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John Dailey
Saturday, January 19th 2013
Hi Mike & Lori!
Ed Kaulitzke
Sunday, September 30th 2012
Hi glasgow left there years ago 1964 looking for penney b her dad worked for Eddy's bread would love to hear from her seahawkblue@yahoo.com
Bill Frost '64
Tuesday, August 14th 2012
Just got back home to Whidbey Island, WA from the 16 annual Dan Freund Scotty Golf reunion in Bozeman, MT. I spent 6 days on the road riding my motorcycle pulling a trailer so I could bring my golf clubs and tent. It was a good time for all and fun to see friends from long ago Glasgow days. We only had 4 from my class of '64 but saw some people that I haven't seen in years. All you Scotties need to make plans to attend next year. It's always the first weekend of Aug. See you there next year!
Bill Frost '64
Tuesday, August 14th 2012
Quick follow up on my last. Three of the four members of my class plus '65 that I mentioned being there were members of the first GHS 1963 & 64 Montana State Track Champion Team. They were Don Reddick, Roy Taylor, Ron Grovom, Steve Rundle and myself. We had lots of time to discuss the events of those years.
Cara Adams
Wednesday, January 11th 2012
Hey KLTZ folks, just stopping by for a quick hi and some memories. I used to live in Saco, and my dad used to referee high school football with the man - Stan O. I see he's still around (at least when this site was published) so I'm sure my old man'll get a kick outta seeing that. Missing you, northeastern Montana.
Suzanne Vohs
Sunday, January 1st 2012
Happy New Year to my Glasgow friends. The best to you.
Daniel Neumiller
Thursday, August 25th 2011
Thank You, KLTZ, for bringing Glasgow and Northeastern Montana to my desk. I am from Wolf Point but have a brother Raymond and his family living in Glasgow and I really miss Montana. I work for the Dept of Defense at Rock Island, IL but hope to retire to Montana soon. Thanks Again!
Greg Nass
Friday, April 15th 2011
Hello Glasgow and the Class of '77!
Annette Miller
Tuesday, January 18th 2011
I produced Tea for Two show on KLTZ 1967-68. Thanks to Bill Holter, Ken Karge and two other guys (sadly can't remember their names} I gained my FCC license and learned a lot about radio from engineering, selling, writing and producing commercials. My late husband was stationed at GAFB. It was a wonderful opportunity. I went on to work at WNWY-FM Maine and then into PR work. Retired from American Red Cross 12 years ago . Great memories !
Robert T.Bob Orcutt
Saturday, September 25th 2010
Trying to find TAGGED all over again
Michael Turner / Atlanta Georgia
Tuesday, September 21st 2010
mary green
Saturday, August 14th 2010
mary green
Saturday, August 14th 2010
whooops forgot to write, that a co-worker was looking at the pictures on day, and I was able to look at a few and would like to see all the storm pictures, where do you look for them on the net?
Rick Ziesche
Wednesday, August 11th 2010
Known to listeners as Richard Austin, I was a part-timer at KLTZ from fall of 1973 to fall of 1974 while I was stationed at Glasgow AFB just north of town. I look at those times as one of the most enjoyable of my life! Cousin by marriage, I saw Rick Cavagnaro (another KLTZ alum) at a family reunion just a few years ago.
Rick Ziesche
Wednesday, August 11th 2010
An addendum to my last entry. Saw a few of the entries from old KLTZ alumni and one mentioned the Sunday shift--2:00pm -- 10:30pm (sign off). I pulled that shift every Sunday for a year. We had music for the first two hours, religious programming and public affairs programming for about three hours, then music for two hours and the last hour of religious programming. I remember working Saturday Night Jamboree (country music) from 5:00p -- 11pm (sign off). I didn't know anything about country music, so I just started pulling record albums off of the dusty shelves and played them. Some of my listeners called to say they thought it was my best show because I played songs they hadn't heard in years! This was 1973--1974. I can't remember exactly what the hourly pay was, but it sure augmented the pay the Air Force was giving me at the time. And, to think, Linda Madsen hired me because of the experience I got at my high school FM Educational station, WEPS, Elgin,IL. We were only AM at the time. Anybody know what happened to J."Phonograph" P. (Jim Paulsen)? Take care. Rick "Richard Austin" Ziesche
Dave Redman
Saturday, July 31st 2010
Decided to check KLTZ site after seeing video of bad storm around Glasgow yesterday (July 29, 2010). Sure hope the severe weather lets up and allows you guys to have an enjoyable summer. Best to Shirley, Tim and staff at the Voice of Northeast Montana.
Dave Redman
Saturday, July 31st 2010
Also I wish to extend condolences to the lady in Reserve who lost family members in the deadly tornado. We wish her a speedy recovery and that the future challenges will be minimal as she reconstructs her life. God Bless.
Saturday, July 31st 2010
The storm photos were fantastic. These storms are amazing and unfortunately deadly. It's good for my children to be able to see what they look like so they can know when to take cover. Thanks.
Jimbo Pehan
Monday, July 19th 2010
The Pehan Children would like to thank Everyone for the coldonances In June
during the Passing of our Mother Leonie Pehan, who passed away at 87 years
old in the Nursing home in Billings, Mt. Dad and the 10 kids got a very nice
receiption in Glasgow during funeral services and we just want to say thanks
to each and everyone who helped made that possible, from the Cottonwood Inn, where most of us stayed, the VFW and Elks all enabled us to be together and
help us through those trying times. Thank You Glasgow, Thank you very much.
The Pehan Family.
Jimbo (James) Pehan
Friday, April 23rd 2010
Althought I'm from Glentana, my Parents lived in Glasgow for the past 17 years before going to the Nurshing home in Billings. I make it an appoint to visit Glasgow the past 17 years and enjoy coming back during spring/summer time. I gratuated HS at Opheim in 1965 and Joined the AF for 21 years, and since have been working Civl Service for the past 22 years. I like Glasgow and have lot of friends and relatives in the area. If you would like to contact me E-mail me at Jimbo1469@comcast.net I live in Aurora, CO a suburb of Denver, CO. and Glad to see KLTZ doing thier thing and being the voice of the Northeast. Have a nice Summer - Jimbo
Tuesday, April 20th 2010
Joanne Hendrickson Tierney
Sunday, April 18th 2010
Hope everyone who reads this is doing well. Glasgow has always been in my heart and thoughts. I've been in Seattle for twenty four years, half my life but Glasgow is the best place anyone could hail from. JUST MY THOUGHTS TAKE CARE ALL YOU GREAT GLASGOW FOLKS!
James Devine
Monday, February 1st 2010
Thursday, January 14th 2010
hello all
Genny G
Thursday, December 31st 2009
Happy Anniversary to Duke & Marie Pederson!! Hope you guys have a fantabulous day!!
The Boyd Brothers in Seattle
Tuesday, December 22nd 2009
We want to wish our friends in Glasgow a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Years.
Garry Worrall
Monday, October 26th 2009
Just a Hello to all in Glasgow from Edinburgh Scotland.
Saturday, October 10th 2009
Saturday, October 10th 2009
Al and family

