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We have 4 different sortings of the data: by last name, by maiden name, by graduation (class) year, and a listing of the last 25 addresses posted so you can see who added their name to the list recently.

If you wish to add any comments to your listing, change your e-mail address or anything else, you can still click on this link to the form. We will still update the pages manually, but changes should generally occur within 24 hours.

Last Name First Name Maiden Name E-mail Address Class School Comments
Stacey McAllister ishtakopa@yahoo.com 1990 GHS
Daria Brenna hwfarisheaven@yahoo.com 1980 GHS
Althaus Ray rpalthaus@concast.net 1966 GHS
Amundson Jim amundson@nemontel.net 1965 GHS
Amundson Terry AUMT@aol.com 1970 GHS
Amundson Mona Bedwell amundson@nemontel.net 1971 GHS
Anderson Bill WRA59759@AOL.com 1966 GHS
Anderson Carolyn Jo rancho@nemontel.net 1970 GHS
Anderson Gary garya78597@aol.com 1956 GHS
Anderson Vernon vernona@ieee.org 1960 GHS
Anderson Danielle Etchart danderson@fcbank.net 1971 GHS Also, the GHS Class of 1971 is having a 35th class reunion on August 11, 12, & 13, 2006. Contact Danielle Etchart Anderson for more information: e-mail danderson@fcbank.net or call 406-228-4203.
Anderson Mary Jo acnmary@nemontel.net 1991 GHS
Anderson Victor victor.l.anderson@boeing.com 1980 GHS alls well
Appling Carole Newton cappling@hollinet.com 1961 GHS
Archambeault Diana Dazell diarch@sbcglobal.net 1967 GHS
ARCHAMBEAULT TERRY garbage@nemontel.net 1969 SCAPPOOSE, ORE
Archambeault Diana Dazell diarch@sbcglobal.net 1967 Glasgow Please change my e-mail address to include the above correct information.
Arendt Rose Mary Zvonar RArendt475@aol.com 1958 Nashua
Armstrong Patti Cobb swbasil@swbell.net 1959 GHS
Arndt Dave darndt4@cox.net 1986 GHS Living in Wichita,Ks
Arnold Randon cindya@ourbank.com 1963 GHS
Arnold Traci Martin pepela7964@aol.com 1972
Ashpole Brian brian.ashpole@verizon.net 1977 GHS
Aune Steve aunes@wwdb.org 1973 GHS
Ausdemore Kristy Belle Bartel ausdemore@hotmail.com 1997 GHS
Austin Wade wadewda@aol.com 1993 GHS
Axtell Karon Schaale emmajensene@yahoo.com 1975 GHS Finally moved to warmer weather...Living in New Mexico teaching middle school... pre-algebra.. You can stop laughing anytime.
Bacon John W. (Msgt., USAF, Ret) joel3@mindspring.com My family and I resided at 346D Oak St, Glasgow AFB in 1961, and 1962. What information is available about relocation to St. Marie?
Bacon John W. johnwbacon@bellsouth.net Remove old emailaddress-----joe3@mindspring replace with e-address above ---thanks
Bailey Marian Boston dmbailey@nemont.net 1960 Glasgow
Bailey David dmbailey@nemont.net 1963 GHS
Baker Dirk dirkx.baker@intel.com 1980 GHS
Baker Don dbaker@dbaarchitects.com 1960 GHS
Baker Jamie astauto@midrivers.com 1986 LUSTRE
Baker Jerry jerryb@ctagroup.com 1962 GHS
Baker Diana Howe dianahowebaker@gmail.com 1964 Glasgow High School
Baker Don dbaker@dbaarchitects.com 1960 GHS Loved Glasgow than and nothing has changed. Still enjoy gettig back often. Go Scotties
Ball Marc sea2072@aol.com 1990 GHS
Bamford Myrt Dale mrtb4d@q.com 1958 GHS
Bamford Barry 3bs@comcast.net 1980 GHS
Barber Glen exscapen@home.com 1989 GHS
Barnes Laura Maxness 3barnes@nemontel.net 1980 GHS
Barstad Valerie Murr barstad@nemont.net 1981 GHS
Barstad Charles barstad@nemont.net 1978 GHS
Bartlett Sandy Leibrand bartlettpair1@juno.com 1960 Glasgow High School
bartlett sandra leibrand bartlettpair1@juno.com 1960 glasgow high school
Bass Vern accgrowth@mcn.net 1965 GHS
Baus Peggy Baerg pegadew@msn.com 1970 GHS
Beam Jack pappyliz2113@suddenlink.net 1961 Glasgow I am located in Enid,Okla./instructing college grads how to fly jets....
Beardsley Al beardsley@ipapilot.org 1966 GHS
Beardsley Howard M. beardsley_howard@bah.com 1973 GHS
Beardsley Wayne Wayne.L.Beardsley@Boeing.com 1967 GHS
Beede Mick mbeede@fuse.net 1965 glasgow high school
Behelfer Nancy Coles nbehelfe@amphi.com 1966 GHS
Belakjon Kari sweetone_1979@Hotmail.com 1998 Nashua High School Living in Williston, ND til May 2005
Bell Brian brianwbell99@hotmail.com 1996 GHS
Bell David davebell@wavecom.net 1956 GHS
Bell Jenna bell_jenna@yahoo.com 2003 GHS
Bell Pat tnj@collinscom.net 1953 GHS
Bell Walter n2260v@nemontel.net 1986 Glasgow High School
Benson David daveon1tee@austin.rr.com 1960 GHS
Benson Larry hipshot@nemontel.net 1959 G.H.S.
Berrisford Carmen charmin649@cs.com 1982 GHS
Berrisford Carmen charmin649@suddenlink.net 1982 Glasgow Senior High
Berry Mary Jo Carson spr4800@blackfoot.net 1970 GHS/Fort Peck
Bertsch Beverly Smith bevbertsch@earthlink.net 1955 GHS
Beston Ryan bestonrb@iiimef.usmc.mil 1999 FHS
Biddle George ghbiddle@cox.net GHS
Billingsley Barry bdbmjb@nemontel.net 1967 GHS
Billingsley Jack jbranch@nemontel.net 1961 GHS/Tampico
Bingle Lowen Cake matrixy2x@yahoo.com 1988 GHS
Birkman Bryce blbirk@afes.com 1964 GHS
Black Janet granite@imine.net 1973 GHS
Bolechala Kim bkbolechala@gmail.com 1973 GHS
Bonitz Bill wabonitz@cox.net 1963 GHS
Bonitz Tom tbonitz@cox.net 1964 GHS
Bonitz Robert hot8way@yahoo.com 1964 GHS http://www-robotics.jpl.nasa.gov/people/Robert_Bonitz/
Boos Stephanie Dale stephler@nemontel.net 1995 GHS
Boreson Scott boreson@nemontel.net 1978 GHS
Boucher Missy Keough tm.boucher@bresnan.net 1987 GHS
Boyd Greg gboyd@safetyassoc.com 1971 GHS
Boyd Larry larboyd1947@verizon.net 1965 GHS Note new email; in Marysville, WA
Brabeck Kristie Wilson brabeck@nemontel.net 1989 GHS
Bradbury Joe joe.bradbury@bonnint.com 1963 GHS
Braden-Nelson Vicki Hetrick vickinels@hotmail.com 1970 GHS
Breikjern Arnie ebandab@yahoo.com 1971 GHS
Brenna Daria hwfarisheaven@yahoo.com
Britzman Dick dickbobb@nemontel.net 1968 GHS
Britzman Bobbie Clemmer dickbobb@nemontel.net 1972 GHS
Brown Harvey gwennharvey@cs.com 1966 GHS
Brown Michael D. "Mike" abigfoot@bigfoot.com 1960 GHS
Bruce Freda gretchen_b37@hotmail.com 1979 GHS
Buck Sean buckoff1952@msn.com 1996 GHS
Buckman Jim buckman78@sio.midco.net 1995 GHS
Buckman M. Cathie Ford MCBLMHC@AOL.COM 1966 GHS
Buechler Kelly kbuechler@cvol.net 1978 GHS
Bullock Gary (Ray) kramer96003@yahoo.com GHS Moved from Glasgow AFB to Reno after my junior year. Would like to get in touch with classmates!
