cream Truck No picture available.
5 Box of Ice Cream Treats: Choose from fudge bars, ice cream bars or ice cream sandwiches $20.00 $11.00 Jump-N-Buck Ice Cream Truck No picture available.
6 2-Piece Mini Utensil Kit $10.00 $5.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 503675_1632506298.jpeg
4 Bullseye 16oz. De-Icer $15.00 $7.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 68161_1632505401.jpeg
1 Clock/Thermometer Combo $36.00 $18.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 587171_1632505322.jpeg
1 Craftsman 40-volt Max Lithium Battery $110.00 $55.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 606074_1632505347.jpeg
1 Cultivator, 4-cycle $279.99 $140.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 67135_1632505373.jpeg
1 Disinfectant Box with UV-C Light $50.00 $25.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 854225_1632505134.jpeg
1 Disinfectant Bulb with UV Light $15.99 $8.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 72980_1632505689.jpeg
1 Heat Gun Accessory Assortment $45.00 $23.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 744709_1632505744.jpeg
1 Hose Reel $1,099.99 $550.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 97318_1632505467.jpeg
1 In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit $80.00 $40.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 764569_1632505505.jpeg
1 Log Splitter $130.00 $65.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 	297843_1632505528.jpeg
2 Max-Trac Tire Chains for Snow Blowers & Garden Tractors $25.00 $12.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 522389_1632505200.jpeg
1 Pool/Hot Tub Wi-Fi Water Monitor $300.00 $150.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 820492_1632505717.jpeg
1 Steel-Toe 16" Rubber Boots, size 8 $34.99 $18.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 471260_1632505080.jpeg
1 Tiki Toss Game $45.00 $23.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 972834_1632506245.jpeg
1 Wi-Fi Outlet, Indoor #50050 $36.00 $18.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 426091_1632505014.jpeg
1 Wi-Fi Outlet, Indoor #50055 $45.00 $22.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 527764_1632505055.jpeg
1 Window Well Cover, 57x25x4 rectangle $89.99 $45.00 Markle's Ace Hardware 773248_1632505970.jpeg
1 Accent Bench - An utterly chic solution to small space design. Upholstered in a distressed faux leather with a built-in drawer. $299.00 $150.00 Markles Warehouse Furniture & Appliance 548565_1632511001.jpeg
1 Boat Prop Clock - Nautical metal propeller wall clock with distressed finish, round-shaped clock on the center with white clock face, black Roman Numeral dial & clock hands $149.00 $75.00 Markles Warehouse Furniture & Appliance 330050_1632510794.jpeg
1 Boat Side Table - Fun Oar/boat side table $199.00 $100.00 Markles Warehouse Furniture & Appliance 80691_1632510760.jpeg
1 Caramont Counsole Table with Mirror - Modern/Mid-Century design, black & gold-tone finish with hairpin legs of metal. $499.00 $250.00 Markles Warehouse Furniture & Appliance 20485_1632510978.jpeg
1 Chevron Pouf - Woven from strips of denim, the square shape will be a favorite go-to seat or ottoman. Sturdy enough to hold a serving tray $149.00 $75.00 Markles Warehouse Furniture & Appliance 239849_1632510908.jpeg
1 Jorge Pouf - Chic & Shaggy, the Jorge pouf tantalizes with cozy comfort. High/low texture feels as good as it looks. Shades of brown & cream. $149.00 $75.00 Markles Warehouse Furniture & Appliance 335567_1632510939.jpeg
5 $20.00 gift certificate $20.00 $13.00 Pizza Hut
20 $20.00 gift certificate good for all types of flooring & installation; indoor/outdoor lighting; window coverings & installation; cleaners & problem solvers for flooring; in-stock flooring for do-it-yourselfers. *limit 5 certificates per job $20.00 $11.00 Prewett Interiors No picture available.
1 $25.00 gift certificate for carpet cleaning, furnace cleaning & water damage $25.00 $16.00 Probst Cleaning Service No picture available.
10 $50.00 gift certificate towards rooms $50.00 $30.00 Rundle Suites
3 Dan's Diner Daily Rental; food NOT included $150.00 $75.00 Taylor Storage of Glasgow No picture available.
8 4-Wheel Alignment on passenger or light trucks only (parts not included) $84.95 $42.00 Tire-Rama No picture available.
5 $20 Gift Certificate towards services with Tamie Stone; limit 1 per person $20 $10 Tropical Rays Salon & Tanning
7 $10.00 gift certificate towards services with Tamie Stone; limit 1 per person $10.00 $5.00 Tropical Rays Salon & Tanning No picture available.
24 Vitual Reality 30-minute session $20.00 $10.00 VR Getaway No picture available.