I was very sorry to read of the passing of Ruby. I really enjoyed her when she used to use the women's health center at the Civic Center. Please accept my condolences.

Tuesday, August 25th 2009
HI everyone! Was a young kid of 5 and 6 years old in 57 and 58....my father Major Glenn L. McKinley and my mom ""Trudy"".....my brothers and sisters ...Dennis, Suzanne, John me and Mary! As a youngster....I had fun. Don't remember much....but, it was a most interesting place for a kid. Does anyone remember the McKinley family? Well, I grew up mostly in So Cal....played baseball in college and now at 57 is approaching retirement for Delta Airlines. I live in Las Vegas....but fly out of Atlanta. Wow.....what a time and place. of course, I had no clue what was going on. Just a kid trying to spot santa on his slay...during Christmas! Yes, I would like to be able to drive the street of the base and the base housing as well. But, I understand it's not possible to do the base on a sightseeing mode. Not sure. Todays date is 08/26/09. It's hard to think that most all...that I ever encountered as adults are now dead from that base. God bless you all. For me....I have been
lucky in life to a certain extent. My email is starhelpers@aol.com
Ps...I remember going to the top of the control tower and speaking to flight crews on the radio. Now.....that of course would never happen. You see I was one of the lucky ones....in that time and space. What an interesting place. Good bye all. Glenn McKinley Jr. GAFB 57/58?
Wednesday, July 29th 2009
Wow seeing that Orval E. (O.E.) Markle had passed seemed impossible. To me he was a great part of Glasgow. I will always remember him at Markeles hardware going the extra mile to help. Glasgow lost a great spokesman and a true gentleman
Monday, July 6th 2009
We are listening from Lake Fork, Texas. The Bass fishing capital of the USA. Happy fourth of July. We hope to visit soon and check out the bars...
Sunday, June 14th 2009
Friday, March 20th 2009
Can anyone tell me how Toni Starkey Nicholson died?
Monday, March 9th 2009
Just wanted to thank KLTZ and your staff on the wonderful coverage of the state c girls and eastern c boys divisional. I listen to your station all summer long at the lake and at work. Thank you Glasgow for putting on a great tournament.
Wednesday, February 18th 2009
Congratulations Scotty Wrestlers! We still enjoy keeping track of Justin's (Cameron) old AAU buddies. He is the 125 lb. District Champion in Idaho tonight. State is next week for him in Pocatello. I'll let you know how he does. Take Care. We miss all our friends in Glasgow and think of you often.
Monday, January 26th 2009
I am sorry to hear about the Glasgow's loss. May God bless and be beside all of us. Amen
Monday, January 19th 2009
Just thought I would let the Class of 83 know that there is a place for us on FACEBOOK!

Just search for 'Glasgow Montana Class of 83"