Bulock Tara Colbrese thebulock6@vcn.com 1995 GHS would love to hear from former classmates
Bunk Julie Elias juliebunk@yahoo.com 1997 GHS
Bunton Tray curtisbunton@hotmail.com 1988 GHS
Burch Dave db-sb@att.net 1969 GHS Sea ya in 08...........
Burg Dave dmsburg@dia.net 1978 GHS
Burke Larry ltburke@uswest.net 1952 GHS
Burke Larry ltburke@qwest.net 1952 GHS
Burris Kirk kirkspackers@msn.com 1987 GHS
Burris Joan Rice im2onre@hotmail.com 1984 GHS
Burton Sue Ratzeburg dburton@gorge.net 1966 GHS
Caldwell Kelly kelly@midrivers.com 1963 GHS
Canen Bruce melbruce@nemontel.net 1983 GHS
Canen Debra cromfamily@cox.net 1974 GHS
Canen Robert rcanen@nemontel.net 1988 GHS
Canen Melody Foster melbruce@nemontel.net 1980 GHS
Canen Keylee Thompson klcanen@yahoo.com 1989 GHS
Canen Robert robertcanen@yahoo.com 1988 GHS We live in Glendive & have 3 kids.
Carden Lyle lcarden@nemontel.net 1944 GHS
Carlsen Sally K Hickok sally1@midrivers.com 1976 GHS
Carlson Chad dvrdown33@msn.com 1999 GHS
Carlson Laurie Knodel lcarlson@aipc.com 1975 GHS
Carman Jean AlwaysLate@aol.com 1982 GHS
Carney Mike mikej@mtintouch.net 1982 GHS
Carpenter Sandy sanzmt3@msn.com 1986 GHS/Hinsdale
Cash Alan ACash444@msn.com 1977 Nashua
Cech Brooke bswartz8792@msn.com 1993 GHS
Chandler Brian chanman32@hotmail.com 1993 GHS
Chaney Kathy Smith giantsprings@worldnet.att.net 1970 GHS
Chatten Amy wileychatten@yahoo.com 1994 GHS
Chouinard Joe joechouinard@aol.com GHS
Christianson Elaine Soper elaine@srt.com 1988 GHS
Clampitt Rene Anderson cclampit@nemontel.net 1974 GHS
Clark Carol Allington Norsky100@gmail.com 1964 GHS Moved to CA at the beginning of senior year after 3 years at GHS. Have always felt closer to my GHS classmates. Attended 50th reunion and had a wonderful time.
Clark Wanda Nelson montanaclark@bresnan.net 1962 GHS
Clark Wanda Nelson montanaclark@bresnan.net 1962 Glasgow High School See you at the GHS 50th Reunion in 2012
Clark Wanda Nelson montanaclark@bresnan.net 1962 Glasgow High School
Clem Twylla Isakson tufnup@nemontel.net 1985 GHS
Clemmer Paul mailto:Paulclemmer77@gmail.com 1977 GHS
Cleveland Willie wcleve@imt.net 1966 GHS
Cleveland Corey ccleveland@colsd.org Hinsdale
Cleveland Delorias Trubell DeeCleve@aol.com 1958 GHS
Coats Dan dan_the_pan@q.com 1959 GHS
Cokie Colette Etchart Errands-Etc@excite.com 1970 GHS
Colbrese Lynsey Colbrese@yahoo.com 1997 GHS
Cole Darrell decole@webtv.net 1950 GHS
Cole Denise Neicy65@msn.com 1984 GHS
Cole Doug colefam@webtv.net 1971 GHS
Cole Edmond E. damon@hi-line.net 1991 GHS
Cole Shannon skubedu@compaq.net 1980 GHS
Collins Nola Mundt nolacollins@cox.net 1965 GHS
Colver Eugene H. Gcolver@aol.com 1957 GHS
Combs Richard rccombs@westriv.com 1961 GHS
Combs Carolyn Ellsworth rccombs@westriv.com 1965 GHS
Combs Cindy Cochran cileco1@verizon.net 1982 GHS
Combs Cindy cileco1@gmail.com
Comer Julie Baillargeon Jlc52168@montanasky.net 1989 GHS
Comer Julie Baillargeon jlc51471@yahoo.com 1989 GHS
Comstock Aaron starin_aaron@hotmail.com 1998 GHS
Connors William wrconnors@msn.com 1980 GHS
Cook Heather h_cook99@hotmail.com 1999 GHS
Cook Flores irishamber@gmail.com 1981 GHS
Coolidge Jim kc7oul@midrivers.com 1964 FHS
Coon Bonnie Stedtfeld jcoon@coastaccess.com 1953 GHS
Copenhaver Marvin sheepherde@aol.com 1953 Hinsdale
Cornwell Jamie jamiel_cornwell@hotmail.com 1997 GHS
Corscadden Wanda Nelson montana-02@msn.net 1962 GHS
Cotter Jerry R. jcdemont@netzero.net 1957 GHS
Cotter Jim montanajimc@aol.com 1958 GHS
Cotter Jim montanajimc@charter.net 58 GHs brother Jerry has passed away. Sister Donna is in Wolf Point.
Cotton Bonnie Wiebe califdreamin@nemont.net 1960 GHS
Cotton Richard (Dick) rbcotton@Nemont.net 1957 GHS
Cotton Bonnie Wiebe califdreamin@nemont.net 1960 Glasgow High School Please change just my email address.
Couch Linda L. Galgarude LCLindaLu@aol.com 1960 NHS
Crawford Barbara Beardsley bikers4Jesus@centurytel.net 1971 GHS Go Scotties!
Crist Julie Kersent jkdodie1086@msn.com 1986 GHS
Crowe Bill bill_crowe@yahoo.com 1966 GHS
Cumber Delores Wutzke cumbercorner@nemont.net 1957 Streeter, North Dakota
Dagel Terra Corscadden tlcterra@webtv.net 1982 GHS
Dagel Terra Corscadden tlcterra@gmail.com 1982 GHS
Dahl John dahljf@home.com 1978 GHS
Dahl Candy Dahl candythorson@hotmail.com 1985 GHS I would love to hear from you!
Dascher Gary daschome@nemontel.net 1970 GHS
Dascher Linda GLHetrick@AOL.Com 1966 GHS
Dascher Donna Elletson Dascherdonnaj@yahoo.com 1974 GHS
DaSilva Diana Crawford Dreamkatcher@netzero.net 1969 GHS
Dassonville Brad gl1500redrider@yahoo.com 1977 GHS
Dave Negrette Venusbn@cablespeed.com 1990 GHS
Davis John johndavis@ramadafargo.com 1989 GHS
Davis Cora Gartner cdavis@bloomington.k12.mn.us 1989 GHS
Davis John sheratonair@yahoo.com 1989 GHS Website www.myspace.com/chefjohnnyd
DeBray Darren deewee@olypen.com 1983 GHS
DeBray Shaun sdebray@bgmi.com 1980 GHS
DeBray Shaun sdebray2@barrick.com
DeBray Shaun spddy1@yahoo.com 1980 Glasgow
dec ted
Degele Rock diggit1@hotmail.com 1978 GHS
Densley Ruth Ellenburg kikicandle@aol.com 1974 GHS
DeTienne Mike detienne@nemontel.net 1973 GHS
Dix Gary gjcjdix@nemontel.net 1976 GHS
Dix Janice Fairclough gjcjdix@nemontel.net 1978 GHS
Dixon Maggie Gideon maggie_gideon@yahoo.com 1995 GHS
Dixon Maggie Gideon meanasscapricorn@yahoo.com 1995 GHS
Dixon Maggie Gideon meanasscapricorn@yahoo.com 1995 GHS anyone that I went to school with please get in contact with me would love to hear from you.
