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6:10 a.m. Boneheads In The News

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Will work for weed. That offer will cost a Louisiana attorney a year of legal practice. The state's Supreme Court is suspending James Mecca. Authorities said he offered to represent a woman in exchange for marijuana. Mecca was busted in a sheriff's sting operation and pleaded guilty in 2014 to a misdemeanor charge for pot possession. His six-month jail sentence was suspended and he has served a year of probation. His legal license suspension is a related disciplinary matter.

6:18 a.m. Story

A new survey by fashion retailer Simply Be reveals that women own an average of 24 pairs of shoes. Other findings:
- the average cost of a woman's footwear collection is $800.
- 92% of women own at least two pairs of shoes that they have not worn for a year or more.
-79% of women have a pair of shoes in their closet that they have never worn.
- 7% of women buy certain shoes to match a specific outfit.
- 49% of women have shoes they no longer wear because they are too uncomfortable.
- 31% of women no longer wear shoes because the shoes are no longer fashionable.
- 91% of women buy shoes on impulse
6:18 a.m.

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6:55 a.m. Health Story

If you’ve ever wondered how often you should be switching out your razor today is your lucky day! If you’re using a disposable razor, the general rule of thumb is to toss it every three to seven uses.
"If you find that the razor isn't gliding over the area and seems dull, obviously you should change it sooner," says Dr. Debra Jaliman, a New York City-based dermatologist.
Still not convinced that your razor needs a change? Know this:
• Your razor gets covered in gunk.
• You won’t get the best shave.
• You’re far more susceptible to razor bumps!
• You could cut yourself with rust on the blade.
• You could get an infection.
Source: Seventeen
6:56 a.m. Hospital Happenings/ABC World News/Local News

7:15 a.m. Story

Here's how to make new friends, according to science

1. ACTUALLY Smile: Smiling when you’re talking to someone sounds obvious, but I have to mention it because it’s more important than you think. Genuinely smiling when talking to someone doesn’t just make you seem friendly, it also helps the other person relax, which helps them put their guard down and feel more comfortable around you. When they feel comfortable, you're more likely to make a more personal connection, which will help build a strong friendship.

2. Keep Your Palms Up: An important thing to consider is body language. Hands can say a lot about a person, and if your palms are facing up, it can actually show that you are kind and open. It suggests that you are harmless and non-aggressive, which is good, since nobody wants to befriend someone
who constantly has their hands in a fist, right? This technique actually comes from apes, who show kindness and peace with their hands. 

3. Keep Your Chin Down: You don't want to seem ~snooty~ when you're talking to your new friend. When your chin is angled up, it can give the impression that you're "looking down" on someone, which could make you seem like you think you are better than them. I know it's not intentional, but your body language can really affect how people view you! Keep your chin angled downwards in order to show you're interested in what they have to say.

4. Keep Your Eyebrows Raised: When you're interested in something, you involuntarily raise your eyebrows, which signals that you're intently listening to someone, and people love others who actually listen and engage in conversation with them. Try raising your eyebrows when you listen to a friend talk, it will make them feel more comfortable and willing to share with you, and they will totally like you for that! Don't raise them too much, or else you'll look surprised AF.

5. Don't Purse Your Lips: Again, body language is key. When you purse your lips, it looks like you are frustrated or stressed, which won't make people want to talk to you, TBH. Try to keep your face relaxed and calm, so that people are more likely to want to get to know you and hang out with you.

6. Seek Other's Opinions: This makes sense! You don't want to have a one-sided conversation with someone. People like when you ask about their opinion, since it shows you are engaging with them and actually care about what they have to say. You might feel "weak" for asking others for their opinion or help, but it can really help you connect with a person. 

7. Don't Judge: Obviously, you shouldn't judge anyone. They won't be able to open up to you if they can feel you criticizing them, and that can put some distance between you two. Even if someone is a little different than you, it's important to make them feel comfortable and not judge them for something, like the clothes they wear or a certain hairstyle they have.

8. Hold Back Sometimes: This goes along with not judging someone. You know that old saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all?" It's actually backed by these behavioral analysts. If your new friend is saying something, uh, a little weird, don't jump to say, "WTF are you talking about?" Instead, get them to know you are interested by saying "can you tell me more about what you mean?" This way, it shows you want to know more about their life, without judging them. 

9. Ask How They Are Doing: People love talking about themselves, even more than they love talking about food or money. It makes sense, since you are the thing you know more about! A good way to get people on your good side is to ask about them. FBI agent Robin Dreeke says, "Talking about ourselves—whether in a personal conversation or through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter—triggers the same sensation of pleasure in the brain as food or money." So, it actually makes people happy when you ask about them, which will make them happy to see and talk to you. 