Monday, January 19th 2009
Hi everyone in Glasgow, Butch and I are now in Florence Oregon working with the U.S. Forest Service as caretakers of campgrounds we are having lots of fun and enjoying our stay here the weather is very nice, but we do miss veryone there and the very warm weather in summer would love to hear from anyone that would be great and help with the homesickness. our e-mail is d7hdozer@yahoo.com
Monday, January 19th 2009
Monday, January 19th 2009
I graduated from GHS in 1962. My sister, Emilie (Nelson) Kottsick was the 2nd secretary for KLTZ for several years after she also graduated from GHS. Glad to see this site available for alumni and others. Wanda
Sunday, January 11th 2009
It is amazing. I am listening to KLTZ while at work (on Sunday) in San Jose, California. While my family left Glasgow in the late 1950's, it will always be my real home. Thanks for making computer radio available.
Friday, January 9th 2009
Tuesday, January 6th 2009
Happy New Year to my Glasgow friends and Class of 83! My husband and I are living over here in Dayton Ohio since July after 3 years at Scott AFB Il. That was 18 miles from St Louis. Well our military career is drawing to close in 18 short months. My husband will retire after 30 years as Chief (E9). We would really like to come back to Montana to retire. We miss FOUR SEASONS! Especially the snow! Can you believe that?
Stay Warm Scotties!
Tuesday, December 9th 2008
I'm probably one of the last of the early radio announcers at KLTZ. Started in 1958 and stayed about 1 year. Bill Holter was active in the station, but so too was another fellow from a North Dakota TV station, Scotfield, I think. Lloyd Melby was GM. Linda Madsen was a secretary (I think). Tom Ash was also an announcer.There were others, but since it's 50 years ago, it's difficult to remember their names. I worked the morning drive-time shift. Great first job.
Thursday, November 20th 2008
please can any one help me i am looking for J.d and cheral they just moved to glasgow area and built place this july -augs 2008 and they where dear friends of my uncles and he just past away nov 14th and i have no last or phone number for them jd was a taxistdermist at one time here in tonasket washington please any one who knows them have them call robin asp
Gene Pressler
Tuesday, October 28th 2008
What a cool website. There were 5 of us Presler boys (Dale, Dan, Gene, Paul, Terry) living in Glasgow during 1963 - 1965 when our dad Edwin Presler (Glasgow High school Alumni 1942) took us back to his Montana roots. In 1963 I was 12 and the Beatles were on the airwaves, and I remember attending Glasgow Middle School when President Kennedy was shot. I also attended a half a year at Glasgow High School before we moved back to the Pacific Northwest. When we moved I never got to say goodbye to my girlfriend who lived on the Glasgow Airbase and her name was Becky Chadic, but I'm not sure if that is the correct last name spelling. I still remember the little stuffed dog she gave me as a Christmas present as we waited for her school bus at the High School. If anyone knows her or remembers the Presler's...drop me a line at killmower@comcast.net Thanks.
Gene Presler Vancouver, WA
Wednesday, September 3rd 2008
Just wanted to say HI!
Living NW of Phoenix in Wickenburg, AZ. A little slower and more friendly than other places that I have lived. My folks moved here after completing almost thirty years of working in Saudi Arabia. The old man is still a practicing CPA and spent most of his time since the early 80s, after we sold the last of our Montana grocery stores going back and forth to Saudi. Mom finished her Business Management BA finally after starting it after we had left Glasgow AFB in 76. My Sister, Sherry, is a special ed teacher in the area.

My gig: Marines (78 -82), got out and went to New Mexico. Joined NM Air National Guard, liked that so much I went Active Air Force in late 83 until 92. I did Beruit, Grenada, Desert Shield/ Storm and couple of gigs in Honduras. I was mostly stationed at MCAS El Toro (CA), MCAS Cherry Point (NC), Kirtland AFB (NM), Moody AFB (GA) and OSAN AB (ROK).

I got married (82) and divorced (89), stayed in the Air Force as a single dad to a 4 YO girl, Samantha is now 23 YO. Met Terri, my present wife, on line (99), have 2 stepsons (Eddie, 17 & Mike, 25). Eddie will be GONE in May 09 after graduating HS; he wants to be a Chef.

Currently, I manage security teams for high end resort communities in PHX. Best thing of late: enforcing a restraining order on Heather Locklear.
In my off time, I work with abused and neglected Pit Bulls. We have 1 German Shepherd, 1 American Pit Bull Terrier, 1 American Staffordshire and one Pit Bull - Beagle mix. All rescues and all positively love kids.

Tuesday, July 15th 2008
Glasgow was my home for only three years. 1964-67.But what good times I had. Enjoyed 2008 Reunion so much, had to spend an extra day. Love coming back. Wish old girl friend -Penny Smith- could have been there. If email address of Penny is available, would like to have. Also failed to get Ardis Park Fuhrmann's email. Hope someone can help.
Tuesday, June 24th 2008
Hey everyone there in Glasgow! Looking forward to fun at the all class reunion! I live in Orcutt, CA. Work in Santa Barbara. I have 2 beautiful girls, 11 and 12. I have been doing a lot of hiking, road cycling, and now am getting into the surfing a little. Trying to keep in shape as age creeps up... I miss the warm nights and Fort Peck Lake. Memories are the best for sure.........
See you all soon,
Saturday, June 21st 2008
My mother was Jeanette Hovland (Corey), class of 1939. She passed away on June 4th, 2008.
Sunday, June 15th 2008
Hey Glasgow. Russ, nice to see your name here. I still have the picture you drew for me for the station Christmas party 'cuz you drew my name. thanks, it gets compliments all the time. Good to see the stations are still running. Hi to everyone still working there or not there, Shirley, Hooch, Terry, Stan.
Tuesday, June 10th 2008
Got a little homesick when I brought up the KLTZ site. Are Shirley, Hooch, Laura, Tim and Stan still running the show? I'm a nursing student down here in CA, but I still have a home studio. Don't want to let go of my favorite old job.
Tuesday, May 20th 2008
Class of 1963. I'm excited about coming to the reunion in July 2008. Living in California for 40 years-I've lost touch. Hope we have a big turnout and I'll recognize a few! e-mail me at BBKZAK@aol.com
Wednesday, May 14th 2008
I left Glasgow in the fall of 1958, having just started the sixth grade at Southside Elementary. I have often wondered what became of my classmates. I mostly remember the names of the girls: The Wesen (sp?)twins, Sandra and Sharon; Nina St. Clair, Kea Holte, Linda Hart, John Forsythe, Don & Darrell Cobb, ; teachers Mrs. Billingsley, Mrs. Gould, Mrs. Funk. Sure would be good to hear from any of these people!

I now live (since 1960, for the most part) in the Portland, Oregon, area. I have been married 40 years, have three children and three grandchildren. I think about my Montana childhood all the time!

