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Today is Wednesday, April 23rd 2014.

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6:10 Boneheads in the news:
A Pennsylvania woman was arrested after allegedly taking some time to sell heroin while she recovered in the intensive care unit of a local hospital. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, hospital staff noticed people coming and going out of the patient's room last week, and notified security personnel who called the cops.

The paper reports a confidential police informant who had bought heroin from the suspect in the past visited her room at Excela Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg Friday night, and paid her $90 for 30 individual doses of the drug from the patient.

Cops arrested the patient/suspect, and allegedly found 342 stamp bags, two syringes and more than 14 hundred dollars in the hospital room. Police said the drugs had a street value of approximately 38 hundred dollars. The suspect, who will reportedly be charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute, is also accused of injecting the drug into her own IV while staying at the facility for an undisclosed reason.

6:20 ABC Sports Junior Achievement and The Allstate Foundation's most recent annual survey indicates that when it comes to planning for the future, girls are at least as financially savvy as boys. The study looked at the financial literacy of teenagers.

While there are lower numbers of young women going into Finance and the so-called STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, girls were found to have skills on par with boys. But perceptions of self play a role here.

Researchers do say, however, that boys and girls have differing views on budgeting, college plans and anticipating future earnings. One example: boys reported getting money for doing household chores, while girls seemed to find it just a natural part of their routine. And according to a survey by the Girl Scouts of the USA, a smallish percentage of members of the fairer sex, 13-percent, still think men are better with money, despite the findings. Kimberlee Salmond, senior research strategist with the Girl Scouts, says, "Girls tend to downplay their abilities, more so than boys."

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6:55 Is it possible that weight loss surgery not only affects one's appetite, but taste and smell too?

That appears what Leicester Royal Infirmary researchers found after a small study of 100 patients whose stomachs were made smaller while having their small intestines shortened.

As expected, virtually all of the patients' appetites were affected by Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. However, 42 percent claimed their sense of smell also changed, and just over seven in ten reported a difference in the way beef, pork, roast meat, lamb, sausages, fish and fast food all tasted.

Of those reporting a change in taste, three-quarters said they suddenly didn't like certain foods including meat, poultry and even bacon. About 12 percent no longer enjoyed starches such as rice, bread and pasta.

These new aversions seemed to work to their advantage, since on average, those whose tastes were altered lost at least 18 pounds more than other weight loss surgery patients who didn't experience a similar change.

Although no cause-and-effect was established, lead author Lisa Graham says gut hormone and central nervous system effects may account for taste and smell changes.

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7:15 This brings new meaning to the term “speed dating.” Research found it takes us just 12 minutes to decide whether we’re attracted to a potential new partner! We judge our date’s smile first, followed by whether they make eye contact and their tone of voice. On the negative side, the number-one most off-putting feature is body odor (gross!), followed by bad breath and excessive swearing. A quarter of singles work overtime to impress a first date by making changes to their appearance. For women, that means a manicure, haircut or new perfume, and for men, it’s growing sexy stubble. Some people even go on diets before big first dates! Of course, one way to get a jump on the judgment process is to do your research beforehand- 6% of people vet their first dates on Facebook and Twitter.
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7:30 Tim's News You Can't Use The new bust is too busty! A sculpture made in the likeness of the wife of a Romanian president must be altered because its breasts are too large, the country’s Ministry of Culture said. Apparently, officials have said the bust of Arethia Tatarescu is too “exaggerated” and “doesn’t resemble the real image of the person.” They have ordered it be taken down and reworked. But the sculptor, Paul Popescu, thinks his work is just fine. “I don't think that the breasts are too small, and I don't think that they are too large. I think they are just right,” he said.

Talk about bad timing! A family’s car burst into flames as they were driving through a lion enclosure! Helen Clements, 43, said she was cruising through Longleaf safari park in Wiltshire, England, with her two children when smoke began pouring out of the vehicle. Twelve lions were in the enclosure at the time – just 100 yards away! Thankfully, park rangers were able to pull up in another vehicle and rescue the family.

A man in China says he’s collected more than 5,000 bras over the past 20 years and would like one day to open a museum dedicated to brassieres, according to Orange.co.uk.

Chen Qingzu, 45, says before he opens the museum, he would like to double his current collection. Chen, a health worker, says most of the bras were donated by college women after he visited them on campuses to talk about breast health.

“Some of my friends think my hobby is a bit strange but I don’t see it as odd at all,” Chen says, adding, “All women wear them so I want to build a museum devoted entirely to them with all sorts of sizes and colors on display.”

A Virginia couple won't be winning the award for parents of the year anytime soon. The pair are accused of leaving their three young children at home alone, so they could go burglarize a liquor store, according to the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Dennis Ivey tells WVEC.com that 51-year-old Edward Gregory and 28-year-old Elizabeth Pruitt swiped a few bottles of alcohol from a Yorktown liquor store on April 14th around 3:20 a.m. but were caught a short time later.