Doke Alicia litl_doke@hotmail.com 2001 Glasgow High School
Dommer Jolene Schack jd1020829@yahoo.com 1981 CHS
Dommer Jolene Schack jd1020829@yahoo.com 1981 CHS
Dougherty Michelle Beede micandoug@syringa.net 1991 GHS
Dulaney Nick n_dulaney@eudoramail.com 2000 GHS
Duncan Sarah West sarahw@aboutmontana.net 1997 GHS
Dunn Candice Sather gebdun@tein.net 1972 GHS
Durbin Bruce brucedurbin@yahoo.com 1986 GHS
Durbin Kim bellaramstein@yahoo.com 1983 GHS
Durell Dan 2durell@nemontel.net 1976 GHS
Durell Gary Gare1325@aol.com 1978 GHS
Durell Lonnie spa@healthytouch.net 1974 GHS
Durell Lori gold@ideasign.com 1975 GHS
Durell William BDDURELL@aol.com 1948 GHS
Durell Darlene Stenbakken BDDURELL@aol.com 1975 GHS
Durell Gary garebear62@bresnan.net 1978 Glasgow High School I am living in Billings for about the last 7 years. Sure do miss the Eugene's Pizza after the wrestling matches. I married Paula Schafer and just celebrated our 23rd anniversary. We have 3 wonderful children. Would love to hear for my classmates from 1978.
Durell Paula Schafer pmarie1325@bresnan.net 1980 Glasgow High School
Durell Gary garebear62@bresnan.net 1978 Glasgow Please change my email address
Durell Lori Durell durell5@verizon.net 1975 Glasgow High School Please change my email address.
Eastman Geneva e_geneva@hotmail.com 1977 GHS
Eastman Lacie lacciey@yahoo.com 2000 GHS
Eastman Eileen eileene@hypertech.net 1975 GHS I am living in Clinton, Arkansas.
Eck Lynelle Johnson eckspressions@comcast.net 1963 GHS
Elletson DJ delletson@mwfbi.com 2001 GHS
Ellison Victoria Shuman svelliso@pacbell.net 1964 GHS
Engstrom Karen Kravic engstrom@nemontel.net 1975 GHS
Enseleit Bryan bryan@entech-usa.net GHS
entorf doug pmeede@rtc.coop 1973 ghs
Epperson Charles "Chuck" e.epperson@comcast.net 1961 Mill City Oregon/For
Erb Janice Legare jge1004@aol.com 1960 Glasgow H9igh School
Erickson Lyndon 1dollar@nemontel.net 1979 GHS
Erickson Penny Fassett PennyRay123@aol.com 1966 GHS
Erickson Leah Runningen 1dollar@nemontel.net 1980 GHS
Erickson Elaine Kamrud eerickson47@yahoo.com 1965 GHS
Esselbach Mary Gene Benson Mghe@aol.com 1963 GHS
Esselbach Mary Gene Benson MGisAvon@aol.com 1963 GHS
Etchart Diane Diane@WealthWithWellness.com 1974 GHS
Etheredge Gay Hill Ghether1@aol.com 1966 GHS
Euell Yvonne Granflaten yeuell@nemont.net 1960 GHS
Fagan Amie amiej@nemontel.net 1997 GHS
Falk Rose Malone 1967 mesquit
Fann David Bamafanns@aol.com 1977 Glasgow & Opheim
Fann David Partime61@aol.com 1977 GHS/Opheim Lived on the AFB back in 1972, would love to hear from some of my old friends there.
Farnsworth Gary nakoda@dia.net 1963 GHS
Fassett Tim jesusfassett@hotmail.com 1999 GHS G-town in my heart
Feda Dan dfeda@attglobal.net 1971 GHS
Fischer Marcie Fousha marcie_f@hotmail.com 1989 GHS
Fisher Brad sscfisher@aol.com 1980 GHS
Fitzgerald Sue Potter ssfitz@midrivers.com 1980 GHS
Flatow Gloria Robertson erose@montana.com GHS
Flickinger Eileen Evenson 2flicks@nemontel.net 1965 GHS
Flint Aaron Helland aaronflint@hotmail.com 1999 Graduate in Colorado
Flock Cathleen Sauer cadarac723@cs.com 1961 GHS
Flock Cathleen Sauer cadarac723@colfax.com 1961 GHS
Flores Heidi Novak hflores40@hotmail.com 1978 GHS
Fogleman Victor cfogle67m@aol.com 1973 GHS
Forbes Caryl Meyer leejforbes@aol.com 1957 GHS
Forrester Colleen Fine cforrester@nemont.net 1980 Wauconda High School
Forsythe John jforsyth@mcn.net 1965 GHS
Fougner Aimee SDwhtchocolate@aol.com 2001 GHS
France Angela angeluv24@yahoo.com 1995 GHS
Frank Arleen Archambeault ararch@nemontel.net 1975 GHS
Frost Marion Arndt wmfrost@msn.com 1958 GHS
Frost Bill candy@nemontel.net 1980 GHS
Frost Bill frostyfam@hotmail.com 1964 GHS Would love to hear from people that remember me. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Bozeman this summer.
Frost Dan frosttc@nemontel.net 1977 GHS
Frost Walt wmfrost@msn.com 1956 Hinsdale
Frost Jim jfrost@yta.attmil.ne.jp 1978 GHS
Frye Marissa Copenhaver marissajfrye@hotmail.com 1998 GHS
Frye Fred fbf123@aol.com 1966 GHS
Fuhrman Cindy Burner twisrs@midrivers.com 1983 GHS
Fuhrman Dennis dfuhrman@dakcl.com 1966
Fuhrman Ardis Parke afuhrman@eidebailly.com 1967
Funk Veronda Potter Veronda_Funk@msn.com 1978 GHS
Fura Micki Durell hodgy@imt.net 1972 GHS
Galasso Marilyn Stein mgalasso@ptd.net 1972 GHS
Galasso Marilyn Stein mggalasso@verizon.net 1972 GHS
Galgerud Sandra Bissell samsandra@earthlink.net 1955 Hinsdale
Gallagher Chris chrisvervi@aol.com 1969 GHS
Gallagher Sue Garsjo garsh@nemontel.net 1967 GHS
Gallagher Barbara Hughes mom1226@hotmail.com 1971 GHS
GARBAGE & POTTY RENTALS T & R TRUCKING INC. garbage@nemontel.net Garbage service complaints? Let us know!
Garner Steve GNFLYIN@SBCGLOBAL.NET 1973 ghs Just a note to update email
Garsjo Ardis ajerome1@aol.com 1962 Nashua
Garsjo Sue Gallagher garsjo5@nemontel.net 1967 GHS
Gartside Mary JHSOUTHER@mail.inreach.com 1970 GHS
Gauthier Lisa Edwards LEdwards63@aol.com 1981 GHS
Gideon Evaana Evon bonabeans@yahoo.com 1993 GHS
Goddard Albert C. zattaro@hotmail.com 1964
Goddard Mary Ellen Schmitt Maryellen@talgrp.com 1964 MHHS
Goddard MaryEllen Speckles_54@hotmail.com 1958 GHS
Goddard Albert Zattaro@hotmail.com I was stationed at Glasgow AFB, from 04/12/1961 untill 08/31/1964. I met many residents while there, very nice people.
Goddard Albert ACG5454@verizon.net 1959 GAFB Stationed at Glasgow AFB
Goddard Mary Ellen Schmitt MaryEllen21@verizon.net 1958 Mooseheart, IL My husband was stationed at GAFB. I worked at Buttrey's grociery store for two years.