Kristie, Wilson, Brabeck (Class of '89)
Friday, April 18th 2008
Thanks Tim and the Crew of Kltz for keeping alumni and friends updated for the 2008 All Class Reunion to be held July 3-6 in bonnie Glasgow. Hope to see a bunch of family and friends.
Pat Baker
Friday, April 4th 2008
I was playing on my computer and found this web site. So very nice to read all of the comments from my friends and former students at Glasgow High School. Yes, Mrs. Baker or "Sarge" as I was referred to by some of you! I retired from the classroom in 1992, was appointed County Supertindent of Schools in 1994. I ran for the office that year and was elected. My husband passed away in May of 2004 and in October of 2005 I moved to Billings. My son Bo and his family live here and Dirk lives in Hillsboro Oregon so that is only an hour and a half via Horizon. I am looking forward to the big all class reunion this summer of 2008. I do hope to see many of you there. I would love to hear from any of you via e-mail also. My e-mail address is patbak@bresnan.net.
Wes Dingman
Friday, January 18th 2008
I graduated from GHS in 1999. I enjoy listening to Mix 93 through the internet, in Kosova (from Southeast Europe). Keep up the good work. (Do you think I could put something up for sale on Tradio?)
Paul Walker Junior
Wednesday, January 16th 2008
Hey Mix 93 and KLTZ 1240! I'm writing to you guys all the way from South Carolina! I lived in Williston, North Dakota for a short time in 2006 but never had the chance to come out your way. I met someone on the train leaving Chicago who was form Glasgow! Your streams for both stations sound GREAT over there, the quality is pretty darn good. And the music is even better......But, being a radio geek (and on air dude).. I love the jingles even more! Keep up the good work!
Judy Stuber Massengale
Tuesday, October 9th 2007
Wow...this is a great website! Thanks KLTZ! I stumbled onto it when looking for the obituary of my Aunt Ruby Johnson. I live in Tri-Cities Washington - 26 years now. Moved from Opheim in 1981. I come to GlasgowOpheim quit often for just a visit with good friends, school reunions, funerals, etc. I am unable to attend my Aunts funeral but I did get to visit her when I was back there for the Opheim all school reunion this summer. Right now I'm in Seattle with my son, Bob Stellflug, going through a stem cell transplant. Everything is going great but I just don't want to leave him right now to travel the 1,000 miles one way! Ruby would understand. I miss the people in the OpheimGlasgow area but I sure do not miss the weather! I hope you have a mild winter but somehow still get the moisture you need for the Spring crops! My e-mail address is judy@horsesrun.net Would love to hear from old friends that I have lost contact with!
Karen (Oggie)
Friday, October 5th 2007
I saw Bill Crowe's name and wanted to say Rick Ratliff is looking for you. He's in Alabama (of course) and so is Wayne! They found Roger in Florida. Hey, email me back and I'll hunt up Ricks' email address!
Kathleen Saunders Belling
Sunday, September 16th 2007
Was surprised to discover that I had become "lost" -- to the reunion committee, at least! Am alive and well, teaching Anthropology at Western Washington University, married to Dan Rowe (but I don't use his surname), and soccer grandmother extraordinaire. Would love to hear from other members of the class of 67. kathleen.saunders@wwu.edu
Cynthia Paro Fihn
Wednesday, August 22nd 2007
Greetings from beautiful Oregon; I am looking for Marg Brenner who married Gail Mitchell =- he is a pastor somewhere in North Dakota and that is all I know - can anyone help me???
Julie Moore-Read
Tuesday, August 14th 2007
My father was stationed at Glasgow AFB early 1965. Name is Richard Brown. Anyone who knew him or my mother Darlene Forsberg, she lived in Glasgow unil late 1965. Please contact me. Thanks jmooreread@qwest.net
Glenn Burchard
Wednesday, August 8th 2007
My dad was stationed at GAFB and I went to GHS my freshman year, 65-66, and would've graduated in '69 but he retired and we moved. I understand the old school has been torn down--too bad. Does anybody happen to have a picture of it? My yearbook got lost in the move. It would be great to hear from anyone who went to GHS in the mid-late 60's.
Cindy Combs (Cochran)
Wednesday, August 1st 2007
I've been trying to find an updated email address for 2 of my best friends from highschool and having a bit of a problem. Wondering if anyone out there can help me with that!? Looking for Mary Murray 'Beardsley' and Todd Campbell, both from class of '82. Email me at cileco1@gmail.com Thanks!
Pam Legare Smith
Friday, July 20th 2007
Looking forward to the 2008 gathering. I'm thinking I must be getting old and senile as so many of the names I can't put a face to. Hope everyone is wearing name tags!! Lost touch with many of you so if you see this and want to eamil me... that would be great. pjfarkle@yahoo.com
Bill Frost
Saturday, July 14th 2007
Wow! I can't believe that it's been two years since I last left a note in here. Don't recognize many of the names as most weren't during my time at GAFB. I'm already making plans for July 2008 and the next reunion, and looking forward to seeing lots of old friends or friends from long ago. It was great to see all the people in Bozeman for the all 60s reunion a couple of year back. Interesting story, when I first move into the house where I now live, my neighbor was Nole Scoville from Glasgow (Hello Nole). My present neighbor in the same house was born in Glasgow and grew up in Manhattan, MT as well as graduation from MSU. Small world isn't it? Feel @#$ to drop a line at least to say hello to: frostyfam@hotmail.com . I would like to hear from old aquaintances and what they have been up to since the days of the 60s.
Greg Boyd
Monday, June 4th 2007
You know I was just have noticed that there seems to be a lot of us xGlasgow alumni in the Puget Sound area of Washington. Maybe we should think about a picnic or other get together out here. (Seattle Tacoma) It would be fun. What do you think?
Dave Burch - Tacoma, WA
Friday, May 25th 2007
Just a quick note and Hi to the class of "69" - looking forward to the all class reunion in 2008.
Caitlin Jenssen
Tuesday, May 8th 2007
Just checking in again. I was reading a couple of other peoples comments that signed the guestbook and just saw a couple people that i remember the name...Jessie you were in my sister's grade i'm prettty sure of and i noticed susan murr put something on here and i say hi to her...if you still talk to Mel tell her i love her. I've been talking to my mom about coming up there this summer...i really want to but it may be a problem to find a way there...if anyone wants to know what's up in my life...go to tagged.com and search for me...but you could also go to www.facebook.com it's a little more nowadays...like i have some pictures from prom on there..well i think i might have to addd them my friend brit had put them on my page but i think i have to post them up so...gtg LOVE YOU ALL!!
Sunday, April 22nd 2007
Just in case you (Class of 83) wonder what the Glasgow Educational Trust Fund provides:The trust fund provides for those things that the high school budget can't. They supplied new curtains for the stage, new choir robes, new band uniforms, the computer and camera for the media room, an exhaust fan for the shop.... Every year they get requests from the staff, then they decide who they will fund based on the request, recommendations from the principal, and the amount they have to spend. Only the interest is spent from the account. They also provide scholarships to every GHS grad going to school who correctly applies, sometimes up to 70 students a whack. Last year, three amounts of giving were doled out to the applicants: either $1000, $2000, or $3000. It is based on financial information the student and family provides, as well as current involvement in college activities and grades.
Lila Friesen (Miles)
Monday, April 9th 2007
