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5:55 a.m. Northern Broadcasting Montana News/ABC World News

6:10 a.m. Boneheads In The News

The Gainesville, Florida police recently stopped a driver for a traffic violation. One of the man's passengers began chewing crack cocaine in order to avoid being arrested. When cops asked the man what he was doing, he said he was eating Jolly Ranchers.

The man was charged with possession after the 'Jolly Rancher' tested positive for crack cocaine.

6:18 a.m. Story

A new study by the University of British Columbia reveals that dogs get stressed when hugged by their owners. Researchers studied 200 pictures of owners cuddling their dogs before coming to the conclusion that 82% of dogs get stressed when hugged.
Dogs will show their stress by turning their head, closing their eyes, showing their teeth and lowering their ears.
6:18 a.m.

6:30 a.m. Music Quiz

Friday Flashback - THEY'RE ON TO ME ARI HEST 2005

In Lithuania Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meets with President Valdas Adamkus and will meet with NATO foreign ministers.

Vatican City - Pope Benedict XVI is inaugurated and calls for unity throughout the Catholic church.

Google Inc. says that first quarter profit grew over 500% for the same period last year.

Top TV Ratings/listings/TV Guide – April 22, 2005
CSI – 27.01
American Idol on Tuesday – 24.10

Desperate Housewives – 23.85

American Idol on Wednesday – 22.68

CSI: Miami – 20.11

Survivor: Palau – 19.34

Grey’s Anatomy – 17.90

House TV Ratings April 2005House – 17.48

Two and a Half Men – 17.12

Extreme Makeover Home Edition – 17.11

Everybody Loves Raymond – 16.96

Top Movies – April 22, 2005 –
The Interpreter

The Amityville Horror


A Lot Like Love

Kung Fu Hustle

Fever Pitch

Sin City

Guess Show


King’s Ransom

6:40 a.m. Weather Wakeup/Northern Broadcasting Weather

6:55 a.m. Health Story

The term “being healthy” means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. We’re told to eat right, exercise, and keep things like sleep and hydration in mind. However, when it comes to Americans, how many people actually do all of that on a regular basis?
A new study from the journal, “Mayo Clinic Proceedings,” says that 2.7% of the 5,000 people they studied could be defined as “healthy.” Here’s the breakdown:
• Smoking: Would you pass a blood test that said you didn’t smoke?
• Body composition: Would you be between five and 20% for a male and eight to 30% for a female?
• Diet: Would you be able to say that you are aligned with the government’s definition of a good diet, which is mostly produce, and limited saturated fat, salts, and sugars?
• Exercise: Do you get moderate to high intensity workouts for 150 minutes per week?
(Source: Men’s Health)

6:56 a.m. Hospital Happenings/ABC World News/Local News

7:15 a.m. Story

Politicians always like to talk about “The American Dream,” but are people really striving for it anymore? Well, according to a new survey, it seems folks still believe in the idea of the American Dream, but what it is is whole other story.

The poll found that 66% of U.S. adults believe they can attain the American Dream, with only 16% feeling that it’s out of reach. But with that said, 31% of people say their idea of the American Dream has changed in the past five years, with 57% saying it’s different than the dream of their parents.

While folks in the past may have viewed the American Dream as having wealth, opportunity and moving up in social class, these days happiness and security are more important. In fact, 59% of folks said for them, the American Dream means “having a happy family,” while 58% said it was “being financially secure.” These numbers are significantly higher than traditional definitions of the American Dream like having more opportunities than past generations (18%), wealth and making a lot of money (11%) and moving up in social class (3%).

• And apparently most folks today don’t want what their parents had. Believe it or not, 74% of Americans say they wouldn’t change their current lifestyle or financial situation for what their parents had at their age.
Source: Northwestern Mutual

7:15 a.m. Lunch Menus/Valley Happenings

7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — It’s a pizza lover’s dream come true — a pizza box made 100 percent of pizza — and you can get it in New York City.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria at 148 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg unveiled “the pizza box pizza” Wednesday on social media. It’s a traditional New York-style pepperoni pie surrounded by a square pizza that serves as the “pizza box.”

“No waste, 100% pizza and 100% delicious,” the pizza parlor wrote one Twitter.
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia jail officials are investigating an inmate's use of a cellphone to take photos of himself and others inside a transport van and posting them online.

Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety spokesman Lawrence Messina says the phone was confiscated before the inmates entered the Western Regional Jail.

Twenty-seven-year-old Shane Holbrook of Huntington told media outlets he posted three photos on his Facebook page Monday. He says he was trying to have a good time while in jail and that "we're already here, why be miserable?"

Holbrook appeared in Cabell County court on malicious wounding and armed robbery charges before getting back into the van. Holbrook didn't specify where the phone came from, only that it was within his reach.

Messina says the incident is under investigation.
BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — A Montana county plans to dispose of more than three dozen Cold War-era sanitation kits meant to provide makeshift bathroom facilities for fallout shelters.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports 42 fiberboard drums labeled "SK IV Sanitation Kit" were shipped to Gallatin County in January 1964. They contained a toilet seat, commode liner, 10 rolls of toilet paper that people are cautioned to "USE SPARINGLY," along with commode chemical. The seat fits on top of the lined drum.

After county officials determined they didn't need the kits any more, they found out the Department of Defense didn't want them back. The Federal Emergency Management Agency had no use for them, either.