Gonzalez Kimberly Honrud kim_gil@swbell.net 1979 Opheim
Gorton Dave dgorton@nemontel.net
Graham Carl grammair@hawaii.rr.com 1979 GHS
Graham Marley marley@grahams.sbcoxmail.com 1952 GHS
Graham Ann Schroed jgraham@ptialaska.net 1953 GHS
Graham Ann Schroeder jgraham@ptialaska.net 1953
Grayson Dave ChiefDWG@aol.com 1948 GHS
Green David DLgreen1@IX.Netcom.com 1980 GHS
Green Dawna angel_dlgr@hotmail.com 1985 GHS
Green David dgtriton@earthlink.net 1980 Southside elementary/ Glasgow junior and senior high
Greenwood Debra Carper deb@wolfpoint.k12.mt.us 1979 GHS
Gregory Dave n7coa@arrl.net 1962 GHS
Greig Rick rgg1955pca@yahoo.com 1973 GHS/Graduated DENVER CO
Gross Esther estherjg@aol.com 1967
Gunderman Myra Pecora myrasam@nemontel.net 1971 GHS
Guttenberg Mike guttefam@nemontel.net 1975 GHS
Guttenberg Mary Jo Sand guttefam@nemontel.net 1976 GHS
Guttenberg Lin Shipstead lin@cu.net 1980 GHS
Guy Patty Makoff mamand_2000@yahoo.com 1976 GHS
Haefer Laura Knight laura_haefer@email.com 1968 GHS
Hagen Ron rlhagen@in-tch.com 1990 GHS
Hagfeldt Dallas dpas@cablemt.net 1972 GHS
Haglund Randy rhaglund66@gmail.com 1966 GHS 9200 Cotters Ridge Rd Richland, MI 49083.
Hahn Dave dhahn18@home.com 1975 GHS
Hahn Liz liz_hahn@hotmail.com 1980 GHS
Hahn Dave dhahn@albertson.edu 1975 GHS
Hahn Robin Twinem rchahn@hotmail.com Doing well in Turner, Mt!
Haider Juanita Robinson tjhaider@nemontel.net 1981 GHS
Haider Juanita Robinson juanitahaider@yahoo.com 1981 GHS
Hall Kathy Marx Jazmaxx@hotmail.com 1981 GHS
Hallock Alvie 2hallock@nemontel.net 1968 GHS
Hallock Dustin djh@nemontel.net 1990 GHS
Hallock Julie Shepherd 2hallock@nemontel.net 1970 GHS
Hallock Ashley ahallock@bresnan.net 2000 GHS
Hallock Dana hallock_76@hotmail.com 1995 GHS
Hallock Jessica Ost hallock_76@hotmail.com 2000 GHS
Hamill Billie Hatcher huskermom2@go.com Wichita Heights High School Would definitely like to hear from old friends
Hamill Billie Hatcher huskermom2@hotmail.com 1989 Wichita Height, Kansas
Handley Patrick & Kathleen keenerz@nemontel.net 1966 GHS
Handley Stacey Stellflug MSnGHANDLEY@cs.com 1993 GHS
Hardie Diana Gay dihard@nemontel.net 1980 GHS
Harris Deborah Eastman berries@hypertech.net 1974 GHS
Harris Deborah Eastman berries@artelco.com 1974 Glasgow High
Hart Mike hartmichael@msn.com 1966 GHS
Hartsock Kim toplless@aol.com 1980 GHS
Haskin Charlie cdhaskin@aol.com 1984 GHS
Haskins Carol Markley Carol2@onewest.net 1969 GHS
Hastleman Dirk Chronoware@hotmail.com 1976 GHS
Hasty Beverly bevhasty@cox.net 1956 GHS
Hawkins Gwen Murr serenity@nemontel.net 1974 Last name was Johnson, but husband, Curtis past away in 1992. If anyone would like to get ahold of Angela Johnson or Travis Johnson e-mail me. And I too would love to hear from old class mates. God Bless!
Hawkins Gwen Murr serenity@nemontel.net 1974
Haydu Elizabeth Hayes eahaydu@jps.net 1978 GHS
Hayward Leon hayleon68@yahoo.com GHS
Heacox Arlene K. heacox@msn.com 1938 GHS
Heacox Russel L. heacox@msn.com 1939 GHS
Hebert Phil Psycore@Charter.net 2000 GHS/GED
Hedalen Dennis dhedalen@netscape.com 1985 GHS
Helland Terry & Pam pamandall@juno.com 1974 GHS
Helm Kathleen Simon k1helm@hotmail.com 1965 GHS
Helm Kathleen Simon eastmtgal@yahoo.com 1965 GHS Need to correct my email address.
Herzog James F. outlaws@nemontel.net 1968 MLHS
Hetrick Gary glhetrick@aol.com 1962 GHS
Hetrick Kirk Murdock kirkmurdockhetrick55@hotmail.com 1973 GHS
Hiatt Victor vhiatt1@verizon.net 1964 GHS
Hiatt Patricia Jackson vhiatt1@verizon.net 1966 GHS
Hicks DeeDee Ashpole 5hicks@nemontel.net 1980 GHS
Hicks Larry 5hicks@nemontel.net 1977 GHS
Hierro Amber hierro@saintpatrick.org 1984 GHS
Hilliard Trynity Brooks STHILLIARD@IMT.NET 1990 GHS
Hinds Kayla Gustafson khinds@oregon.uoregon.edu 1963 GHS
Hines Larry larryhines2003@yahoo.com 1958 GHS
Hoffman Paul PGH1220@AOL.COM 1958 GHS
Hoffman Mary maryfran@nemontel.net 1958 GHS
Hoffman Martha (Marti) Palmer capris120@hotmail.com 1964 GHS
Holding Lisa gkstcoach@yahoo.com 1990 GHS
Holland Jackie Kravik Rvanbusk@aol.com 1958 GHS
Holland Steve swh9297@yahoo.com 1985 GHS
Holtan Duane drholtan@hotmail.com
Holtan Kymberly kholtan@tampabay.rr.com
Holter Jim rockwater@nemont.net 1964 GHS
Hood Jaime Hood jaime07_99@yahoo.com 1998 GHS soon to be Jaime Hood Nickels
Hoppe Janet Barnett barnett15@yahoo.com 1998 GHS
Horiuchi Rika Sumita hanamaui216@jcom.home.ne.jp 1982 GHS
Hromcik Dixie Cobb jhromcik@mocc.com 1961 GHS
Hudson Randy randyh8@uneedspeed.net 1987
Hudson Randy dodgeman886322@yahoo.com 1986 Southside Elementary
Hukill Doug stroker@nemontel.net 1972 GHS
Humphrey Derris Hedlund bakirroo@earthlink.net 1967 GHS
Jacobson Jayne Dungan jjacobson@skyenet.net 1960 GHS
Jacobson Bill WMJake@erols.com 1966 GHS
James Kevin kevdaddy@nemontel.net 1989 GHS
James Shawna smtalles@hotmail.com 1990 GHS until Junior yea
James Rhonda Roness wandaway@worldnet.att.net 1965 GHS
James Mary Jo Anderson acnmary@nemont.net 1991 GHS
James Rhonda Roness wandaway@bresnan.net 1965 GHS
Jarvis Sheri Moore morvismail@yahoo.com 1983 GHS
Jaycox Sherman mjaycox@bulkley.net 1956 GHS
Jeide Beth Frueh beth_jeide@educ8.org 1990 GHS
Jeide Beth Frueh beth_jeide@educ8.org 1990 GHS
Jellum Ginger Morehouse phil413forever@adelphia.net 1976 GHS
Jenkins Karen karen.jenkins@usbank.com 1986 GHS
Jennings Jennie jfjennin@nemontel.net 1979 GHS
Jenssen Julie Cook WADDLEY59230@YAHOO.COM 1984 GHS
Jimison Justin jd_jimison@hotmail.com 1993 GHS
Jimison Shelli Jimison sjimison@peacehealth.org 1978 Glasgow High School
Johnson Sherman shermanlj@bellsouth.net 1954 GHS
Johnson Tyler tylerj69@yahoo.com 2001 Nashua
Johnson Jean Pippin jeanbean27@aol.com 1970 GHS
Johnson Carma Sonsteng johnsoc@sw2.k12.wy.us 1964 GHS
Johnson Darla Taylor darlaj@trib.com 1979 Opheim
Johnson Frank 276 Washington St #321
Johnson Joy Metvedt joyous@nemont.net 1975 GHS
Johnston Charles wolf14016@msn.com 1959 GHS
Johnston Marilyn MJOHNS7@Hallmark.Com 1955 GHS
Jondahl Bob BobN8BJ@aol.com 1941 GHS
Jones Cory cmj3@hotmail.com 1991 GHS
Jones C. Darlene Maxness chardarj@midrivers.com 1952 GHS
Jones Kevin sunelectric@centurytel.net 1975 GHS Living in Whitefish, MT
JOSEPH DONNA NELSON grammabgood@att.net 1961 GLASGOW HIGH please add year (1961) to posting
JOSEPH DONNA NELSON grammabgood@att.net 1961 GLASGOW HIGH
Jung-Springberg Lynette Jung lcjpds@earthlink.net 1957 GHS
Jurenka Julie Austin 4skiers@sandpoint.net 1977 GHS I live in Sandpoint, Idaho.
