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The pilot who steered his twin-engine Cessna airplane off a Florida runway and into a shed at the airport on Wednesday morning was drunk, cops are saying.

WFTV reports Christopher Hall was under the influence in the pilot's seat, with his preteen son in the plane with him, before the mishap at Melbourne International Airport.

Neither person was injured.

Hall was charged with child neglect and reckless operation of an aircraft while under the influence.

6:18 a.m. Story

Mosquitoes are a common summer nuisance, but according to the Cleveland Clinic, the bothersome buzzers may not be after your food -- it may be the scent you put off.

"Mosquitoes are not only attracted to our body odor," said Jennifer Lucas, MD, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, "but [also] the things we use to mask body odor." The clinic says mosquitoes may be attracted to fragrances, deodorants and scented lotions.

Some studies show that people with beer in their bloodstream may end up with more bites, the Cleveland Clinic notes.

The Cleveland Clinic recommends a bug repellent with DEET or picaridin.

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Thursday Themeday - Artists state by state
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The Parent Zone says the average parent will upload 973 photos of their child before they turn 5
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Every region has local favorite foods, and now, with the help of data from Foursquare, we know definitively what those are.
By using a mix of data sets such as menus, tips, ratings and more, and normalizing for size against other states, Foursquare editors analyzed the data to determine the winning taste that is “most special and unique to each state." Plus, they put it all into a nifty interactive map:mapbox.com/labs/foursquare/statetastes.
The resulting tastes are a mix of regional dishes, some more obscure than others. For example, Georgians love Brunswick stew 1,864% more than the rest of America.

7:15 a.m. Lunch Menus/Valley Happenings

7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

While the dangers of walking and texting are frequently ignored, an Oklahoma man got the point -- well, two of them -- when he absentmindedly stepped on a huge snake while staring into a cellphone.

KRMG-TV reports that over the weekend, Tim Malone was on his phone, walking towards the skating rink at which he's worked for 20 years, when he stepped on a four foot-long bull snake, which whipped around and bit the man on his ankle.

The snakes aren't poisonous, so Malone's worst injury was to his pride -- he's forever caught on tape dancing around the reptile. Malone didn't hold a grudge: he later helped release the snake back into the wild.
In what will be a mouth-watering food porn epic to carnivores -- and likely the longest horror movie vegetarians have ever seen -- fast food chain Arby's is releasing a free 6-disc DVD set starring 21 hours of meat being smoked.

Included in the set will be not only four discs containing the company's record-setting 13-hour-long ad that showcased to the second how long Arby's smokes its brisket, but to boot, an additional two bonus DVDs -- some 8 hours -- of turkey smoking footage.

Supplies are very limited, but can be had at FreeMeatDVDs.com.
Glenys Thomas and Florence Davies came into this world together and they just about went out the same way. The identical twins were born in 1911 and recently died...within a month of each other.

Thomas died on April 23th and Davies last Wednesday, May 20th. Their family told the Telegraph they lived a "nice, quiet life" and even lived in houses next door to each other. "They have lived a simple life, they never went abroad, they were always happiest together," said Thomas's 65-year-old daughter, Gwenda Stacey. Stacey is Thomas' only child, but the 103-year-old left behind three grand children, nine great-grandchildren and one great-great grandson. Davies had three children, nine grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

Each of twins outlived their husbands and eventually were diagnosed with dementia. Stacey says that despite the illness, they still "asked for each other." She added, "Their connection was lasting and truly life long."

Source: The Telegraph
Jon Black, of Cape Coral, Florida, recently reeled in a 552-pound grouper while kayaking. The fish was 83 inches long. It's girth was 73 inches. Moments earlier, Jon caught a 300-pound grouper.
There are bad party guests and then there's the woman who showed up at Jacqui Tierney's get together. The unnamed woman, who was believed to be drunk, snorted some ashes from the urn containing Tierney's mom's remains.

"She just took the ashes from the top of my unit and started snorting them. My friend witnessed the whole thing and decided I should be told," Tierney told the Mirror. "I couldn't believe what I was hearing." Before the bereaved daughter could confront the foul partygoer, however, she had fled.