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7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

Uproxx claims the Atlanta Falcons presented Katie Levitre with a game ball following their win over Green Bay on Sunday. Her husband Andy is an offensive lineman on the team. The week before, Katie went into labor during the team's game against Seattle. She stayed for their win before going to the hospital and delivering.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn is quoted by the site as saying: “We gave Andy Levitre’s wife a game ball because it was a week late, and we put ‘ultimate toughness’ on it. She had gone into labor during the game, but waited it out. So we thought that was definitely worth the game ball.''
The Drinks Business website claims a research team from the University of California San Diego wants to go into space later this year aboard an Indian craft so they can brew beer above the Earth. The team is currently perfecting a three-part container that can make beer in zero gravity.

The team's leader, Srivaths Kaylan, tells the site: “It contains three compartments, the top will be filled with unfermented beer, and the second will contain the yeast. When the rover lands on the Moon with our experiment, a valve will open between the two compartments, allowing the two to mix.”
TMZ claims a company called Laser/Away is offering free tattoo removals for San Diego residents who have Chargers tattoos. The company says it usually takes 8 sessions to remove an inking. A tattoo removal can cost as much as $5,000.

The Impulsive Buy website claims Hostess is now selling Twinkies ice cream. They are also selling Sno Ball ice cream
Hollywoodlife.com claims Katy Perry has been giving Lady Gaga advice on performing at halftime of the Super Bowl.
Ed Sheeran will perform on Saturday Night Live on February 11th
Alessia Cara is going to be the musical guest on SNL on February 4th. Kristen Stewart will host
The Daily Record claims Alice Payne, of Derbyshire, England, recently slept through her labor. When the 23 year-old woke up, she was informed that she had given birth to a 6 pound, 4 ounce healthy baby boy. A machine misread Alice's contractions. Her doctor's, thinking she was hours away from delivering, gave her some sleep medication. Minutes later, she delivered.

Alice tells the paper: "I remember a nurse trying to put Philip in my arms but I was going to sleep again. I woke up two hours later to properly meet him. Though I'm pleased I missed the pain of labor, I do wish I had been more present for my first baby's birth. Now when he's older and asks me, I'll have to tell him I nodded off."
If you want to have the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience, stopping by one Long Island town will do the trick. .

Huntington Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia [[ RAY-uh ]] is holding her 22nd annual Marriage Marathon on February 14th. It's an event in which Raia performs free wedding ceremonies at a town hall transformed into a wedding venue.

There are donated flowers, mini-receptions, cake cuttings and gift bags. Couples who want to participate in the Valentine's Day Marriage Marathon must obtain a marriage license at least 24-hours in advance.
Source: Newsday
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ziggy, the abandoned seal pup, has a new home. She'll make her debut today at the Los Angeles Zoo. She was just a day old when she was found stranded on a Southern California beach nearly a year ago. The Pacific Marine Mammal Center cared for the little seal, bottle-feeding her around the clock for two weeks. Because she spent her early life in captivity, Ziggy can't be released into the wild. She's now sharing her zoo habitat with three Atlantic harbor seals.
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A Florida sheriff asked to be ticketed after a deputy pulled him over for speeding in his unmarked car.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood tells The Daytona Beach News-Journal (http://bit.ly/2jm2KJa ) he wanted "to set an example" for his agency. The new sheriff was clocked going 78 mph in a 55-mph zone on Friday.

He was stopped a day after Volusia County settled a lawsuit for a deputy-related crash. The agency also is doing an internal investigation regarding a Dec. 20 crash involving another deputy who was speeding.

Chitwood says the sergeant stopped him and they talked briefly before going their separate ways. But Chitwood says he later realized he was wrong, called the sergeant and asked him to write the ticket. He's already paid the $281 citation.

The manager of a California restaurant where a customer's receipt revealed a $30.95 "SEEN RAT" discount said his staff acted appropriately.

A post circulated on Folsom-area Facebook groups during the weekend was written by a woman who said she was sharing the story on behalf of a woman who doesn't use Facebook.

The post said the woman spotted a rat running around near her feet at Fat's Asian Bistro and notified the staff.

The woman believed she would be speaking to a manager, but instead was handed a receipt by her server with $30.95 knocked off the bill for "SEEN RAT."

Kevin Fat, chief operating officer of Fat's Restaurant Group, said the incident was highly unusual -- as was the note on the receipt.

"The manager put it verbatim what the guest saw or stated, that's not normal practice," Fat told KTXL-TV. "In our 14 years in Folsom, we have not experienced something like this before."