Kalinski Ron ronkalinski@pcweb.net 1968 GHS
Kaplan Joyce Birkhahn 2joyce@nemont.net 1955 Rock Island High School
Katayama Jim jkatayama@dmi.net 1959
Kaul Ken kenkaul@msn.com 1958 GHS
Kaulitzke Ed seahawkblue@hotmail.com 1965 FCH Left Glasgow in 1960
Kaulitzke Ed seahawkblue@yahoo.com 1965
Keagy Robert L. cfravenllc@yahoo.com 1951 Glasgow High School
Kellinger Vance timekeeper@netzero.com 1976 GHS
Kelly Sam R. KB7MUM@att.net 1963 GHS
Kelly Sam R. W7MUM@msn.com 1963 GHS
Kendall Michael thekid65@aol.com 1970 GHS
Kiedrowski Deborah Stenglein dkied@aol.com 1989 GHS
Kirby Bobbi Jean Frueh bobbijeanf@yahoo.com 1988 GHS Looking forward to the reunion!
Kittleson Clay kitwit@nemontel.net 1978 GHS
Kittleson Holly Wittmayer chkittleson@yahoo.com 1979 GHS
Kline JoAnn Jung jokline@kci.net 1955 GHS
Knaff Brian bknaff@psinet.com 1962 GHS
Kneirim Ken ken@kengineering.net 1982 GHS
Knierim David new_galoot@yahoo.com 1985 GHS
Knight Peggy Estrem mtnites@cvinternet.net 1977 GHS
Knight Carman Hahn wisehahn@yahoo.com 1978 GHS
Knight Rick mtnites@cvinternet.net 1971 GHS
Knight Rick nitelites@nemontel.net 1971 GHS
Knight Peggy Estrem mtnites@nemontel.net 1977 GHS
Knudsen Loyd lknudsen@msubillings.edu 1978 GHS
Knudson John knudson@digisys.net 1966 GHS
Knudson Kathryn montanablue57@aol.com 1975 GHS
Knudson Kathy Ross knudson@digisys.net 1966 GHS
Knudson Kathryn Knudson kjknudson@aol.com 1975 GHS I hope to see you all at our 30 yr reunion scheduled for July 1-3, 2005 in Glasgow.
Kolle Dave d_kolle@yahoo.com 1991 GHS Orders from your 1991 KING is to contact me
Kolle Dave huanchacoparadise@yahoo.com 1991 GHS
Kolstad Arden Dwain julainefk@msn.com GHS
Kolstad Julaine Souther julainefk@msn.com 1967 GHS
konopaski dan busterkono@yahoo>com 1981 glasgow
Konopaski Colleen Bjorgo goofy@olypen.com 1960 GHS
Konopaski Danny tweeter@olypen.com 1981 GHS
Konopaski Dan Busterkono@yahoo.com 1981
Krusick Jerry jerry@theriver.com 1953 GHS
Kulczyk Ann Frueh booboo1676@yahoo.com 1989 GHS
Kulczyk Ann Frueh booboo1676@yahoo.com 1989 GHS
LaFournaise Phillip palmailfrommt@yahoo.com 1961 GHS
Landsverk Joe litljoe@worldnet.att.net 1976 GHS
Landsverk Jody Sisson litljodyb@worldnet.att.net 1982 GHS
Langen Mark marycdarling@aol.com 1980 GHS
Lanning Tammy Gallagher hotammy100@hotmail.com 2001 GHS
Lanz Scott Flattopnm1@yahoo.com 1979
LaRoque Diane Diedrich laroque@dia.net 1971 GHS
Larsen Constance Ford rlclsky@rabun.net 1964 GHS
Larsen Neil C. nlarsen@nemontel.net 1973 GHS
Larsen Andrea Oderman andrea.larsen@utahhomes.com 1991 GHS
LaSalle Marcy White mllasalle@aol.com 1962 GHS Hi Everyone. I attended Glasgow Public Schools from the first grade to the beginning of the ninth grade. Everett, Washington became my home in January 1959. Had I stayed in Glasgow, I would have graduated in 1962. Yes, Susan White, also class of 1962, is my first cousin. Does anyone have Susan's current name and address? Or Peggy McGibney? And a host of others!!! Flushing, Michigan has been my home since 1978. I would love to hear from you. Cheers, Marcy
Lasar Nancy Bamford nancylasar@hotmail.com 1986 GHS
Lasar Randy randylasar@hotmail.com 1986 GHS
Lebsack Kenneth jklebsack@msn.com 1982 GHS
Lee Cheryl Kravik cklee@uswest.net 1972 GHS
Lee Jennifer jenannelee@yahoo.com 1997 GHS
Lee Sylvia Luck sylvia.lee@hfa-mn.org 1969 GHS
Lehnert Shirley Lentzner alehnert@frontiernet.net 1967 Glasgow High
Lehnert Arnold alehnert@frontiernet.net 1963 Glasgow High Moved to Libby,MT in1968
Lehnert Arnold alehnert@frontiernet.net 1963 Glasgow High School
Lehnert Shirley Lentzner alehnert@frontiernet.net 1967 Glasgow High School
Lentzner Janet Lentznerjk@aol.com 1970 GHS
Lersbak Wayne lersb@comcast.net 1961 GHS
Leslie Wayne L. montanawayne40@gmail.com 1958 GHS
Lewis Jim jlewis714@juno.com 1965 GHS
Lewis Tammy kdzrgr8@msn.com 1988 GHS
Lewis Penny Meyer gunner63@bellsouth.net 1958 GHS
Liebelt Greg sliebelt@nemont.net 1987 GHS Moved back to the area over 18 months ago. We live out at Ft. Peck, so look us up if your back for the reunion!
Liebelt Shannon Hueth sliebelt@nemont.net 1987 GHS Howdy class of '87! We had a blast at the 20th-hope to see you this summer.
Lindstrom Jane Meyer janelindstrom@comcast.net 1966 GHS
Link Barbara Meyer bjlsactoca@aol.com 1960 GHS
LINK KAREN HELLAND ktmlink@yahoo.com 1974 Glasgow Sr High School
Litton Kim Owens tndreamr@bellsouth.net 1976 GHS
Lockwood Roy roy_v_lockwood_@webtv.net 1933 GHS
Lockwood James jimlockwood@centurytel.net 1962 GHS We are planning a reunion of classes 1960 - 1965 in Los Vegas next April 22 -25, 2010. If you were in one of those classes, you should be getting a letter from your class representative by end of September: Bill Murch (1960), Jay Paul Olson (1961), Jim Lockwood (1962), Mary Gene Esselbach/Benson (1963), Pat Saindon/Trubell(1964) or Mick Beede (1965). If you don't recieve your letter in next three weeks, send me a email or give me call. 406/862-7760 (ph).
Logan Rose Carr rose@icw.com 1967 GHS
Logan Rick RLogan1959@aol.com 1977 GHS
Logan Chris jclogan@rtconnect.net 1985 GHS
Lowell Keith 2wit@ttlc.net 1978 GHS
Luckman Delores Lee DeDobbeleer dickanddee_2000@yahoo.com 1951 GHS
Luke Joe jml@bonipak.com 1964 Glasgow Best Year and a half I ever spent in school.
