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6:10 Boneheads in the news: Cops in Ohio say a wanted man's taunting them on Facebook led to his surrender Tuesday.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office posted a Facebook alert Tuesday about 21-year-old Andrew Dale Marcum, who was wanted for a host of charges ranging from domestic violence and assault to burglary and abduction.

Fellow residents commented on the search -- including Marcum himself, who added, "I ain't tripping half of them don't even know me," from his Facebook account -- making him the target of ridicule from scores of other users.

Even the sheriff's office replied to him, posting, "If you could stop by the Sheriff's Office, that'd be great." County Sheriff Richard K. Jones also tweeted a picture of a jail cell, saying, "Hey Andrew Marcum we've got your room ready..."

Marcum turned himself in later that very day, which brought more snark from sheriff's office. "Andrew Dale Marcum will be off Facebook temporarily, because there is no social media access in the Butler County Jail," the message read, posting his seemingly teary-eyed mugshot.

"Thanks to our Facebook and Twitter friends for helping turn up the heat."

6:20 ABC Sports If you enjoy movies that bring a tear to your eye, you also enjoy eating. Or perhaps, you don’t realize you’re stuffing your face more while watching sad films as opposed to comedies.

In a Cornell Food and Brand Lab study of movies watched over last Thanksgiving, people consumed 28 percent more popcorn while watching the old tearjerker Love Story than the comedy Sweet Home Alabama.

That particular study was conducted in a lab. Researchers also went dumpster diving outside movie theaters in seven cities where they gathered both emptied popcorn boxes and discarded popcorn and again discovered that 55 percent more popcorn was eaten during a sad movie as opposed to the comedy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

How does lead researcher Brian Wansink explain this phenomenon? His theory is that eating can be triggered by emotion and people will eat more to compensate for sadness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be junk food either. People will also chow down on veggies and fruits if they’re around.

Therefore, if you are worried about mindless eating, Wansink recommends, “Keep snacks out of arms reach, ideally leave them in the kitchen and only bring to the couch what you intend to eat.”

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6:55 No one can escape electronic communications but it’s not as though people are really making much of an effort these days to do so.

Nonetheless, receiving an email or text from work while at home does seem to bug most Americans, according to a study by University of Texas at Arlington management researcher Marcus Butts, who surveyed 340 people over a week to measure their feelings about just such a circumstance.

The degree of displeasure about getting a message from work during downtime has a lot to do whether people consider themselves a segmentor or an integrator.

For instance, segmentors prefer a strict delineation between home and the workplace and therefore, get more upset with e-communications from the job, which interferes with their private lives.

On the other hand, integrators, who also expressed unhappiness with emails or texts from the boss or co-workers, aren’t quite as bothered when they get interrupted at home because they actually want to keep abreast of things at work.

Either way, Butts and his team came up with a list of do’s and don’ts for supervisors about how to best word e-communications, when the best time is to send them and which messages are most suitable for face-to-face meetings.

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7:15 Economists have crunched the numbers and found that you probably make more money working than you would if you robbed bank.

They discovered that the average haul from a bank robbery in Britain was just $31,618 - and a third of would-be larcenists escape with nothing at all.

Many incidents involved more than one culprit, meaning that the money had to be split multiple ways.

The average amount of cash secured by each robber was just $19,802!

That's only slightly more than the salary earned by someone working full-time for minimum wage.

Admittedly, life as a bank robber might be a bit more exciting than life as a barista - but the risks are very high.

If you're thinking that robbing more than one bank a year would be a good way to up your income, be warned that most robbers are arrested after four attempted heists at most.

Not much career longevity, really.

All in all, you're much better off just keeping it legal - however glamorous films like The Italian Job and Ocean's Eleven might make a life of crime look.

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7:30 Tim's News You Can't Use ==
Samsung has created a $31,000 dog kennel. The ''Dream Doghouse" has two indoor living areas, astroturf, a "doggy" treadmill, a hot-tub spa, a call bell, framed portraits of family and friends, a skylight and a snack dispenser.