"I was shocked and disgusted," the friend who saw the incident said. "We had all been drinking and she just seemed to think it was fun and showing off about it."
A 20-year-old man from North Carolina was arrested for grand larceny over the weekend. It may seem like a pretty run of the mill story, but this kid's name almost begs for him to have a criminal career: Notorious Neal. Yes that's his official name, and he was locked up in lieu of $350 bond. Source: The Smoking Gun
If you need to get your dog from point A to point B, best to do it in a car. A woman driving her motorcycle down the California interstate was videotaped zooming by at 70-miles-per-hour with her dog strapped to her back. What's more, the driver, who has goggles and a helmet on, is seen driving with one hand in the video. As you might imagine, some people are crying animal abuse. At least get the dog a helmet, lady! Source: UPI
What is a birthday party without presents? Well, apparently more and more kids are finding out. With children accumulating so much stuff these days, some parents have actually started demanding party guests not bring gifts for the guest of honor. Sure bringing a present is customary for an occasion, but for some moms and dads, especially in places like New York City where space is at a minimum, they’ve just run out of room because of all their kids’ stuff.

Harlem dad Josh Kross says he’s been trying to discourage gifts for three years, and even clearly wrote on his son Miles’ recent invitation “This is a NO PRESENTS birthday.” While Miles did make a list of stuff he wanted from relatives, party guests were forbidden to bring anything, although Miles picked a charity, Doctors Without Borders, where they could give a donation to instead.

But despite requests from parents, most guests often feel odd coming to a party empty-handed, and will bring a gift regardless of a parents’ request. While you may think you’re doing something good, etiquette expert Lisa Gache says you really should listen to a host’s request. And parents, if you’re worried your kid will be scarred by not getting a gift don’t be. Experts say there really is nothing wrong with asking for no gifts. In fact, the party alone is sometimes excitement enough for a kid. Um, yeah, no it’s not.

Source: New York Daily News
Chicagoan Bruce Blunt has been acquitted of blowing marijuana smoke into his pet chameleon's face. He got busted after he posted a video of the abuse online. Blunt was charged with animal cruelty.

He tells the Chicago Trib: "I blew a little smoke on her and it didn't harm her. It calms her down because I see a difference in her mood."

His fiance says: "She turns lime green. She's more relaxed."
Angry passengers on a delayed Delta flight recently got a surprise when the captain ordered pizzas for everyone. Bad weather stranded the plane on a runway in Knoxville, Georgia. A baggage cart delivered the Pizza Hut pizzas to the plane.

Passenger Khoury Ashooh tells the Daily Mirror: "We circled in the air for a while then the captain said we were diverting to Knoxville because of storms over the airport in Atlanta. Sitting on the tarmac, the captain orders pizza for the whole plane. A fun passenger got up to help serve it. Pretty cool."

The plane eventually landed in Atlanta after a three-hour delay.
A 20 year-old Perm, Russia woman makes $100 a month by advertising a video game on her butt cheeks. The game's maker liked her butt and offered her the cash in exchange for her getting a tattoo and advertising for him at the beach. The woman's boyfriend does not mind her new job.
Poland's police are looking for a man, who scaled a fence at a zoo and punched a bear in the face. The barefoot man was wearing skimpy shorts when he walked up to the bear and allowed it to grab his forearm in its mouth. The man punched the bear and then fled from the zoo. The bear is ok.
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — No, that wasn't a pistol in his pocket. Authorities charge Marlon Paul Alvarez tried swiping assault rifles by stuffing them down his pants. According to an arrest report, the 19-year-old Alvarez was spotted shoving two AK-47's into his pants in a Florida pawn shop. The Sun Sentinel reports the owner confronted Alvarez. A judge has ordered Alvarez held on $25,000 bond.
A New York “psychic”, named Pricilla Delmaro, has been arrested for swindling a marketing exec out of $700,000. She warned him that his relationship with his girlfriend was threatened by evil spirits. Pricilla offered to remove the spirits for money. When the man's girlfriend died unexpectedly, Pricilla demanded more money to keep spirits away from his other loved ones.

The marketing exec became suspicious and hired a private investigator. The PI had previously busted Pricilla and led cops to her at a restaurant.

A Seattle thief broke into a couple's car and stole their sunglasses, but left behind a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million. The ticket had been in the couple's car for three months before they realized it was a winner.

The couple tells Fox: “We’re planning a trip to Paris and Iceland for this year.''

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The unofficial kickoff to summer –- and thus grilling season –- is just days away, and as everyone talks about weekend plans and barbecues, it's no surprise to see that conversation continue on Twitter.

So what food has everyone buzzing? Twitter compiled data for the most-tweeted-about recipes during the weeks before Memorial Day, and all the heavy hitters such as chicken, ribs and burgers are on there. Here's what topped the list, in reverse order:

8. Beef
7. Grilled Steak
6. Grilled Pizza
5. Hot Dogs
4. Burgers
3. BBQ/Pulled Pork
2. BBQ Ribs
1. Grilled Chicken

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