Lynch Norma Hatton mountainplains@msn.com 1953 GHS
Lynch Chuck ChuckL@Beartooth.net 1980 GHS
Maas Mike hikendoris@nem0untmotel.net 1939 GHS
MacDonald Ann Byrnes annymac14@yahoo.com 1989 Nashua
Madera Lowen Bingle runawaymedia1@yahoo.com 1988 GHS Hello to Glasgow.wasting my time making indepandent films.
Mahugh G. Irvin imfm@oregontrail.net 1951 GHS
Makoff Wendy wendysantiques@yahoo.com 1973 GHS
Malnaa Myron myron.malnaa@farm-credit.com 1971 GHS
Malnaa Lynne Heikens mmalnaa@nemontel.net 1972 GHS
Mandeville Sharon Kasten mandevil@nemontel.net 1973 GHS
Markle Jeanine Hoffarth jjmark@nemontel.net 1972 GHS
Markle Drew dmarkle@hotmail.com 1997 GHS
Markle Jack jjmark@nemontel.net 1964 GHS
Markle Michelle michelle_markle@hotmail.com 1997 GHS
Marks Chris cmarks83@yahoo.com 1983 GHS
Marks Ray raymond.marks@talk21.com 1966 JFS london UK
Marks Pam Sleeper pmarks77@hotmail.com 1977 Dodge Center MN
Martens Julia A. jumartens@state.mt.us 1985 GHS
Martin Karen Legare karen@coregolftrainer.com 1980 GHS
Mathews Wayne mtwolf66@sbcglobal.net 1986 GHS
Mattfeld Harriet Dalby mnuptowngal@yahoo.com 1952 GHS
Mattfeld Harriet Dalby uptowngal@hotmail.com 1952 GHS Always neat to hear from classmates.
Mattfeldt Russell nvruss@webtv.net 1939 GHS
Maxness John john@execairmontana.com 1982 GHS
McClenning Andrea Grimsrud ammclenning@yahoo.com 1997 Nashua Billings, MT
McCormick Lisa Newton dktrmac@sonic.net 1980 GHS
McDuffee Nancy oregontall618@yahoo.com 1966 Glasgow High School
McIlvain Amie Fagan amiej@nemontel.net 1997 Glasgow High
McInernry Jim JimInMT@home.com 1971 GHS
McIntyre Vicky vmcintyre@stcloudstate.edu 1971 GHS
McIntyre Jack jackmc@wbhsi.net 1957 GHS Now living in Tuscon, AZ
Mckee Patrick mckee@got.net 1967 GHS
McPherson Terry Sather ts@nemontel.net 1975 GHS
McPherson-Degele Shelly diggit1@hotmail.com 1978 GHS
Meiers Duane "Skinny" meier6@nemontel.net 1977 GHS
Meiers Duane "Skinny" dmeiers@bresnan.net 1977 GHS
Meiers Dana Siefert dmeiers@bresnan.net 1990 NHS
Meland Kristi Stathos jmeland@nemontel.net 1989 GHS
Mennis Clarence mennis1@hotmail.com 1973 GHS Still alive
Mercer Colleen colleen@wholedamarea.com 1992 GHS
Merrick Faithe Lonebear cheyfaye@yahoo.com 1983 GHS
Merrill Kathy Euell Krmsalon@msn.com 1983 GHS
Meyer Joan Carman Meyersfour@aol.com 1971 GHS
Meyer Hal & Maxine Janelindstrom@msn.com GHS
Mhyre Gary G. yakradio@aol.com 1962 GHS
Mihalic Lynn Kamrud L_Mihalic@msn.com 1961 GHS
Miller Karen Sue Barger ksmiller@quixnet.net 1967 GHS
Miller Dawna Corscadden demiller@ttc-cmc.net 1985 GHS
Miller Dawna Corscadden pmweims@3rivers.net 1985 GHS
Mineer Carla Carla.Mineer@usa.Alcatel.com 1972 GHS
Mings Walter mingswj@msn.com 1952 GHS Still here
Mitchell Candy Frerck candy@nemontel.net 1971 GHS
Mitchell Mike candy@nemontel.net 1969 GHS
Mitchell Marge Brenner margemitchellcm@mchsi.com 1967 GHS Who is going to the 2008 All School Reunion?
Mondell Diane Olson titwillowd@gmail.com 1958 Glasgow High School
Mondell Diane Olson titwillowd@aol.com 1958 GHS
Monson Lana lrmonson@att.net 1979 GHS
Monson Michelle monsondesch@mchsi.com 1980 GHS
Monson Lana lanarae@bresnan.net
Morehouse Keith 2deco@nemontel.net 1972 GHS
Morehouse Kent morehous@nemontel.net 1980 GHS
Morehouse Juanita Rice morehous@nemontel.net 1981 GHS
Morris Georgia Davis riosgigi@jps.net 1966 GHS
Moss Celeste Broadbrooks celestem@hotmail.com 1996 GHS
Mrs. George Key Mary Novinger key@fea.net 1944 GHS
Mulligan Rhonda rhondamulligan@hotmail.com
Mulligan Mike mulligan@nemontel.net 82-83-84 Simms High School
Murch Cowboy big_cowboy_style@hotmail.com 1999 GHS
Murphy Mara Gundermann Maragund@hotmail.com 1995 Opheim
Murr Leo MurrLeo@Hotmail.com 1977 GHS Now Living in North Dakota/Water Plant Superintendent
Murray Mary Beardsley mary.m.murray@boeing.com 1982 GHS
Nacarelli Micelle LCLindaLu@aol.com 1984 GHS
Nelson Bruce BWNelson@aol.com 1972 GHS
Nelson LeAnn St. Clair lpp@nemontel.net 1984 GHS
Nelson Arlene Swindell anelson@oltn.odl.state.ok.us 1969 GHS
Nelson Scott scottnelson77@aol.com 1974 GSHS Hello to everyone!
Newton Gale newtongw@muohio.edu 1971 GHS
Newton Lorie Lnewtonrdh@aol.com 1974 GHS
Newton Andy newton1013@hotmail.com 1999 GHS Living the Dream in Scottsdale Arizona
Newton Carl knute@suscom-maine.net 1968 GHS Life is good
Nixdorf Dennis nixdorf@gte.net 1964 GHS
Norcutt Kathy wakemeup2day@yahoo.com 1984 GHS
Norcutt Earl Jr. enorcutt@cox.net 1972 GHS Live in Phoenix. Fly for America West Airlines. Drop an email, we'll catch up.
