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Today is Thursday, October 23rd 2014.

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6:10 Boneheads in the news: A man in Fellsmere, Florida, was arrested Monday night for allegedly stabbing his nephew during an argument about how many pork chops each should get for dinner.

ABC affiliate WPBF-TV reports Billy Wall was arrested for allegedly stabbing Charles Williams twice in the abdomen with a butcher knife. Cops found the bloodied victim stumbling out of the residence in which the fight occurred; Wall was found down the block at a neighbor's house.

That neighbor, Carolyn Bibbs, told WPBF that Wall came looking for a change of clothes. "He was drenched with blood," Bibbs recalled. "I ain't givin' him no clothes to put on."

Wall charged with aggravated battery. He allegedly claimed self-defense. Williams underwent emergency surgery due to damage to his liver. His attacker "barely" missed an artery, cops say; he's expected to survive.

6:20 ABC Sports What’s the matter with kids today? Not a lot, according to most adults who have youngsters running around the house although they'll admit that the responsibility of being a parent is also a strain.

A survey of more than 131,000 adults by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that 84.1 percent of parents with children under 18 – about 36,000 of those interviewed – said they smiled or laughed a lot on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, 79.6 percent of survey respondents with no kids in the house reported the same thing.

However, having kids isn’t all fun and games as just about any parent will attest. The poll also reveals that just over 45 percent of people with kids who aren’t adults yet experience greater stress. That’s compared with just under 37 percent of people who don’t live with children.

Interestingly, more women than men feel stress in both groups while they’re both on the same level when it comes to laughing and smiling.

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6:55 Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to resist high-caloric foods? Well, besides the fact that they are delicious, it turns out your brain may be wired to want them.

Scientists out of McGill University discovered in new research that as you look at food, your brain is actually making decisions on its caloric content, and more often than not it wants the good stuff.

The study showed 50 different food items to a group of 29 healthy individuals, asking them to rate the food on a scale of one to 20 based on how much they really desired them, and then asked them to estimate the calorie content of each food. Participants were then asked to bid in a make-believe auction so doctors would know how much they would be willing to pay for each item.

Turns out, that while the actual calorie estimates were off, most of the subjects were willing to pay a lot of money for the high-caloric foods, which showed they had a high desire to eat them. And MRI scans taken during the testing showed participants had increased activity in the area of the brain that registers taste stimuli in proportion to the food’s caloric content, meaning it was stimulated more when it came to high calorie foods.

Or in simpler terms, even though you may know something isn’t healthy for you, there is a part of your brain that will always desire the high-caloric food. And let’s face it, that’s the part of the brain that usually wins.

Source: New York Daily News

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7:15 What does it take to keep a happy marriage? 2,000 men and women who have been married for a decade were asked what their secrets of nuptial success were…and their best advice to newlyweds? Drum roll please…being able to actually talk to each other.

The next few longevity tidbits were being able to compromise, and to “keep on keeping on” even when times get tough. But, what about sexytimes? Not so much. Only one percent of couples even mentioned it, with “doing the deed” ranking 18th on the list of things that matter for wedded bliss.

Tons of other advice from the study participants were:
• Keep working on it, listen, have patience, be faithful, have a good sense of humor, keep laughing, and never go to sleep on an argument.
• And some jokesters added: keep the in-laws outta your bidness, and to not get married in the first place. I’m pretty sure that guy is sleeping on the couch after that last little gem.

Sarah Thompson, a divorce lawyer for Slater & Gordon, who commissioned the study, agrees with the findings, adding

“When I speak to clients about the reasons their relationship has ended, it's often for the same reasons: problems communicating and not being able to compromise.”

Source: Daily Mail

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri funeral director is sending his father out with a bang. Well, his father's ashes, actually. Greenlawn Funeral Homes will hold its first Firework Memorial program on Saturday night, when fireworks packed with James Carver's cremated remains will be launched into the sky as part of his family's goodbye. Carver's family is the first to try Greenlawn's new program. His son is funeral director Jim Carver. He says his father, who died in 2008, loved watching fireworks and would appreciate the unusual send off. The family will follow the eight-minute fireworks display with a cookout and memorial celebration. The Springfield News-Leader says the fireworks memorials range from $300 to the "Ultimate Goodbye" as much as $10,000.

A Royals fan who owns an underwear shop in Kansas City found herself raided by the Department of Homeland Security Monday, all thanks to her custom-made KC Royals boy shorts. "We just thought it was something funny we could do," Peregrine Honig explained to the Kansas City Star of the panties, on which she had printed "Take the Crown" and "KC" on the butt.

Honig recalled to the paper that on Monday, two men entered her Birdies Panties store, one flashed a badge, "and took me outside. They told me they were from Homeland Security and we were violating copyright laws."

Honig says the undies were confiscated in an official Department of Homeland Security bag, and they made her sign a statement saying she wouldn't sell the suspect skivvies. Honig, however, still sells KC-inspired pasties on her website.

