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5:55 a.m. Northern Broadcasting Montana News/ABC World News

6:10 a.m. Boneheads In The News

The Denmark police recently arrested a Star Wars fan for disturbing the peace. Neighbors called the cops on the man and his drunk friend after they started yelling at one another at 5:10 a.m.

The police tell TV2 News: “We did indeed encounter two people who were yelling and screaming at each other. It turned out to be two people who knew each other but were in an extremely drunken state. And the thing they were so loudly discussing were their differing opinions on the strength of the Republic in Star Wars. One of the lads was charged with disturbing the peace.''

The man, who was arrested told cops his name was Count Dooku.

6:18 a.m. Story

Whether you like football or not, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending Sunday gorging yourself on wings and nachos as you’re forced to watch Super Bowl 50. And while some people may be watching it alone on their couch, there will be lots of parties going on, and some states are partying harder than others.

According to new research by Evite, when it comes to the two states with contenders in the game, Colorado and North Carolina, it’s pretty close as to which state will be hosting more gatherings, with Carolina holding the slight edge with 1,359 parties planned versus 1,337 for Colorado. Of course there’s still a little time for last minute parties to happen so that number could change. (The number is based on how many football-themed invites have gone out since December 28th.)

As for the rest of the country, California tops the list for the most overall football parties planned, with 6,009, which makes sense since the Super Bowl is being held there this year. Coming in second is Texas (2,759), followed Illinois. (1,614) in third.

Top Ten States for Super Bowl Parties

California (6,009)
Texas (2,759)
Illinois (1,614)
North Carolina (1,359)
Colorado (1,337)
Virginia (1,216)
New Jersey (1,209)
Florida (1,103)
New York (1,084)
Georgia (1,065)

6:18 a.m.

6:30 a.m. Music Quiz

Friday Flashback - WHEN I'M WITH YOU SHERIFF 1989

A federal appeals court, aiding with a trial judge and against the Bush Administration, refused to stop the trial of fired national security aide, Oliver North on the ground that national security secrets might be exposed.

Saturday night television listings/TV guide – February 8, 1989
CBS – Dolphin Cove, Smothers Brothers, West 57th

NBC – 227, Amen, Golden Girls, empty Nest, Hunter, Saturday Night Live

ABC – Mission: Impossible, A Man Called Hawk, Murphy’s Law

Fox – The Reporters, Beyond Tomorrow

HBO – Rodney Dangerfield in concert

On Saturday Night Live – Ted Danson hosts with musical guest Luther Vandross.

Top movies – February 8, 1989
The Fly II

Three Fugitives

Rain Man From Yesterday Beaches

Her Alibi


Mississippi Burning


Who’s Harry Crumb?

The Naked Gun

6:40 a.m. Weather Wakeup/Northern Broadcasting Weather

6:55 a.m. Health Story

When it comes to snacking at work, it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating sweets for a quick fix, and then quickly realize that it’s just not a sustainable way to keep going on at work!

Dark Chocolate - Yup, the sweet stuff can be a healthy snack, but it must be 72% dark.

Popcorn - Whether it’s the pre-popped variety or a fancy recipe you plan on whipping up yourself, “popcorn is such a great snack!” A 3 ½ cup serving checks in at less than 100 calories, which gives you a lot to nibble on when you’re on deadline and need something to mindlessly munch on.

Almond Butter - Alex Caspero, founder of St. Louis healthy recipe resource Delish Knowledge, recommends snacks that are high in protein because they are the most satiating.

Seaweed – It’s a low calorie option.

Dried Fruit - Crispy Green makes pre-portioned servings of seven varieties of freeze-dried fruit and is an excellent snack when you’re on the move.
Squeeze Pouches - They may look like baby food from afar, but Chia Squeeze packets from Mamma Chia are anything but.

6:56 a.m. Hospital Happenings/ABC World News/Local News

7:15 a.m. Story

A survey by Blimpies Subs reveals that 47% of people say running out of food and drinks is the most annoying part of a Super Bowl party. Other findings:

- 51% of people say rowdy kids are the most annoying part of a Super Bowl Party

- 50% of people say fans who take the Super Bowl too seriously are annoying

- 43% of people say double-dippers are annoying

- 26% of people say the Super Bowl should be a national holiday

- 43% of people are willing to sign a petition to move the Super Bowl to Saturday night

7:15 a.m. Lunch Menus/Valley Happenings

7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

Super Bowl Food Consumption

- over 14,500 tons of potato chips will be consumed

- over 100 million pounds of wings will be consumed

- anti-acid sales typically see a 20% increase on the Monday following the Super Bowl
Greeley-Evans, Colorado School District Number 6 has banned students from wearing Peyton Manning jerseys. Students may wear Cam Newton's #1 jersey because unlike Peyton's #18 jersey, it is not associated with gangs or gang terms.