Lt. Ivey said investigators later discovered that the accused "had left the children, ages eight, five and three, alone in the house while they went out a committed the burglary." The pair now faces numerous charges, including child neglect, wearing a mask and grand larceny.

Some parents in West Palm Beach, Florida, apparently aren't familiar with the adage, "patience is a virtue." The Sun-Sentinel reports two parents are accused of attacking an elementary school bus driver when he didn't let their children off the bus fast enough.

The bus driver, Joseph Beauzile, told police he was approaching a stop on April 14th when the children from Westwood Elementary tried to rush off the bus. He wanted them to exit the bus in an orderly fashion so he stopped them, closed the door, and made them line up.

However, police say Shacaurra Burns wasn't willing to wait for her child. The 25-year-old allegedly forced her way onto the bus and pulled the emergency brake release. Cops say Burns and 33-year-old Ryan Beckford then started beating Beauzile.

Both parents and a third suspect, 33-year-old Jean Bertrand, were arrested, according to Palm Beach County School District Police.

All three suspects face trespassing, battery and child abuse charges and are being held in the Palm Beach County Jail.

Police in Providence, Rhode Island, are on the lookout for a suspect accused of holding up a gas station and a dry cleaners with a knife and a potato shaped like a gun, according to NECN.

Cops say the suspect didn't have much success at either location. Police say when he demanded cash from a gas station attendant, the worker handed him a fake 20 dollar bill. Cops says he also walked away empty-handed a short time later when he tried to hold-up the dry cleaner.

A 27-year-old Pittsburgh man was arrested on multiple assault charges Sunday after an Easter egg decorating party turned sour. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Aaron Goempel's girlfriend accused him of cheating on her, and in response, the suspect reportedly started chucking eggs at her, striking her in the face, giving her a swollen eye.

While the cops were called, Goempel reportedly barricaded himself in a bedroom, using a piece of exercise gear to block the door, however responding officers were able to break through. That's where they say Goempel pulled out a sword and threatened them. The cops subdued the suspect, who reportedly yelled obscenities and racial epithets as they took him to the police station for booking.

Mark Densmore was arrested in DeKalb Country, Georgia for shoplifting at a Walmart, but it was his ride that caused a problem. Police prevented him from making a getaway because Densmore himself asked the cops to "secure" the bicycle he had just stolen because it was "very nice and expensive." Police ran the serial number and discovered it was reported stolen from a condominium in Atlanta days prior.

A Hollywood, Florida man was taken to the hospital over the weekend after he accidentally shot himself...in the butt. The man, described as being in his 20s, was cleaning his hand gun when he dropped it and it discharged. The upside? "He is not going to be charged with anything," the police lieutenant said. "He was in his home. There was no foul play or suspicious incident."

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Wanna buy some panties? Memphis police have busted a man suspected of selling stolen undies at a bus station. According to officers, 53-year-old Joe Milam was peddling panties swiped from Victoria's Secret. Officers tell the Commercial Appeal some of the unmentionables still had price tags and anti-theft devices attached. Police say the panty peddler tried putting up a fight. Officers say he had 59 pairs of panties. He now faces theft and other charges.

NEW YORK (AP) — A former police officer accused of rocking out on stage as the lead singer of a metal band called Cousin Sleaze while he claimed he couldn't work because of an arm injury pleaded guilty to fraud on Tuesday.

Christopher Inserra entered the plea in federal court in Brooklyn. He left court without speaking to reporters.

Inserra, 32, was arrested last year on charges accusing him of fraudulently collecting more than $30,000 in disability payments in the nearly two years he was out sick from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department. He returned to work in March 2012 but resigned on Monday.

Authorities alleged that Inserra, despite collecting disability, continued to perform as the frontman of Brooklyn-based Cousin Sleaze. Photos of performances from April 2011 show him "repeatedly moving his arms in a punching motion" and "violently flailing his arm in an up-and-down motion," a criminal complaint said.

Inserra faces up to 14 months in prison at sentencing on Aug. 5. He also must forfeit the $30,486.

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8:10 Is your job weighing you down? Maybe it's because you're packing on the pounds at work.

A CareerBuilder survey of more than 3,000 job professionals finds that close to half of them claim they've put on weight at their current place of employment.

Of those who say they've gotten heavier, the majority report a weight gain of more than ten pounds during time spent at the present job, and a quarter admit adding over 20 pounds.

In what might be a bit of fitting justice for those who don't like the boss, it turns out that managers are more susceptible to gaining weight than folks working in in non-management roles.

CareerBuilder also found that more women reported gaining weight than men, and those in information technology (IT) positions were more prone than those in other industries to get heavier, although workers in government financial services, health care and professional and business services weren't too far behind.

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