Nordloh Amy aymdoggydog@yahoo.com 1991 GHS
Northup Deaun Berge northup@ix.netcom.com 1984 GHS
Northup Adam nitewing@ix.netcom.com 1986 GHS
Northup Emmitt teachinc@nemontel.net 1963 GHS
Northup Terry Pugh teachinc@nemontel.net 1966 GHS
Norton John nortonj@prodigy.net 1962 GHS
Novak Nathan nathan.novak@co.eau-claire.wi.us 1980 GHS
Nugent Kathy Nelson Kathy.Nugent@gmail.com 1975 ghs
Oberquell Duane oberquell@earthlink.net 1963 GHS
Okuku Ewu ewu_mee@netzero.com 1998 Oxford
Olson Dick olsons5145@aol.com 1958 GHS
Olson Edward Oly5000@cs.com 1969 GHS
Olson Floyd & JoAnn joolson@nemontel.net
Olson Jay Paul cmolson@usinternet.com 1960 GHS
Olson Paul D. pandsolson@juno.com 1961 GHS
Olson Louise Schoenfelder olsadie@rrt.net 1971 GHS
Olson Sharon DuBeau olsons5145@aol.com 1960 GHS
Olson Diane Mondell titwillowd@msn.com 1958 GHS
Ost Tiffany Stingley ntaost@msn.com 2000 GHS
Owen Cheri Morgan ABGs1@webtv.net 1965 GHS
Owens Keith kowens@earthtech.com 1975 GHS
Ozark Stan 1987 Nashua
Page Michele K. Etchart 2pagwhit@nemontel.net 1962 GHS
Page Gwen Schafer gep@nemont.net 1981 GHS
Parke Jim jparke@me.com 1964 GHS
Partridge-Delich Traci delich3@gateway.net 1989 GHS
Patrick Vicki Kjelstrup vickikk99@aol.com 1963 GHS
Pattison Bill Pbillp@webtv.net 1935 GHS
Pattison Shirley 2rxfarm@nemontel.net 1970 GHS
Pattison Bill peg_patt88@nemont.net 1935 GHS
Paulson Tyler typaulson@hotmail.com 2008 Glasgow
Peck Raleigh rgpeck@midrivers.com 1980 GHS
Pedersen Joan Kamrud joanipedersen@charter.net 1962 Glasgow High School
Pederson Marie Schafer rie@nemontel.net 1978 GHS
Pepin Jerry ApepJpep@aol.com 1963 GHS
Peterson Troy chaines@ashleyfurniture.com 1985 Sparta Senior High
Pfiffner Liz Nelson LizTrstNo1@aol.com 1973 GHS
Phillips Tim D 2timphil@nemont.net 1984 ghs
Pia Ganner pia.ganner@gmx.net 1997 GHS
Pickthorn Darren Dipstick_Pick@hotmail.com 1993 Nashua
Pierce Holly Northup bhpierce@home.com 1989 GHS
Pittman Anna Marie AMPittman@hotmail.com 1986 GHS
Plenger Lois Ann Jenson teacherlois@sbcglobal.net 1958 GHS
Pliley Jack rngldr82@yahoo.com 1982 GHS
Plummer Sande Bunk plumcrazy@blackfoot.net 1973 GHS
Pointer Leah Isakson lpointer@gp.usbr.gov 1983 GHS
Potts Kim pottsy411@aol.com 1992 GHS
Powell Frank & Michelle fmsp.p@nemontel.net 1988 GHS
Powell Gordie glp59230@cox.net 1988 GHS
Powell Luke powell@uab.edu 1979 GHS
Pritchett Karen Ogborn kpritchett@mailexcite.com 1966 GHS
Puchalla Leanord lenp@oceana.net St Rapheals
Quinlivan Judy Quinlivan judyquin@aol.com 1968
Quiring Larry laq38@comcast.net 1956 Glasgow Hi
Quiring Larry laq38@comcast.net 1956 Glasgow Hi Living the dream in Colorado Springs, with my wife, Shirley Watterud of Opheim for the last 46 years. Would like to see more 1956 names here.
Radcliffe Mike mradcliff2@aol.com 1966 GHS
Radomski Beagar jrado@uswest.net 1984 GHS
Ramsbacher Brenda Combs scribblers@runbox.com 1987 GHS
Rapp Geannine grapp@bresnan.net; geannine.rapp@gfclinic.com 1988 GHS
Rasmusan Jodi Garsjo jlr@nemontel.net 1992 GHS
Rasmusan JR 1983 GHS
Rasmusan Kerry ketjk@nemontel.net 1993 GHS
Rasmusan Terry 1990 GHS
Rasmussen Kennard L. kras@ritzcom.net 1944 Opheim
Ratliff Rick RickRatliff@BellSouth.Net My brother, Wayne, and I lived at GAFB...235C Oak St....62-65. Then went to Abilene TX and then back home to BAMA. I visted Glasgow and old base Sept 2005.
Rector Josh & Dawn crossing@nemontel.net 1991 GHS
Reggie R. O. Clemons lemonsj@plains.net 1964 GHS
Rennick Ed rennick69@yahoo.com 1969 GHS
Rennick Edwin rennick69@hotmail.com 1969 GHS
Rhoads Stacie Jenkins SPR-SMR@WEBTV.net 1992 GHS
Rice Miranda Barnby jrspest_1@hotmail.com 1997 GHS
Rice Julie julierice22@hotmail.com 2000 GHS
Rice Miranda Barnby jrspest_1@yahoo.com 1997 GHS
Richards Annette Fassett arichards@nemontel.net 1991 GHS
Riggin Kieya Gormley Mri9648983@aol.com 1986 Glasgow Senior High School I would love to hear from you! :)
Riggin Kieya Gormley KieyaRiggin@yahoo.com 1986 Glasgow High School Please update my email address. Thank you:)
Ritten Linda Moran dritten@orcc.com 1968 GHS
Robinson Julie Ames jrobinson@usa.utah.edu 1971 GHS Would love to here from old friends.
Rodvelt Krystal luckie233@aol.com 2001 GHS
Rollwitz Pennie Smith pennierollwitz@gmail.com 1967 GHS
Roness Amanda bannana_02@yahoo.com 2002 GHS
Rongstad Richard mychalk@yahoo.com Nashua High/Glasgow
Rose Elaine Robertson erose@montana.com 1960 GHS
Roth Judy jtsaaved@willscot.com 1973 GHS
Rudberg Don drudberg@aol.com 1952 GHS
Rudberg George gerudberg@aol.com 1951 GHS
Ruiz Cassia Brown cassia.ruiz@attws.com 1990 GHS
Rundle Marcia Beebe marcrun@msn.com 1965 GHS
Rundle Scott hundgutt@montanasky.net 1985 GHS
Rupert Lee leerupert@yahoo.com 1964 GHS
Russell Keith rabidhunter82@yahoo.com 2000 GHS
Saindon Patricia Trubell Saindonpat@aol.com 1964 GHS
Sampson Brandi brandis@nemontel.net 1992 GHS
Samson Stephanie Sukut samsonsls@hotmail.com 1995 GHS
Sand Sylvia DeLoach sd40love@aol.com 1957 GHS
Sather Terry McPherson ts@nemontel.net 1975 GHS
Sather Lynn ts@nemontel.net 1970 GHS
Sather lynn ts@nemontel.net 1970 GHS
Saunders Kathleen Saunders kathleen.saunders@wwu.edu 1967 Glasgow High School
Sayre Jeffrey L. jeffsayre@dwproductions.com 1978 Irle Elementary/Shad
Schakosky Jason JaSchakosky@student.msun.edu 1999 GHS
Schellinger Faithe Rasmussen fschellinger@yahoo.com 1961 GHS
Schiflett Sherry L. slsmith8@hotmail.com Havre
Schindler Steve schinto@nemontel.net 1970 GHS
Schlegel Denise Marquart dschlegel@mdmsupply.com 1988 Glasgow I LIVE IN KALISPELL MONTANA AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT......
Schlegel Denise Marquart dschlegel@mdmsupply.com 1988 Glasgow Montana Living Kalispell, Montana with my kidos.
Schmitt Helmuth helmuth.schmitt@metrokc.gov 1961 GHS
Schmitt Liz Ressmeyer tschmitt@nemontel.net 1982 GHS
Schneider Carol Lewis cjap1@msn.com 1965 GHS
Schoenfelder Nanci Hallett nschoenfelder@msn.com 1977 NHS
Schofield Russell Russ85308@yahoo.com 1950 GHS
Schonfield Carol Harebo Russ85308@yahoo.com 1952 GHS
Schott Dale Dale_Ava_Schott@q.com 1964 Glasgow High School
Schrimsher Scott detoxmountain@comcast.net 1977 Fort Peck/Nashua
Schrimsher Scott ScottSchrimsher@comcast.net 1968-1977 Fort Peck / Nashua Santa Barbara, Ca.