Hello to all. I spent many summers of my childhood in Glasgow and Nashua visiting my grandparents. Still have family in the area, but haven't been back since 1989. Live in upstate NY, but will always remember Glasgow. My best friend there was Callie Barstad-she lived across the street from my grandparents on Kampfer Drive. Lost touch with her years ago. Lost touch with my cousin Marie Mueller as well. If anyone knows either one, email me. lmiles13@nycap.rr.com Thank you, Lila Friesen-Miles
Suzanne Vohs
Saturday, March 31st 2007
I am so thankful for this way of checking on Glasgow. Thank you KLTZ!!!! My long lost friend, Linda Lane, tracked me down! Thanks to her brother, Jeff, who also checks this site. Thank you Jeff!!! It is kind of sad to read that so many have left Glasgow. It is cold and it is remote but the Glasgow experience is irreplaceable. I live in an area rich with so much to do. An hour to Disneyland, an hour to Palm Springs, an hour to San Diego and the ocean and an hour to Los Angeles and theatres, museums, zoos and festivals and anything a kid could want to do. Guess what? The teenagers think there is nothing to do here! I am so glad to have grown up in Glasgow and having had to use my imagination to create things to do. We appreciated everything. I have moments when I am sure I will move back. Then I think of the cold weather. I, too, Google my street and my grade school and am very sorry that the High School is gone and my church burned down. The town still has those absolutely fabulous Glasgow residents that can be found no where else. You guys are truly the best. Anyone that may want to Email me, please do. And a hug to Linda. suzannevohs@mac.com
Billie Jo Hamill
Thursday, March 15th 2007
Hi everyone. I am coming back to Glasgow to visit as many family and friends as I can fit into a week. I will be coming on March 25th to March 31st. Hope to see many of my old teachers and classmates as possible. See you soon. P.S. My maiden name is Billie Jo Hatcher daughter of Barbara Hatcher.
Mara Murphy (Gunderman)
Tuesday, March 13th 2007
We are coming home this summer for the big All Class Reunion in Opheim and can't wait to see everyone...and to enjoy a bonfire, street dance, rodeo...things you can't find in a big city like Seattle! I've been gone for 10 years now and love keeping up with Valley County through your website...thanks KLTZ!!
Sandy Shockley (Walker)
Tuesday, March 6th 2007
living in Denver-metro area now---have been trying to locate former GAFB buddies over the years---anyone out there want to contact me, email address is: sandra.shockley@comcast.net
Sandy, Shockley (Walker)
Monday, February 26th 2007
living in Denver-metro area now---have been trying to locate former GAFB buddies over the years---anyone out there want to contact me, email address is: sandra.shcokley@comcast.net
D. Kinsey
Sunday, February 25th 2007
This is the only place on the web you can find up to date state BB scores. Many Thanks!!
Susan Murr
Thursday, November 30th 2006
I was just looking at KLTZ and thought I could leave a comment cause I am at work right now and am very bored so I am just saying Hi.....
Carmen Knight Hahn, California
Sunday, November 5th 2006
Just happened to be checking out KLTZ. What a surprise! I was wondering what happened to Dan Elfring since I last saw him in Germany.
I miss Glasgow but can't say I miss the snow. I hope the class of 77/78 is all doing well. Would love to hear from you.
Brian Ashpole GHS '77; Suffolk, VIrginia
Saturday, October 28th 2006
Was sitting here on the couch with the laptop and did the GOOGLE thing to view my home town. Hard to believe that I've been gone for over 29 years. It was great place to grow up. I just recently retired from the Navy after spending 29 years traveling the world. Saw alot - had a great time, got a college degree, earned a commission, had 5 kinds, spent 5 years in Japan, been to Europe a few times, served with great folks. My wife and I are looking forward to Summer '07 for the class reunion. She's only seen pictures of GLasgow - I'm looking forward to showing her what a great place Glasgow is. I am also looking forward to also introducing her to that world famous Eugene's Pizza. Warm Regards and see you all next summer.
Dan Elfring, Colorado Springs
Thursday, October 26th 2006
I was going through my bookmarks and noticed this one. I thought I'd check it out. This is a neat site, but I don't recognize many names. I'm sure most of my class (1978) have moved away and don't check in very often. I did see Jim Frost who I contacted several times when I was still active duty Air Force. Anyway, hi to all those I know. Let me end by saying...I miss the Eugene's Pizza soooooo bad. It's a must every time I'm home. Jeff...you don't owe me anything for the @#$ advertising. Dan
Bill Crowe, Chicago
Sunday, October 22nd 2006
It's been 40 years since I've been in Glasgow. It was great to read how well the community is doing. I know the station is rocking with Shirley Trang at the helm. Best to all
James Schultz, Nebraska
Thursday, October 19th 2006
Jody L. Snare, Tembagapura Papua Indonesia
Sunday, October 8th 2006
Born and raised in Peerless and really enjoy reading about the local news. I open your site about every week to check the sports for I still have family in Peerless that make the news. We were just blessed with three new babies the 4th of June so our hands are full. If anyone cares to write me jlsnare@yahoo.com please feel @#$ to do so.
Melissa Bulock, Klamath Falls Oregon
Wednesday, September 27th 2006
Just browsing to see if Glasgow is publishing any sports news on my son Dillen Rasmusan (#30 on 7-8 grade scotties football team). It's nice to check back on Glasgow every once in awhile too!
Troy Peterson - Arcadia, Wisconsin
Wednesday, September 20th 2006
been a while since i`ve been there. hope to see all the good people of my second home soon.Probably spring of 07. Have golf clubs will travel.Katie and I are doing fine. Cant wait to see whats changed, and whats not.
Jim Burdette, Glendive, Mt.
Sunday, September 10th 2006
TO the good folks of Valley County; I have been in law enforcement and corrections all my adult life and my advise to you is: If you are going to build a new jail, go BIG. The trend is for larger facilities for local use and income for the parent agency. e-mail me at burdette@midrivers.com or jburdette@mt.gov
Cora Ostlund
Saturday, August 5th 2006
hello to everyone in Glasgow, i miss everybody,and living in a small town, but i'm getting used to the city, Regina Sask. is not such a bad place to live. great shopping, good food, A special hello to the headquarters beauty shop crew, and to Antrue. my e-mail address hairdresser3030@accesscomm.ca
Marc Ball
Saturday, April 8th 2006
Class of 1990
Jim Frost
Thursday, March 30th 2006
I used to work as a disc jockey on KLTZ in 1979. I now work in Tokyo, Japan at an American Air Base. I'm the general manager for a full-service radio and television station that serves military men and women overseas who work in and around Yokota Air Base, Japan. Our job is to bring a "touch of home" to America's servicemen and women by providing news, information and entertainment programming for the troops. We also have about one million Japanese fans in our "shadow audience" who listen to us to learn English. I've had a long career in broadcasting and I got my start working for Linda Madsen at KLTZ/KLAN a long time ago. I will always have fond memories of KLTZ and my time as a young disc jockey. I will never forget the "Dog Gone Show." The catchy jingle was great. If I remember correctly it went, "The dog gone dog is gone, the dog gone dog is gone, so if you got him or if you shot him won't you telephone!." Then we would read a list describing the stray dogs and cats that went missing in an effort to help our local folks track them down. Great memories! Thanks KLTZ for giving me a chance to get into the broadcasting business! Sincerely, Jim Frost (30 March 2006)
Marley Graham
Wednesday, March 29th 2006
Class of 1952.

