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6:10 a.m. Boneheads In The News

CBS says the Cherokee County, Oklahoma police are looking for a man, who has been impersonating police officers. The suspect has a 1990s Buick with flashing red and blue lights. The suspect recently stopped an 18 year old before stealing his hot French fries instead of issuing him a ticket.

6:18 a.m. Story

Between our phones and the Internet in general, it’s crazy that anybody gets anything done. Why would you send a work email when you can climb down a rabbit hole of Baby Yoda memes? Sure, you could get fired but come on, have you seen how cute that little guy is?

If you’re prone to distractions, you’re probably already doing something else instead of listening, but if by chance you’re still paying attention, there is a few ways to retrain your brain to focus on one thing. Now you’ve probably been told to separate yourself from your phone or get more sleep before, so let’s skip ahead to some tips you may have not had already thought of yourself.

Power Through. Everyone gets bored sometimes. But instead of taking a breather, or opening a new tab, force yourself to keep working. Set a timer for five more minutes of focus and keep yourself accountable. If you only really worked for two, add three more minutes until you hit your five-minute goal.
Schedule Your Distractions. If you’re a slave to your inbox like a lot of people, try to dedicate a certain time to respond to things. Instead of answering emails constantly, switch to answering them at the top of each hour. It’s not a one size fits all method since everyone’s jobs require a different level of response time, but if you can find a way to separate the time you spend communicating with actually working, you may reap the rewards.

The bottom line is that you can’t eliminate distractions. All you can control is how you deal with them.

6:18 a.m.

6:30 a.m. Music Quiz

Break-up songs on Thursday Themeday

6:40 a.m. Weather Wakeup/Northern Broadcasting Weather

6:55 a.m. Health Story

Can’t seem to stop yourself from finishing off that box of Girl Scout cookies before bed? Going to bed earlier might help. A new study finds a link between sleep deprivation and high-calorie food cravings, especially in women.

The research on nearly 500 women between the ages of 20 and 76 finds those with poor sleep quality or lack of sleep also ate more foods with more added sugars, saturated fats, and caffeine. Close to a third (30%) of participants report sleeping less than seven hours and they also ate an extra 500 to 800 calories a day. These women exceeded daily recommendations for saturated fats, added sugars and caffeine, but didn’t get enough healthy foods, like grains and fiber.

Not only is this bad for their waistlines, researchers warn that women are already at high risk for obesity and sleep disorders and foods loaded with sugars and fats are linked to Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. They stress the importance of good, quality sleep for women to manage body weight as well as to help prevent heart disease.

Source: New York Post

6:56 a.m. Hospital Happenings/ABC World News/Local News

7:15 a.m. Story

TOP SELF CONSCIOUS ATTRIBUTES …. According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Massage Envy

1. Overall skin condition 52%

2. Hair 43%

3. Wrinkles 43%

4. Breakouts 41%

5. Nails/manicure 41%

6. Overall body image 38%

7. Dull/dry skin 36%

8. Weight 33%

TOP CONFIDENCE KILLERS …. According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Massage Envy

1. Overall body image 68%

2. Skin issues 67%

3. Ill-fitting clothes 64%

4. Have a bad day 63%

5. Social media 58%

6. Comparison to celebrities 57%

7. Rude people 56%

7:15 a.m. Lunch Menus/Valley Happenings

7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

National Love Your Pet Day
A survey by Rover.com found that dog love is real ...

67% of the dog owners surveyed said they gaze lovingly into their dog’s eyes.

47% of respondents say they cuddle with their dog more often than their partner.

53% said they would consider ending a relationship if their partner didn’t like dogs or was severely allergic to dogs.

24% take more pics with their dog than their significant other, friends and family.

33% say they plan their weekends around their dog.

81% use a baby voice or puppy voice when they talk to their dog.

25% of dog owners spend more money on their dog than their partner.

69% of single dog owners say that knowing that someone is a dog lover would make them more interested in dating them.

25% of Millennial dog lovers say they have actually continued a relationship or friendship just because they liked the person’s dog.

