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Today is Tuesday, December 1st 2015.

5:55 Northern Ag Montana News/ABC World News
6:10 Boneheads in the news: The Nantes, France police recently arrested three thieves after they stole a 17-pound dish of paella from a local grocery store. Cops had an easy time finding the men because they left a trail of rice behind that led to a nearby apartment building. The officers entered an apartment and found the drunk thieves enjoying the $150 Spanish dish. All three men were charged with shoplifting.
6:20 ABC Sports Twelve Days-Cost
PITTSBURGH (AP) — The gifts listed in the "The Twelve Days of Christmas" will cost you $34,131, which is 0.6 percent more than last year.

Only a few items went up in price, according to the PNC Wealth Management Christmas Price index. Monday marks the 32nd year that the Pittsburgh-based bank tracks inflation by pricing the cost of the items listed in the carol.
Lords a-leaping are 3 percent more expensive this year than last. A partridge in a pear tree rose 3.5 percent. And the cost of two turtle doves rose 11.5 percent.

Nine other gifts stayed the same price as last year. The most expensive is still the seven swans a-swimming, which cost $13,125.

A PNC investments executive, Jim Dunigan, says that means inflation during the economy's "tepid recovery" is "almost nonexistent."

6:30 Two For Tuesday Run Rudolph Run - Chuck Berry
6:40 Weather Wake-Up/Northern Ag Weather
6:55 For as long as anyone can remember, someone was trying to lose five pounds. And since back in the day, people have been willing to try some very weird weight-loss trends. Here are some of the strange diets people have tried throughout history.
• 19th Century - Arsenic pills claim to speed up metabolism. Only problem? Side effects include blindness, liver failure and death.
• 1820 - The vinegar and water diet becomes the first celeb diet, it’s made famous by poet Lord Byron.
• Early 20th Century - Ads for tapeworm pills claim they’ll help you lose weight. They say Opera singer Maria Callas ate live ones!
• 1903 - Victorian health-food guru Horace Fletcherk. aka. “The Great Masticator” promotes chewing and spitting out food.
• 1925 - Cigarette maker Lucky Strike launches the campaign slogan: “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” We’ve heard of healthy swaps but this isn’t quite right.
• 1930s - Wellness guru Sylvia of Hollywood builds a huge star client roster by claiming to “squeeze the fat out of their bodies.” If only it was that easy!
• 1930-1950s - Companies actually push vibrators as weight-loss aids. They also suggest using them on the face for a “plump, clear, brilliant complexion.”
• 1960s - Who needs food anyway? The Sleeping Beauty diet advises loading up on sedatives and sleeping up to 20 hours a day to avoid eating.
• 1972 - Cardiologist Robert Atkins publishes “Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution.” It says you can eat bacon and still lose weight if you severely cut back on carbs. And people love bacon!
• 1975 - Weight-loss doctor Sanford Siegal bakes cookies with certain amino acids. He tells patients to eat six a day to squash their appetite. We could really get behind the six-cookies-a-day-diet.
• 1990s - “GQ,” “Cosmopolitan,” and “The Washington Post” cover the cabbage soup diet. People coast-to-coast start downing it! Many others complain about the stench.
• Early 2000s - It’s all about low-carbs with The Atkins Diet, The Zone Diet and The South Beach Diet.
• 2006 - The Master Cleanse (hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper) blows up when Beyoncé says it helped her lose twenty pounds.
• 2013 - Jessica Alba claims that wearing a corset helped her lose baby weight, making the corset diet a thing.
Source: Women’s Health Magazine
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7:00 ABC World News/Local News
7:15 According to BabyNames.com, Charlotte was the most popular name for baby girls in 2015, while Oliver was the most popular name for boys.
And it seems we may be seeing a rise in some more unusual names in the future. The site says, Freya, Maya, Matilda and Luna are on the rise for girls. “Names ending in –A are very popular for girls," says BabyNames.com founder, Jennifer Moss. "We see them as feminine, yet not too diminutive." As for boys, names like Lincoln, Felix and Atticus are gaining in popularity for boys.
Top Ten Girl Baby Names for 2015
1. Charlotte
2. Amelia
3. Aria
4. Olivia
5. Scarlett
6. Ava
7. Violet
8. Nora
9. Emma
10. Aurora
Top Ten Boy Baby Names for 2015
1. Oliver
2. Liam
3. Benjamin
4. Owen
5. Jackson
6. Henry
7. Declan
8. Ethan
9. Noah
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7:20 Valley Happenings
7:30 Tim's News You Can't Use The Consumer Product Safety Commission says each year, 7,500 people are injured while putting up their holiday decorations. The commission says 10 people are killed each Christmas while putting up their trees.
The Ripley's Believe It or Not Christmas tree, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is adorned with odd ornaments. A lizard man statue guards the tree.

Ripley's Believe It or Not General Manager Pablo Chavez tells News 13 that he wants visitors to decorate the “Odditree” with odd ornaments. "It’s our brand, this is what we do. It’s been great when people see it. It’s going to get a lot weirder then this. We have a two headed pig, a two headed cat a chicken a sock. We are looking to build this up into something we can do every year and people actually want to come see because it’s going to be so weird. Anything weird that they have around their house, as long as it can be hung on a tree they can bring it in. The oddament can be homemade or bought, but must be able to hang on our Odditree.''
A mall in China recently hired ten bakers to create a two-bedroom gingerbread house. The bakers used 20,000 cookies and 1 ton of icing to construct the home. It took 10 days to complete the gingerbread house. Kids are now nibbling on the house, which has soft toys, candy canes and edible Christmas trees. It is 10 x 14.
An Essex, England baker has created an edible Christmas sweater. Juliet Sear made the sweater out of 22 pounds of ice cream, 11 pounds of marzipan and 2 pounds of chocolate.