Still kicking around. I'm living in Southern California & still working. After High School I worked a summer in Wyoming & then joined the Navy. Went to college after that & ended up working as a physicist for quite a while. Then I started a computer company. Had that for about 20 years & now am managing the network & computer systems for a company in Goleta (Santa Barbara).

I'd love to hear from any of the old gang. Send me an e-mail at marley@grahams.sbcoxmail.com.

Jason Schultz
Friday, March 24th 2006
Hello, I enjoy the website alot! It keeps me caught up on all the latest.
Nole Scoville
Friday, March 10th 2006
Recognized a couple of names in the guestbook. Hello to Bill Frost, I was actually his neighbor in Oak Harbor Washington for a few years. Small world. I graduated GHS in 1993 and shipped off to the navy a few days later. I am still serving in the navy and currently stationed in Champaign Illinois on recruiting duty. It has been an interesting journey, so far, that has taken me through 27 different foreign countries on a lot of adventures. In another 7 years, I will retire from the navy and settle down back in Washington with my wife and kids. I enjoy the website, it is a great way to keep up on the home town news. Thanks.
Mark Meyer / in but not from Fort Worth, TX
Sunday, March 5th 2006
Thanks to KLTZ for streaming all the high school basketball games again this season. This is rarity in Montana radio, and it is not without cost. It is greatly appreciated. And, thanks for streaming the state B championship game (featuring my home town Cut Bank Wolves), even though neither team was from your area. I wouldn't have been able to listen to the game otherwise.
Greg Boyd Class of 1971
Wednesday, December 14th 2005
Just checking back to see whats up and I wanted to wish all my fellow classmates
a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. It would be nice to know where people have ended up perhaps a post would be nice. I know there are many like me that live out of state.
Fred Kocher
Sunday, December 11th 2005

Dear KLTZ/Tim Phillips
Thanks for playing music from a new group called Bohemian. I enjoyed listing to the lyrics and there more softer rock.
David Redman
Thursday, November 17th 2005
Worked at KLTZ 1964/65 mostly evenings and weekends. Stationed at Glasgow AFB same years. KLTZ GM showed me records of pay (mine still in file) and it was around $1.30 per hour so something like that. Only AM at that time. Remember request calls from Tampico, Malta, Wolf Point, Ft. Peck to name a few. Bill Holter flew three of us to Minneapolis/St. Paul to get our 3rd class radio license, something new at the time and required by the FCC just so we could read the transmitter meters.
On the way back (wintertime) the plane's wings began to ice up and we lost and lost and lost al$##ude but made it safely back to Glasgow. Can't remember the other staffers who went though...think one was a dj by the name Ewing.