33% of dog owners say they regularly bring their dogs on dates.
The Huffington Post claims a Chihuahua that can't walk and a pigeon that can't fly have become best friends at an animal non-profit in Rochester, New York. Lundy the Chihuahua can't use his back legs because of a spinal issue. Herman the Pigeon is unable to fly due to a brain injury. They spend their days snuggling on a fluffy pillow. After their story went viral, one hundred people offered to adopt them.
A new dog collar translates your dog's barks into cuss words. The Cuss Collar -- which retails for $60 -- allows your pets to tell you exactly what’s on their mind.
Mashable claims Tik Tok announced a new feature yesterday that allows parents to manage their child's screen time. Teens and tweens won't be able to access new videos once they reach the limit their parents set for them.
Fox News says McDonalds is selling scented candles online. The scents include sesame seed bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion and Quarter Pounder beef.
Delish magazine says Twinkies-flavored lip balm and Donnettes-flavored lip balm have both been spotted for a dollar at Dollar Tree stores.
House Beautiful magazine says 7-Eleven is now serving Peeps-flavored Slurpees ahead of Easter
The NY Post says Supreme Oreo cookies are already reselling on eBay for $2,600. The Oreos come out today and feature a red cookie with white filling. The cookies sell for eight dollars. The cookie is stamped with the word Supreme
The man who invented the cut, copy and paste computer commands is dead.

Larry Tesler, an early Silicon Valley computer pioneer, died Monday at age 74. Tesler was working at Xerox when Steve Jobs hired him to come work for Apple, where he became the company's chief scientist.
Source: Gizmodo

The copy and paste function, arguably Tesler's most famous impact on computing, first appeared in Apple's software in 1983 on the Lisa computer and the original Macintosh released in 1984.
The Daily Mail claims Britain's oldest person, Hilda Clulow, has died at the age of 111. She worked for 50 years as a dressmaker and lived through 27 prime ministers, five monarchs and two world wars
CNN says a bus driver from Grand Meadow, Minnesota is being laid to rest in a school bus casket. Glen Davis drove a bus for 55 years before recently passing away. The yellow casket resembles a Grand Meadow School Bus and has yellow and red lights as well as stop sign decals.
Border agents in Michigan have seized a rather unique shipment before it made its way into the U.S. Agents at the U.S-Canada border crossing in Port Huron discovered that a mail truck was carrying a brain inside of a mason jar.

The jar, labeled "Antique Teaching Specimen," was being shipped from Toronto to Kenosha, Wisconsin. The mail truck was stopped as part of a routine inspection. Agents seized the brain as it did not have proper import documentation. The CDC has pretty strict guidelines.
The Gaston Gazette claims the Shelby, North Carolina police are looking for a man, who recently stole a $3,500 Valentine's Day necklace from Kay Jewelers. The thief entered the store and asked to try on the necklace. A sales associate placed the necklace around the man's neck, but would not clasp it. He asked, “Why can’t I clasp it? Are you afraid I’m going to steal it?” Before the clerk could answer, the man grabbed the necklace and took off running.
Not sure what this person has against ketchup but police in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania are seeking information after they say someone broke into an apartment Tuesday night and went crazy with the ketchup bottle. They say that this person vandalized the majority of the residence by squirting ketchup over the walls, floor, and furniture. The family that resides in the apartment was not home at the time of the incident and it appears that nothing is missing. Except for the ketchup.
WKRN claims the Nashville police recently arrested a drunk 36 year-old man for walking the streets while naked. Jason Givens got so bombed that he removed all of his clothes before going for a stroll at 3 a.m. When officers found him, he was unable to maintain his balance and his speech was slurred. Jason told cops that he hadn't had a drink in hours.
Kent Online claims naked bowling is going to take place at the Hollywood Bowl in Ashford, England on Thursday, March 26th. The British Naturism Society is offering two games, shoes, drinks and a buffet for $25. Tickets are expected to sell out.
KIRO says the Riverside County, California police recently arrested a 61 year-old man after he illegally entered a home and started cooking scrambled eggs with no pants on. Three homeowners woke up and found Carl Cimino in the kitchen eating bologna, ranch dressing and flan. He refused to leave until cops arrived with a K9. Cimino entered the home through an unlocked door.
Police in Tampa Bay, Florida say that on New Year's Day, three men held up a CVS Pharmacy and were very meticulous implementing their plan. They wore blue surgical gloves so they wouldn’t leave prints. They waved guns at employees and bound several of them with zip ties. They made off with a boatload of drugs in white garbage bags including more than 10,000 pills that contained the opioids hydrocodone and oxycodone. However, while detectives were investigating the robbery they noticed a trail of pill bottles along the streets. They followed them like a trail of breadcrumbs and arrested Roy Lampkin, Christopher Rachell Jr., and David Dobbins. They kept emptying the pill bottles as they drove off and threw them out the window.

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