Samsung is giving away the house in a social media contest.
Ford is planning to produce a $400,000 GT supercar. Only 250 will be made
Misao Okawa celebrated the big 1-1-7 this year. The woman has been the certified world's oldest living person since 2013 and continues to surprise everyone. Born March 5, 1898, in Tenma, Japan, Okawa celebrated her birthday this year with a televised ceremony in her native country.

When she was asked what the secret to a long life was, she said "I wonder about that too!" According to UPI, Okawa has previously said her life hasn't "felt particularly long" but that she credits sleeping at least eight hours a night and eating a lot of sushi to her record breaking age.

Her husband died back in 1931 and she has three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Source: UPI
A man flying from New York City to Qatar in the Middle East tried to get away with what a lot of us do- fudge our customs form. The problem, however, wasn't that the 48-year-old was bringing back some chocolate as a gift, but that he was carrying $770,000.

According to Gothamist, the man claimed he was traveling with $6,500 but when he could only produce $5,870, police became suspicious. When they searched the man's checked luggage they found massive wads of cash hidden in empty boxes from pharmacies. A thousand in an Alka-Seltzer box, another few grand in a Dove soap box.

"We are trying to build a building in Yemen," the man told authorities when questioned. "This is my brothers’, two brothers’ money," the complaint reads. "The defendant also said, in sum and substance, that some of the money was his money, and some of the money belonged to his family, and that he has a big family." There's no proof he was lying or trying to smuggle the cash for anything illegal, but he was charged with "bulk cash smuggling" anyway.
24-year-old William Immke was shoveling snow for a neighbor in Eastlake, Ohio. The good deed certainly did not go unpunished when Immke got to Larry Myers' house. Depending on who you ask, the situation played out differently, but either way, Myers did not want his sidewalk shoveled. Myers' was so angry with the good Samaritan's shoveling that he took a snowblower and shot snow at Immke several times in an attempt to put the white stuff back on his property. Myers was charged with assault.
The apple doesn't fall from the tree, at least for Jose Gonzalez. The 53-year-old was going to visit his son in jail when he got thrown in himself for carrying a two-foot-sword hidden in his cane. Gonzalez was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon and is still in custody. Source: Associated Press
New York state troopers recently rescued a drunk man who got stuck in a Nor'easter. The man wandered away from his daughter's home before she called 911. Cops reached the man on his phone and then found him in the woods leaning against a tree in thigh-deep snow. His body temp was 80 degrees. The man was treated for hypothermia and frostbite. The booze may have saved his life.
Two New Jersey courts have ruled that Applebee's is not liable for any damages in the lawsuit that Hiram Jimenez brought against them. He ordered a sizzling steak fajita skillet with his brother. When the food arrived, Hiram bowed his head to pray before he felt a burning sensation in his left eye and on his face. He knocked the skillet onto his lap causing more burns. Hiram sued Applebee's claiming they negligently served him hot food. The courts dismissed the case saying the danger of the sizzling fajita plate was "open and obvious" and that Hiram chose to place his face close to the skillet.

Two cows recently broke into Pat Costen's London home. She was in the shower when the cows walked in through the unlocked front door and crapped all over the place.

Pat tells the Daily Mail: ''I was in the shower and when I came out I could smell something. I looked over the bannister and there was a large cow pat. They came in through the kitchen, along the corridor, round the snooker table and into the study where they scattered a pile of my papers. Then they made their way back along the corridor and into the small TV room where we found them. They were just naughty boys who were inquisitive. I knew they could open the door but I forgot to lock it. I only describe their route because, as they'd left a large cow pat and walked through it, it was clearly marked by their foot prints. I just let their prints dry and vacuumed them up and sprayed. I sprayed just everywhere.''
10 canisters of laughing gas were stolen last week from a Shepton, England treatment center. Experts say that's enough nitrous oxide for 100,000 recreational doses. Cops are using surveillance footage to try and bust the thieves.
The Brunswick, New York police recently arrested Melissa and Tommy Crandall for eating a rotisserie chicken and drinking soda while shopping at a Walmart. The couple left the store and fled to a nearby Dunkin Donuts. Cops busted them hiding the packaging and not paying for the food.

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