The sweater took more than 50 hours to create. It is red, green and white, and features a reindeer on the front.
A 76-year-old Easton, Pennsylvania man is named Santa A. Claus. The "A" stands for Allentown where he used to live. Claus says making dinner reservations can be tough. His white hair, beard and belly are real. Claus gained 100 pounds after a car crash in 1982. He and his wife work malls throughout the holiday season.
Some men are dressing as Santa and then sitting outside of department stores and malls. They are charging $5 for pictures. The men are trying to make money off of kids and families that are arriving to see the real Santa inside the mall.
Add one to the naughty list. Someone has swiped nearly a dozen Christmas trees intended for a Catholic school fundraiser in Waterbury, Connecticut. The Republican-American reports eight of the largest trees were stolen early Saturday, from the parking lot of the Saints Peter and Paul School. The thief apparently returned in the same SUV early Monday and took three more trees. The tree rip-offs will cost the school several hundred dollars.
A Rosemount, Minnesota couple deposited a $500,000 check into a Salvation Army kettle over the weekend. The couple has asked to remain anonymous. The couple made the donation to encourage others to give. They also made the donation in memory of one of their father's. He was a soldier and grateful for the Salvation Army's offer of free coffee and donuts to veterans.
The Bauhaus Salon, in South Wales, England, is now offering a 'quiet chair' to customers.

Salon owner Scott Miller tells Mic: "Most of our clients love a good chat, especially our regulars, but we knew of people who had been put off having a regular hair stylist because they worried about the expectation of conversation. Some clients worry they aren't good at chatting, some just don't want to do it at all and would rather relax with a magazine. We hope the service will give everybody exactly what they want and make for a pleasant, comfortable experience for everybody, however chatty they're feeling that day."
If felines are what's been missing from your yoga sessions, you might want to book a plane ticket Down Under. Catmosphere, a so-called Space Cat Café in Sydney, Australia, is now offering Cat Yoga classes, and it is exactly what it sounds like.

Each hour long class is 45-minutes of yoga followed by 15-minutes of cuddling with a cat. Catmosphere's first Cat Yoga class is scheduled for next week and according to Facebook, 79 people have signed up to go.
Life & Style Weekly claims a man, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently proposed to his girlfriend while on Splash Mountain at Disney World. She accepted before they quickly married.

The man tells the magazine: "My wife and I have always been huge Disney fans. We both grew up going every year. She knew that I had bought a ring, so the only thing I had left was the element of surprise. I knew what her favorite ride was, and I knew that the last place she would expect me to pop the question was the drop... The Disney Cast Members helped with everything. It was perfect."
Taking a car for a joyride is a dumb decision, but taking an ambulance? Leaving EMTS and passengers stranded? That's downright idiotic (not to mention TOTALLY jerky). And that's exactly what 21-year-old Leonard Eugene Smith is accused of doing. He reportedly jumped in an ambulance and took it for a ride. Why was it unattended? because the EMTs were inside a house picking up a patient. Unfortunately for Smith, the ambulance has both a tracker and an in-vehicle camera. Smith has since been charged with felony theft and a misdemeanor count of recklessly endangering another person. As for the person the EMTs were picking up, they got to the hospital without much delay after a second ambulance was called.
OGDEN, Utah (AP) — An Ogden mother has been charged on accusations she drove around town with her daughter and other children throwing eggs at homes and cars.

The Standard-Examiner newspaper in Ogden reports that investigators say Jennifer Terry and the girls threw eggs at as many as 20 homes in the Ogden area. The vandalism occurred on Aug. 20.

Prosecutors say it caused an estimated $2,350 in damage to one house's stucco and $3,000 in damage to a car's ignition.

Terry is charged with a misdemeanor count of causing a catastrophe.

The AP sought comment on the charges from Terry, but could not verify whether she had a listed telephone number or an attorney.

Prosecutors say Terry told police she did it due to family issues and because she didn't care.
Scott Heron is a former police officer who decided to get into some criminal activity. Drugs? Murder? Nope, cheese. The 42-year-old was sentenced to four months in prison after being found guilty on six charges, including customs offenses, after attempting to smuggle large quantities of cheese from the United States to Canada back in 2012. The cheese he was trying to bring in was valued at over $200,000. Maybe the craziest part? Heron was part of a cheese smuggling ring.
Two pandas recently robbed a convenience store in Lincolnshire, England. The men were dressed in panda onesies when they entered the store, pulled guns, and forced a female clerk to empty a register. Cops have released surveillance video of the robbery in hopes someone will recognize the men in their outfits.
The NYPD arrested the Incredible Hulk on Sunday outside of a Toys R Us store near Times Square. Junior Bishop was dressed as the Hulk and was trying to get cash from people, who wanted pictures with him. Cops told the 26 year-old that he could not request tips. The Hulk flew into a rage screaming obscenities and making offensive gestures. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

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