The county has offered some to museums. The rest may be sold at auction. A value and date haven't been set.
The NY Post claims Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spends $5 million a year on bodyguards and other security measures
The NY Daily News claims Thomas Mayer, of Phoenix, Arizona, recently asked his girlfriend Annalise to prom. He offered her a free trip to Hawaii if she said yes.

Annalise tells KSAZ that she accepted the promposal. "We love going on adventures together and now that we've gotten into the GoPro videos, it's just a new opportunity to go new place, have new adventures, and make new memories, especially before college.''

Thomas and Annalise have been dating since the start of high school.
A man in a panda costume walked into a Baltimore TV station yesterday and threatened to blow it up with a bomb. The man wanted the TV station to play a video on his flash drive. The man claimed the video involved a government conspiracy. Cops shot the man. He lived.
The Daily Mail claims a New York apartment on Fifth Avenue is selling for $120 million. It occupies two floors and has a 1,600-square foot master suite. The home features a marble staircase, a wine cellar, a walk-in safe, city views, hardwood floors and two fireplaces.
'Washington DC-based airline pilot Mario Lopes recently surprised his son as he was returning home from serving in Kuwait. Mario worked with flight schedulers to make sure he would be piloting his son's military flight from D.C. to Norfolk, Virginia. He boarded the plane early and told the crew about his plan to surprise his son. When Mario's son walked onto the plane, he walked up behind him and said: “First Lieutenant Lopes! What are you doing on my aircraft?”
400-pound Ash Phillips earns $58,000 a year impersonating Barbie. The 27 year-old Californian impersonates Barbie in order to promote a positive image for curvy women. Ash charges $600 an hour to squash men while dressed as Barbie.
A couple from Japan was recently flying from Singapore to Myanmar when the wife went into labor and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She named her son 'Jet Star' after the airline they were traveling on. Jet Star gifted the couple with $1,000 worth of baby supplies and flight vouchers. Three doctors, who were on-board at the time delivered the child
Mashable claims Jackson, Mississippi resident Eddie Prosser recently threw a birthday party for a pothole in order to get the city to fix it. He tells WJTV that the pothole has been there for a year.

Eddie decorated it with a festive balloon, a giant birthday card and presents. "I do find our problems in the city of Jackson serious, but at the same time, it's just one small pothole. When they fix the potholes just a block away, it wouldn’t have taken another 10 minutes [to fix this one]."
The city has agreed to fix the hole.
A 70 year-old San Bernardino, California man is ok after crashing into a light pole. The man was driving and eating an ice cream cone before the ice cream plopped onto his lap. The man lost control of his car, jumped a curb and hit the pole.

He was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.
David Bradford recently received the shock of his life while visiting his son's new home. He found an alligator in the living room. David tells KNOE that the Sterlington, Louisiana home is under construction. "And all of the sudden I saw something wave at me, and it was the alligator's tail. I got a little bit closer and said, 'What in the devil is that?' I got a little bit closer and it was a big alligator."
People generally cause accidents, and sometimes they happen when they're distracted. But according to Karen Maynard, it's Snapchat's fault that her husband, Wentworth, has brain damage. How so? According to her lawsuit, 18-year-old Christal McGee was using Snapchat's "speed filter," which puts a picture of your speed on top of whatever picture or video you share.

The Maynards claim McGee was trying to reach 100-mph when she struck their car on a Georgia highway, sending the couple across the left lane and into an embankment. And hence, Wentworth was seriously injured. So far, Snapchat hasn't commented.
Pittsburgh Police had a lot on their hands with James Edward Williams. The 30-year-old man was spotted driving a stolen car, and tried to flee by abandoning the car and running through a recycling yard, where he pushed a steel shelving unit onto an officer. When the cops were still on his trail, Williams tried to swim away in the Ohio River. Eventually he was caught and brought to a local hospital...that he tried to flee from completely naked. Authorities found him hiding in a nearby dumpster. Again, he was naked in a dumpster. Gross. Source: Associated Press
If you're going to earn yourself the nickname NJ Weedman, you gotta be prepared to be a easy target for police. Ed Forchion opened NJ Weedman's Joint and an attached cannabis church last year and after a police raid, Forchion and 10 others were arrested on possession charges. Probably not so surprisingly, this isn't Weedman's first run in with the law. He's spent time in prison for previous drug charges. Source: Associated Press
England's Royal Mail Service is warning a couple that they need to get their cat under control because it has been attacking a mailman.

The post office sent a letter that read: “Your postman has reported that when he pushes the mail through your letterbox your cat snatches the mail and puts his fingers at risk of injury.''

The cat's owners tell the BBC: "We've noticed over the last couple of days that the postman is very hesitant at putting the letters in and Bella thinks it's a game that he's trying to play. I haven't seen her put her paws all the way through but I think it's fair what they're saying - it's just how they're worded the letter. As to restraining the cat - I'd no way dare."
Susan Butler, of Ferntree, Gully Australia, recently started a GoFundMe campaign to rescue her neighbor's orange tabby cat. Boots was stuck in a 40-foot tree and refused to come down. Susan's campaign raised $205 in just four hours. She was able to hire a professional animal rescuer to save Boots' life.

Boots is now fine.
The Dunedin, New Zealand fire department recently rescued a drunk 20 year-old after they found him dangling upside down from a tree. Firefighters think the man either fell down a steep bank or climbed the tree and then got stuck before calling for help.

The man was too intoxicated to explain what had happened.

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