A district spokesperson says students may not wear jerseys with the numbers 13, 14, 31, 41, 18 or 81. “Gangs use those items of clothing for a few reasons. They use them to recruit and they use them to intimidate. There is very real risk associated with displaying the banned numbers, especially for students who aren’t part of a gang associated with the numbers, such as the 18th Street Gang. Gang activity is still a reality here. There’s no sign that it’s going to go away completely, and until it does, we will probably have some kind of dress code in place to protect our kids in school.”
UNDATED (AP) — Folks in Denver will be rooting for the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Of course, we're not talking about fans in Denver, Colorado, but those in Denver, North Carolina. The unincorporated town is about a half-hour from Charlotte. They're now calling their town the Denver of the East. Restaurant owner Michael Bryant says it's pretty cool that their Denver is getting a moment in the media spotlight. And the Mustangs mascot of the local high school looks a lot like the Denver Broncos logo. This Sunday the Panthers and the Broncos will meet in Super Bowl 50.
A 25 year-old Australian artist, who goes by the name Davis, is selling Valentine's Day cards featuring his butt print. The prints sell for $6 a piece at http://www.ringerprints.com/
Matt Phillips refused to allow a heavy snow in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to prevent him from getting out and about. He hooked his Huskies up to a dog sled and mushed along downtown Pittsburgh.

Matt tells the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: "That road was pretty much untouched by plows, and nobody else was parked there. It was actually the new dog's first time out with the sled. Previously, we only did bike and cart running with him."
PALOS VERDES ESTATES, Calif. (AP) — It's hard to know what was more amazing: An out-of-control car ending up on the roof of a Southern California house or the driver somehow escaping serious injury despite the wild ride.

Palos Verdes Estates police Capt. Mark Velez says a driver with a medical problem lost control of his car on a residential street Wednesday.

Velez tells the Daily Breeze newspaper that the man hit two parked cars, rolled up the driveway of a house, ricocheted off another car and was somehow went skyward, ending up atop the detached garage of a neighboring house.

Firefighters pulled the man from the car and took him to a hospital, but he wasn't seriously hurt. No one else was injured.

Police got a crane to pull the car off the roof.
Plenty of cats run away, but Clive the cat ended up at the best destination. He ran away back in 2014 and his family put up fliers and spread the word on Facebook trying to get their kitty back. The family had "lost hope" when they got a call that Clive had been found and is twice his original size.

It turns out the animal was just two miles away...living in a pet food factory. Owners Tanya and Jonathan Irons say Clive's personality hasn't changed, but one thing has. “He has a huge appetite now though. I’ve had to leave him with a big bucket of food, he just won't stop eating," Tanya says. “We’re not going to put him on a diet though, he’s just a bit rounder but he’s happy.”

Source: Mirror
Storm the puppy has gotten more exercise this week than most of us will get all year. The dog was chasing seagulls on the beach in Essex, England when he ended up lost in the water.

Four days later, the pup was found a mile out to sea. Storm has been taken to the vet and aside from being tired, has been given a clean bill of health.

Source: Mirror
Literal cat burglar arrested: Mark Frady has been arrested in connection with the taking a pet cat. The 54-year-old reportedly stole a cat named Boots from a family in Troy, Vermont. He pled not guilty and claims he was looking for his cat, Mason. Frady returned twice to the Boots' house. One of those times he was chased out of their basement after he was found watching TV, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Authorities believe Frady is involved in the thefts of two other local pets. Source: Associated Press
A Monroe County, Florida sheriff recently rescued a man after he got locked in his trunk. The man had just finished a walk on the beach when he began searching for his keys in his trunk. He fell in as the trunk closed behind him. Beachgoers called the police after hearing weird noises coming from the car. A sheriff showed up and freed Rob Moore by hitting the trunk button in the car. Moore had marijuana on him and was charged with possession.
Metro UK claims a husband from Italy is suing his wife for mistreatment of their family. The man filed the lawsuit because his wife failed to cook and clean and also did a poor job of managing household chores. The man also claims his wife kicked him out of their bedroom and has been insulting him for the past two years. The woman will go on trial on October 12th.
The Batavia, Illinois police are looking for a thief who stole $75 out of a photo booth at a bowling alley arcade. The photo booth, when tampered with, automatically takes a picture of whatever is in front of it.

Batavia police detective Kevin Bratz says the thief was caught on camera. "With this machine, if you try to manipulate or damage it in any way, it snaps a picture of you, which is odd because it's a photo machine. I don't think he paid for the pictures.''

The police are distributing the picture.
Burglar signs into Twitter during break in: Police in Washington D.C. didn't have to work too hard to find the man who burglarized a hotel, a restaurant, and the front desk of an apartment building. The idiot signed onto his Twitter account at the concierge desk at the he Bentley luxury apartments. Thomas Matthew Collodel has since been charged with five counts of burglary. Source: Washington Post
Man applies for a job, then steals a car from the parking lot: Courtney Cordell Wheat just couldn't help himself. The 30-year-old was on the right track when he filled out an application for a job at Taco Bueno in Kilgore, Texas. Then, he walked into the parking lot and stole a car. He was spotted by the car's rightful owner, who confronted him. Wheat drove off and a manager at Taco Bueno attempted to follow him, but was unsuccessful. Cops were able to get all his information from his job application and eventually found him at a motel. He was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. There's been no confirmation, but it's probably safe to say Wheat didn't get the job. Source: KLTV

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