Fat said the company is taking the incident seriously and is attempting to contact the customer who had the experience.
Fox News claims Lubbock, Texas resident Goober Williamson recently got Donald Trump's last name tattooed in large letters across the front of his neck. He tells the network: "If I put the sign out in my front yard, they're going to vandalize my house. If I put a sticker on my truck, they're going to screw up my truck. Well, come vandalize me, that's all I got. He's not the most politically correct person, but I'm not the most etiquette. I'm as thrown off as can be. Right is right, wrong is wrong. If it ain't right, make it right. I didn't get named Goober because I was the smartest one, but to each is their own. I fell in love with Trump since day one. It's hard to look in my eyes without seeing it. Mark my word, he's going to be the best president we've ever had."
The Sun Sentinel claims the Palm Beach, Florida police recently arrested Kelly Weidman after she snuck into Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago Club and smeared bananas on member cars. Security guards captured the 48-year-old before calling the police. Kelly was charged with trespassing.
The Philly Voice claims two Pittsburgh men were recently arguing over politics and Donald Trump when one man bit off the other's ear. The earless victim ran to a nearby gas station where he called the police. Medics picked up the man's ear at his apartment before taking him to the hospital. The suspect fled. Cops are now looking for the man.
The Daily Telegraph claims David Evans and his wife Michelle were recently enjoying dinner at a Wales, England restaurant when their server asked them how their meal was. The couple answered, 'tough and rubbery'. The chef then stormed out of the kitchen and threw chili pepper in David's eyes. His wife rushed him to the hospital for emergency treatment..
A KISS Cam proposal recently went wrong at an Atlanta Hawks game. The Daily Mail posted video of the proposal. A couple was shown on the Jumbotron before the man dropped down to one knee with his ring. Another fan patted the man on the back before he bobbled his ring and dropped it. Fans scattered to find the ring. It is not known if the ring was ever found.
WWWN claims an American businessman was recently fined $400 for possessing a red apple in Fiji. The businessman flew to the Pacific Island for a business deal. He signed his customs immigration form without fully reading it. When he arrived at the airport, he told Fiji customs agents that he had a red apple. The agents fined the man $400 for failing to report the apple on his customs form.
Sure, TSA rules can be hard to keep up with. One thing we should all know to leave at home when going to the airport, however? Grenades. John Gregg brought a inactive grenade in his carry on bag to West Virginia's Yeager Airport. Naturally, it caused a bit of panic and more than a 30-minute delay. Gregg has since been cited for attempting to carry a prohibited item "into the sterile part of the airport" and transporting or possession of a hoax bomb. So far it's unknown why exactly Gregg brought he weapon with him. Source: WSAZ
If nothing else, Dennis Harrison is self aware. The 25-year-old allegedly pulled a fire alarm inside the Hilton Boston Logan Airport hotel on a dare, waking up Pittsburgh Steelers fans in town to their team in the championship game against the New England Patriots. When police arrived, Harrison reportedly said, "I’m drunk. I’m stupid. I’m a Pats fan.” He has since pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and setting off a false fire alarm and is due back in court next month. Source: Boston Globe
Austria's privacy laws prevent news organizations from publishing criminals' identification, but that doesn't stop them from letting us know some stupid people live there. One such person is a 36-year-old man who took a Vienna streetcar for a joyride. Authorities were able to stop him pretty fast by turning off the electricity. That's when it was discovered the unidentified man was actually a former employee of the Vienna Lines transport authority. No word on what exactly he's being charged with, but he's in police custody. Source: Associated Press
Carolina Arthur has legs for days and she's hoping to walk right into the record books. The former model from Australia claims her gams clock in at 51.5-inches from hip to heel, or a bit over four-feet.

The current record holder is Russian Svetlana Pankratova, who stands 6-foot-5 and has legs measuring 51.9 inches. Since the numbers are close, Arthur figures it's worth getting Guinness involved.

The mother of two began modeling at 15 and says before that, she was self conscious about her height. At 36, however, she's more comfortable than ever in her skin.

Check out the video here
Apparently, you can milk a spider for its venom and the Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales wants citizens to get involved. The park has an anti-venom program and are asking "responsible adults" to catch deadly funnel-web spiders they come across.

A bite from a funnel-web can kill a human within 15-minutes but despite being delay, they don't pose a huge risk. Over the last 100 years, only 27 people have died because of the spiders' venom.

The reptile park isn't expecting average Joes to go into spider catching completely blind, though.
One woman in Japan got way more than she bargained for when she visited a psychic. In case you missed it, the fortune teller was able to convince the woman she owed her money and said the only way to pay it off was to join the sex trade.

In 2011, the client moved into the psychic's house and handed over almost her entire income. All in all, the captor is said to have made $785-thousand over the years the victim lived with her.

Now, the so-called clairvoyant is now being ordered to cough up $850,000

Source: BBC
A Richmond, Virginia man was recently walking home when a thief demanded he hand over his piping hot pizza. The victim said no before the robber hit him. The victim held onto his pizza before the thief fled. Cops are looking for the suspect.
Kansas.com claims Lawrence Ripple pled guilty yesterday to robbing a Kansas City bank. The 70 year-old robbed the bank because he said he'd rather be in prison than stay with his wife. The senior is now facing up to 20 years in prison. Lawrence took $3,000 before sitting in the lobby and waiting for FBI agents to arrive.

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