Two men were injured Tuesday after a test flight of a "flying car" in Florida Tuesday morning, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

According to the paper, the two men suffered minor injuries after a short flight from Dunnellon Airport went awry. The homemade craft crashed and caught fire, prompting an emergency response by Marion County Fire Rescue. The two men, a 49-year-old pilot and his passenger, said to be a male in his 20s, were transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center, where they were treated.

The FAA apparently isn't investigating the crash, "because they do not recognize this as an aircraft," according to Capt. James Pogue of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A criminal's urge for a cigarette sealed the deal for his 10-year bid in the slammer. A bank robber who stopped during his escape to bum a smoke off a construction worker has been sentenced to a decade in prison by a federal judge in Pittsburgh. The worker told police that a man matching 38-year-old Paul Carman's description appeared nervous moments after the October 2013 robbery in Ambridge, Pennsylvania when Carman threw his shirt in a trash container. Then Carman stopped to borrow a cigarette. That smoke break helped police identify Carman as the man who handed a Huntingdon Bank teller a note saying, "This is a robbery. No dye packs. No alarms." Carman pleaded guilty in June and faced more than 12 years in prison under federal guidelines.

Alan Knight might have got away with his crime if it weren't for his loyalty to his grocery store. The British man stole more than $64-thousand from an elderly neighbor suffering from Alzheimer's disease. To avoid court on those charges, the 47-year-old claimed to be quadriplegic and so sick he sometimes fell into a coma.

He checked himself into the hospital right before his court date, according to the Associated Press, and stayed there for two years. His wife, Helen, even wrote a letter to the newspaper saying her hubby had a doctor's note and that they're "still going through hell."

Turns out that was all a lie. Police tracked Knight's use of his grocery store loyalty card and caught him on surveillance footage walking and driving. He eventually made it to court and when shown the footage, he pleaded guilty to 19 counts of forgery, fraud and theft. He's due for sentencing on November 7th.

Source: Associated Press

Kenny G, yes the smooth jazz artist, is a huge star in China. It helps that his 1989 song "Going Home" is played over speakers in public places around China as a sign to go home. That's why when he tweeted a picture of himself at the sight of pro-democracy demonstration in Hong Kong, conspiracy theorists claiming the west is behind the protests went nuts. There was also talk that Kenny G was sent to play "Going Home" to try and disperse the protestors. Who knew Kenny G had such power? Source: NYTimes

Nacho cheese is officially the most dangerous topping. Martinsburg, West Virginia man Harry Grant McDonald got into a fight with a 7-Eleven clerk after he used more nacho cheese than the clerk wanted. The fight escalated quickly when 56-year-old McDonald told the clerk he "eats people" and is the "biggest killer in Marinsburg." He then went outside and declared he was going to kill the employee who confronted him about the cheese. Oh, and he was tracked down to a church and was arrested during a service. That's West Virginia for you. Source: HeraldMailMedia

ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) — Stuffed teddy bears on drug store shelves may be a common thing. But shoppers where in for a surprise over the weekend when they saw a bear cub scurrying down the aisles. Witnesses say the cub first showed up Sunday at a nearby hotel, hopped out a window and crossed the street to the Rite Aid in Ashland, Oregon. KGW reports that customers snapped pics and videotapped the litte bear until police arrived and scooped the youngster into a shopping cart. Oregon wildlife officials are holding the cub until it can be moved to a rehab center or a zoo.

A Canadian town has canceled trick-or-treating in favor of an indoor event due to the threat of polar bears wandering the streets.

Arviat officials posted to the hamlet's official Facebook page saying the town would host an indoor event for kids at the Mark Kalluak community hall October 31st as an alternative to trick-or-treating, which officials said would be too risky this year due to the polar bear presence around town.

"It was clear that the majority of people liked the idea of providing a safer environment for kids to celebrate Halloween," officials said in the October 15th post. "The goal of this event will be to make sure our kids remain safe and still have fun."

"Picture 1,200 kids going door to door in Arviat in the middle of polar bear season," Arviat Senior Administrative Officer Steve England told CBC News. "It's a pretty obvious conclusion of what tragedies could come out of that. We're just trying to safeguard the younger population by offering an alternative."

Cops in Deltona, Florida, had a weighty issue on their hands Sunday, after a 500-pound man accused of domestic violence sat and refused to stand, challenging them to lift him to take him into custody.

WKMG-TV reports 45-year-old Howard Hendrix was reportedly intoxicated when he allegedly poked, spat on, and cornered a 42-year-old woman he confronted in her garage.

When cops arrived, Hendrix is accused of resisting being handcuffed, and "using his weight against" the arresting officers. Eventually, he sat and refused to move. Even when cops were able to drag him to a patrol car, they found he couldn't fit.

Hendrix was charged with criminal mischief, resisting an officer without violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, battery causing bodily harm, and driving under the influence. He was eventually transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail, but it's not known how he got there.

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