Great memories of my time in Glasgow...yes, great memories.

Harriet (Dalby) Mattfeld
Wednesday, November 16th 2005
I am back again for an update. My husband Lester and I had 54 years together and missed making 55 by one week when he passed away in September. It was a good run. Am keeping busy with a lot of things here including my family. 3 years ago I ran for the Perham City Council and was elected so with the many committees that entails there is always something to do. Am into a lot of other things also but somehow my thoughts very often drift back to Perham and those I went to school with. If any of you read this I would really like to hear from you. You can e-mail me at uptowngal@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from some of you.
Monday, November 14th 2005
Just want to give a shout out to say thanks for playing our music. Thanks for the support of our song "Runaway".
Jenna Bell
Wednesday, October 12th 2005
hi to everbody my address is jennabell20032002@yahoo.com
Jessie Jimison
Sunday, October 2nd 2005

Hey Glasgow! Just thought I'd say hi to everyone I haven't seen in awhile. Billings is great and in 2 years, I'll have my teaching degree and I'll be moving somewhere closer to home to teach. My e-mail address is listed in case anyone wants to chat. :) See ya later.

lisa hedalen
Friday, September 30th 2005
This is a great site. I found a dennis hedalen, I'm curious to know if we are in relation to each other. If anyone knows a diane kay hedalen please email at lisahedalen@aol.com I have some info for you

thanks, Lisa M.Hedalen

Wednesday, September 28th 2005
Very good site!
Tyler And Juanita Haider
Sunday, September 18th 2005
We are in search of anyone selling at least 20 acres of land with a well
and Septic on it. -OR- At least a 3 bedroom home and at least a 40x80 shop
please let me know if anyone has any information. Thank You. 228-8587
Corey Cleveland
Thursday, September 15th 2005
Signing in from Washington. I always enjoy keeping up on things back home.
Greg Boyd
Thursday, August 25th 2005
Just checking back on Glasgow. Its been many years since I have been back.
I have lost track of many of my friends and classmates from 71. Also would like to know if anyone one knows where Jack Jones who was the manager for Markles Honday shop back in 71. I owe him a lot for helping me pick some right paths in life.
Hope Glasgow is doing well, I heard it might even have a McDonalds? It will never be as good as the High Hat!
Tuesday, August 23rd 2005
Ben Radakovich
Tuesday, August 23rd 2005
Bob Hudson
Thursday, August 11th 2005
When I was music director and night DJ on KLTZ back in 1970-71, I made $1.65 an hour: I hope they have increased the payscale since then :) I used to joke that the pay was $1.65 an hour and all the records you could steal. In those days the record companies sent every radio station one or more copies of pretty much every record released, regardless of whether it fit your format. KLTZ had a closet off the control room that was jam-packed with albums that had never been played on KLTZ (and most never would). Sundays I worked 2PM to sign-off (10:30PM) and it was mostly taped religious programming, so while those ran I auditioned and read the liner notes on seemingly hundreds and hundreds of albums. I discovered a lot of great music that way and it sure made that long Sunday shift less boring. You guys now have it tough: CD's don't have very good liner notes and if they do, you need a magnifying glass to read them. But then hopefully you no longer have to spend 8.5 hours on Sunday just riding heard on tape machines.

Best to all and swat a mosquito for me,

Bob Hudson
Oceanside, Calif.

Dennis Siers
Sunday, August 7th 2005
I enjoy the website. If any of my friends or classmates visit, feel @#$ to e-mail siersdg@yahoo.com.
Alysia Marcell-Putnam
Friday, August 5th 2005
Just giving a shout out! Yes, I'm still alive and well!
maria sugg
Friday, August 5th 2005
Dave Arndt
Friday, July 22nd 2005
Very good website.7/22/05. darndt4@cox.net
Bridgett Sukut
Thursday, July 7th 2005
Tim Phillips
Wednesday, July 6th 2005
Jeff Sayre
Monday, June 27th 2005
Hello there in Glasgow! Well, I moved from Glasgow to Spokane, Washington in June of 1972. See some names from time to time from Glasgow in newspapers my dad, Larry sends to me from the Courier. I remember playing baseball in wool uniforms for the Courier in the mid to late 60's. It was hot and itchy! Hope to make it back there this summer to visit anyone who still lives there that went to Irle Elementary School. Visit some of the old haunts and the ice rink where Cap Czyzeski taught me the love of hockey, outside in January in Montana on real ice! I would have graduated in 1978. I have spent 20 years in broadcasting and now work for Idaho's U.S. Senator Larry Craig as a Regional Director in North Central Idaho. I remember Glasgow being a great little town, lots of mosquito's, good soda's at Comb's Drug, Ed Boos, Leo Shanks, Dan Elfring, Sheila Ames, the Phelke twins and their mom Beryl, Peggy Brocksmith, Jane Mercen, Joe Czyzeski, John Pederbeckey, Dan Ehlang, The Frost boys Bill, Danny and Stewart and Jackie. Kurt White, Kevin Archambo, Tina, Broadrick Crawford, Doug Rice, Ed Stein, Frank Clem,Tim Markle, and many more are just a face in my head. Mr. Olsen and his wooden paddles of dicipline! Going swimming at the city pool and almost drowning trying to pass a test. Rain flooding the underpass and riding my bike into it. Glasgow AFB, blue skies and long cold winters that ended with a Chinook wind in April. Winds that would srtip the paint off a new car, hail the size of golf balls, kick the can games that lasted way too long! Rock fights in the alleys. Teens and 18 year old drinking laws! Scottie basketball and football games. The old high school and the new one. Sam's Supper Club & Eugenes Pizza. Glasgow was a good place to grow up. That's it for now! Drop me a line if you wish. sayre@cableone.net

