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Today is Friday, October 9th 2015.

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6:10 Boneheads in the news: A Howell, New Jersey man was recently cited for trespassing after he purchased a new car and then drove into a field and started doing donuts. The man told cops he wanted to test the all-wheel drive performance of his new car. The 27 year-old had to call for help after his new car got stuck in the mud.

Damage to the property is estimated at $2,000.

6:20 ABC Sports College is tough, but if you have the right snacks, you can pretty much do anything. All nighters, recovering from hangovers, and just general snacking will never be the same after we tell you about these amazing snacks that will fill you up, energize you, and keep your wallet happy!Heres the full list.
Peanut Butter and Banana Rice Cakes - This snack is a super-quick way to fill your body with fiber and protein. Now youll be able to stay awake and successfully pull that all-nighter.
Perk-Me-Up Trail Mix - Forget the Starbucks. Almonds and chocolate-covered coffee beans are the brains of this snack. And its even better with coconut chips.
Greek Yogurt Peanut Butter Dip - Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and honey its good enough to eat on its own, or you can even pair it it with some fruit!
Honey, Almond Butter, and Strawberry Sandwiches - Consider this an adult twist on the classic peanut butter and jelly.
Substitute in almond butter and whole wheat bread for an energy-boosting snack.
Peanut Butter Apple Nachos - A perfect study party (or movie-watching) treat, full of protein to keep you focused and the fiber to help with hunger.
Baked Salami Chips - Low-carb, mindless finger foods are just what you need to give your brain a break. Works just as well with pepperoni.
(Source: BuzzFeed)
6:30 Dream songs pt. 2 on Thursday Themeday
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6:55 Fall is here for a lot of the country, and that means our bodies are about to change with it. Fall isnt all about pumpkin spice latts and knit scarves. Nope, its about way more than that! Heres what to expect from your body now that its getting colder.

One of the causes of headaches is constriction of blood vessels in the brain. Cold weather can cause blood vessels to quickly narrow, reducing the flow of blood.
As the weather cools, there's less moisture in the air, which in turn provides less moisture to the skin.
It's thought that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) strikes during the colder months because of less light exposure during the day.
Spending more time inside means being in closer contact with others, which ups your chances of catching a cold or flu. While there's no conclusive scientific evidence that cold or damp weather triggers joint pain, one theory is that it causes lower air pressure around the joints, which leads the surrounding soft tissues to expand, much like a balloon.
In cold weather, the small blood vessels on your skin, fingers, and toes become narrow, reducing the flow of blood and the delivery of nutrition and oxygen. This can lead to weakened hair and nails.
(Source: Womens Health)

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7:00 ABC World News/Local News
7:15 Neiman Marcus published its annual Christmas catalog yesterday. Among the items you can buy:

a $90,000 space trip called World View Exploration at the Edge of Space ... a hot air balloon takes you up 100,000 feet above the Earth.

a $95,000 limited edition Mustang convertible with 700 horsepower

three guitars for $30,000. The guitars are named after Steve Miller, Lyle Lovett and Billy Gibbons.

$50 Christian Louboutin nail polish

a $150,000 motorcycle ride

a $150,000 tour of Italy

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7:30 Tim's News You Can't Use KPRC claims Sharafat Khan has been sleeping on his front lawn for the last six months. His wife kicked him out of their home because he refused to cut ties with other relatives

One neighbor tells the station: "Hes wearing the same clothing, its dirty. He has no bathroom facilities, no shoes."

Another neighbor says: "The weather is starting to get colder. Hes very frail, he cant even walk. Im afraid he is going to die out here in his yard."

Khan doesnt have access to his money and is homeless even though he owns half of his marital mansion. His wife has posted signs on their lawn instructing neighbors not to help him.
WFSB claims a Rhode Island hospital recently booted an 800-pound man after he ordered a pizza. 33 year-old Steve Assanti tells the station that he has an eating addiction and had lost 20 pounds before ordering the pizza. I was supposed to stay and lose all my weight, and get down to 550, to get the gastric bypass. That was their plan.
CBS claims the city of Fort Collins, Colorado is considering allowing women to go topless in public. A group of citizens brought the matter to the City Council. They are now considering new laws and are taking feedback from residents.
Cheetos' mascot, Chester the Cheetah, is running for mayor of Chester, Montana. The town has 863 residents.

A Frito-Lay rep tells The Huff Post: "Being that Chester is a cheetah and not a human, he is not technically on the ballot. But that will not deter him from running his own campaign in town."
Gregor Bowman recently sued his cousin, George Storrie, for pranking him in his sleep. He woke up from a night of drinking with a pizza box glued to his head. Storrie filmed the prank and then posted it online.

He tells ITV: I ate the contents of the munchie box and then I glued it to his head.

Gregor added: My girlfriend Chloe had to rip it off my head and it left a bald patch.''

A judge ordered Storrie to pay George $1,500.
Just because you're a judge doesn't mean you can break the rules. Florida judge John Murphy found that out the hard way after he captured on video threatened to beat up a public defender. Murphy was suspended without pay. When the video and story surfaced in May, Murphy was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine and receive mental health therapy. Source: People
That was no moose in Waco. A man reported a moose near the downtown area of the Texas city yesterday morning. Turns it was a bull elk that kept authorities on the run for hours. Police, game wardens and animal control officers finally captured the elk after it was hit by a tranquilizer dart. The bull elk was taken to a heard on a nearby ranch. It was estimated to be 2 years old and around 600 pounds. Officials are still stumped as to where the elk came from.
A London bar owner, named Mark Switsun, recently destroyed his own bar after a bartender refused to serve him a drink at closing time. He used an excavator to destroy his pub and caused $60,000 worth of damage. Mark was arrested for criminal damage.

Cops dropped the charges after discovering he owned the bar.
A 44 year-old man from China was recently sentenced to four months in jail for arson. He set his bed on fire after his wife stormed out. The man tried to extinguish the flames, but couldn't. He pulled the fire alarm as 100 people evacuated the building. Firefighters extinguished the blaze.

The wife never came back.
Ever been to Aspen? Well according to Eliphalet Miller Ford IV, there's more than one type of white stuff there. The 34-year-old was confronted by police when they suspected he was doing lines of cocaine off a public bench. At first, Ford tried to cover it up but after cops shone a flashlight and said they believed he had in his nose he came clean in the funniest way possible. Ford reportedly said, Of course I have cocaine up my nose. Its Aspen! He was charged with narcotics possession and resisting arrest. Source: The Smoking Gun

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