Jeff Sayre

Bill Frost, Class of '64
Thursday, June 16th 2005
Just looking at the information about the '60s Reunion in Bozeman this August. I decided to see who had left a message in the guestbook but didn't recognize anyone. It was interesting reading though. Anyone that recognizes me drop a line via email to: frostyfam@hotmail.com Looking forward to seeing some folks at the reunion that I haven't seen for a long, long, long, long time. I am presently living in Oak Harbor, Washington.
Thursday, June 2nd 2005
Wow! Your website is wonderful and very interesting! You should be very proud of yourself and your writing. Good luck!
Best regards, Bill
Jerry Wiltfong
Tuesday, May 31st 2005
I have been back to Glasgow about three times in the last twenty years. Sometimes I just Google Glasgow to make sure the wind has not blown you all away.

I miss the brilliant lightning storms of Ft. Peck lake in July, the smell of wheat being harvested in August, those cool calm sunny days of September, the first snow just before Christmas, the snow melting in a warm Chinook wind on a March night.

As a child everything seemed so big and rapidly expanding. There was plenty of empty space to buffer me from getting in too much trouble. Even though there was so little to do, we always were up to something and sometimes it was not even illegle. Such a juxt of position to my present reality.

I live in a quite neighborhood in the burbs of Portland and only know one of my neighbors names. People mostly just pretend they are invisible to each other. What a stark contrast to being a child and knowing most of the people I saw everyday. I wouldn't want to live in Glasgow again but I am glad I grew up there.

It reminds me that having to cut the grass on a warm January day in Oregon is really not such a bad thing after all. While I have other shoes, I doubt I have worn anything but sandles unless it there is a reason to dress up a few times a year. I also enjoy the progressive liberal culture that is unique to the Pacific Northwest.

But still I ocasionally Google Glasgow, 1000 miles or 10e6 light years away...


Thursday, May 26th 2005
Juanita Haider
Saturday, May 14th 2005
Caitlin Jenssen
Tuesday, May 10th 2005
Hey this is Caitlin. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for Andrew's death. He was a friend of mine when we were little and we kind of used to hang out not too long ago. But I still remember you Andrew. Chey, you just hang in there okay? My family loves you and we want you to try to be happy.......Sheena and Aaron, I'm very sorry about Madison. I loved that kid. She was so cute and just way adorable. I miss seeing her and now that she has passed I guess you will too. I don't want you guys to be depressed but I want you to know that I'm here for you. Natalie you too. Call me or see me anytime you need to okay? I miss all of you guys. It's hard to move from Glasgow and not see all your friends anymore. But I do think about all of you a lot. I hope to see all of you soon! HAPPY BIRHTDAY to my cousin HEATHER DULANEY!!! But now I have to go. bye Love all of you!
Mara (Gundermann) Murphy
Tuesday, May 3rd 2005
Hi KLTZ & Valley County! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your website! Thanks for keeping me up to date over the past 5 years...even if I'm a 1000 miles away in Seattle! Looking forward to my visit back home this May!
Harriet (Dalby) Mattfeld
Wednesday, April 27th 2005
Still living in Perham, Minnesota. Just found about your site from another Glasgow resident and thought I would look in. As an afterthought I checked the obituaries and to my dismay found that the grandson of my cousin, Evelyn (Dalby) Mix had recently died. Since I do not have Evelyn's address I hope somehow someone will see this and let her know I am thinking of her. Hello to anyone from Glasgow that still remembers me. I graduated from there in 1952. Thank you for having this neat website.
Keriba Gormley-Neveau
Monday, April 25th 2005
What a great site. Write me if you want keriba@comcast.net
Monday, April 25th 2005
hello from great falls just wanted to say hi to glasgow and a couple of really important people up there they know who they are have a good day
Josh Johnson (Kracker)
Tuesday, April 5th 2005
Just thought I would say hi from Kunsan AB South Korea.
Shawna (James) Talles
Thursday, March 17th 2005
Hello Everyone! I'm sorry to hear about Bill's passing. My condolences to his family and friends. My first job ever was on KLTZ-AM and will always be grateful for the opportunities given to me. All is well here! I'm now living in Racine, WI with my husband, step-daughter, 3 dogs, 2 cats and my step-daughters 2 hampsters! It's just a ZOO around here! I miss you all and hope all is well for you! Take Care!
Friday, March 11th 2005
Chuck Lawrence
Tuesday, March 8th 2005
I'am from Aurora Illinois.Always wanted to come up your way as I knew a lady from Plentywood a long time ago.Her name was Marilyn Cybluski and her dad had worked for the railroad.She has some brothers and I think one of them became a Judge.
I was a policeman for the City of Aurora and now am retired and working as a Bailiff at a Courthouse.Hope to come up your way someday.I have spent the winter down here in Treasure Island Florida as I have a Condo down here on the water.Yes it is nice.
My e-mail is Treasureisle162@aol.com The 162 is my old badge number.

Thanks Chuck Lawrence

Tim Phillips
Sunday, March 6th 2005
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Tim Phillips - Webmaster
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