Schwartz Gina bugger@nemontel.net 1986 NASHUA
Schwartz Gina gina_schwartz@msn.com 1986 Nashua High School Currently reside in Phoenix, AZ
Scott Mark mscott16@imt.net 1975 GHS
Scott Terry tscottrae@aol.com 1964 GHS
Seiler Doug dseiler800@aol.com 1988 GHS
Sellers Marilyn Southland sierra9464@att.net 1964 GHS Planning 50th reunion for Class of 1964 in Glasgow Aug 8,9,10 2014. Please provide updated contact information. THANK YOU
Sellers Marilyn Southland sierra9464@att.net 1964 GHS
Sevareid Allen remington_308@yahoo.com 1988 GHS
Sevareid Theresa Franzen traksevareid@hotmail.com 1986 GHS
Seyfert Jamie Roness eseyfert@nemontel.net 1997 GHS
Seyfert Eric eseyfert@nemontel.net 1983
Shadday Sherry Stein sshadday@worldnet.att.net 1971 Opheim
Shahan Brenda Mynatt sandngravel@metro.net 1963 GHS
Shahan Brenda Mynatt shahanbjs@aol.com 1963 GHS
Shaldack Nate nathaniel.schaldack@dyess.af.mil 1995 GHS
Shambaugh Ward Stephen Steve SWSColonel@AOL.com 1938 GHS
Shefstad Edna Eddy Oumi EDDYOUMI@aol.com 1961 GHS
Shillen Sherry Schultz shillenn@netcommander.com 1968 GHS
Shipp Leith ltoshipp@vcn.com 1985 GHS
Shorten Teddi Martin shorten@gateway.net 1974 GHS
Shorten Teddi Martin teddishort@aol.com 1974 Glasgow High School New email address
Shuman Victor "Rick" vicarla@countryaccess.com 1964 GHS
Siefert Darcy itsdarc@aol.com 1981 GHS
Siers Dennis siersdg@yahoo.com 1986 GHS
Simon Karen bsilkwa@aol.com 1966 GHS
Simon Stephen sasimon@juno.com 1973 GHS
Simon Karen Simon kjasimon@hotmail.com 1966 GHS
Simonsen Mark mdsimonsen@hotmail.com 1990 GHS
Sims Sam ssims@capspec.com 1969 GHS
Sisson Warren warren4891sisson@msn.com 1980 GHS
Sisson Warren warrensisson@hotmail.com 1980 GHS
Skelton Roch (Rocky) roch@theSkeltons.com 1975 GHS moved away in 1973, in the years since I've lived in Texas, Massachusetts, California, and now near DC - email works great to keep in touch!
Smith Pam Legare pjfarkle@yahoo.com 1968 GHS
Smith Candace crittercomforts@charter.net 1973 GHS
Smith Donald donrosie@pacbell.net 1964 GHS
Smith Donald montanadon@prodigy.net 1956 GHS
Smith Jay tunder51@hotmail.com 1972 GHS
Smith Nancy nsmith67@columbus.rr.com 1965 Glasgow Junior High
Smith Scott smiths@mtaonline.net 1967 GHS
Smith Steven Parsons sps59252@hotmail.com 1966 GHS
Smith Wendy wen@klbexhibits.com 1968 GHS
Smith Angel ahalo_2006@yahoo.com 2006 Nashua I went to Nashua k-3
Smith Phil mailto:philsmith@montana.com 1964 GHS
Smrcka Vicky vsmrcka@hotmail.com 1996 GHS
Smrcka Jim smrckacpa@yahoo.com
Sonsteng Dave davenjan@gte.net 1983 GHS
Sorenson Rod oldchief81@aol.com 1965 GHS
Squires Harold mshs35@aol.com 1945 GHS
Squires Myrel mshs35@aol.com 1949 GHS
Stebleton Susan Krohmer wadek@loretel.net 1980 GHS
Steele Evaana Gideon bonabeans@yahoo.com 1992 GHS
Steele Evaana (Evon) Gideon bonabeans@yahoo.com 1992 GHS Living in PA now with hubby Scott Steele.Married almost ten years! We have 3 great kids and would love to hear from you! You can reach either of us at the email addy given.
stein brian bhs196307@yahoo.com 1982 glasgow high
Stein Sally Nelson deonjenn@nemontel.net 1978 GHS
Stein Brian nnhstein@cs.com 1982 GHS
Stein Ed deonjenn@nemontel.net 1978 GHS
Stein Ken omyback@mcn.net 1970 GHS
Stein Deon deon.newtons@nemontel.net 2000 GHS
Stellflug Rick rastell@nemontel.net 1968 GHS
Stenglein David stenglein@planet.nl 1986 GHS
Stenglein David montana2011@gmail.com 1986 Glasgow High School
Stenglein David fazantlaan77@cox.net 1986 GHS
Stensland Ron vikes@nemontel.net 1982 GHS
Sternhagen Kathy aurorab4@hotmail.com 1967 GHS
Stevens Ray rs6623@aol.com 1985 GHS
Stevenson Steve steve@stevenson.net 1986
Stidman Gary gstidman@nemontel.net
Stidman Sarah Jean 2cats@yahoo.com
STIEGELER Kristie Grimes KriztAnn@hotmail.com 1998 Nashua
Still Denise Kenny ireneburt@webtv.net 1955 GHS
Stine Julie Anne Hitchcock tjtexas14@hotmail.com 1968 GHS
Stine Julie Anne Hitchcock terrypstine@yahoo.com 1968 GHS
Stine Julie Anne Hitchcock terrypstine@yahoo.com 1968 GHS
Stingley Michael fuzz67@hotmail.com 1987 GHS
Stingley Carol Ann Zeiger castingley@hotmail.com 1990 Glasgow High School
Storkson Sam Lee storkson@basec.net 1967 GHS
Storle Chip storle@digisys.net 1980 GHS
Stormer Bob 2stormrc@nemontel.net 1982 Plentywood
Stormer Lori Stratton 2stormrc@nemontel.net 1982 Plentywood
Stratton Lon stratton@nemontel.net 1975 GHS
Stratton Marcia marciaan@ttc-cmc.net 1999 GHS
Stratton Lon Lonster_56@yahoo.com 1975 Glasgow
Strommen Char strommens@hotmail.com
Strommen Janice Schindler jajstrom@nemont.net 1974 GHS
Stuart Jayne jes1@zia.com 1966 GHS
Stuber Mike michael_stuber@danka.com 1983 GHS
Such Anna Marie Pittman annamsuch@hotmail.com 1986 Glasgow High School
Sugg Maria Hottamalez_77@yahoo.com 1997 GHS
Sukut Kaye sksukut@nemontel.net 1981 GHS
Sukut Steve sksukut@nemontel.net 1975 GHS
Sullivan Heather Pederson sullivanh75@yahoo.com 1993 GHS
Sullivan Jim jmsull@libby.org 1953 GHS
Sundby L.E. le.sundby@us.army.mil 1966 GHS
Sundby L.E. lesundby@live.com 1966 Glasgow
Swanson Lisa Anderson toreyandlisa2@msn.com 1995 GHS
Swanson Janet hworrall@3rivers.net 1961 GHS
Swartz Brooke Cech brookeandjeffswartz@att.net 1993 GHS
Taggart Connie Maag ctag87@excite.com 1973 GHS
Tallman Vicki Patterson Tallman2@aol.com 1964 GHS
Taylor Joan Schultz mtmickey@nemontel.net 1976 GHS love to hear from classmates
Tazzar Billy 1974 GHS
Teitelbaum Tamara Martin tamarateitel@yahoo.com 1979 GHS
Thompson Lyn Castlebery deanlyn@libby.org 1990 GHS
Torpy Phyllis Iwen torpysdblnkl@webtv.Net 1966 GHS
Townsend Beverly Landes bevbill@bridgeband.com 1958 GHS
Townsend Beverly Landes bevbill@bresnan.net 1958 The Class of 1958 is hosting a reunion in Whitefish at the Grouse Mountain Lodge. August 8-10. Other classes of late 50s and the60s and siblings please consider joining in. Already have about 65 Scoties coming.
Trang Richard rltrang@cox.net 1963 GHS
Truesdell Kris Truesdell shux@alaska.com 1984 GHS
Truesdell Kris shuck_20@msn.com 1984
Truesdell Kris shuck_20@msn.com 1984 GHS
Twete Brenda Simonsen brenda@rockymtnre.com 1988 GHS Living in Whitefish, Montana. Come and hike or ski with us!
VanBuskirk Louise LaFournaise RVanbus@aol.com 1958 GHS
Vance Crisstina cvance@intercapitalmortgage.com 2001 GHS
Vohs Suzanne Vohs suzannevohs@mac.com 1965 GHS Moved to CA in 1962. Now live in Southern CA.
Wagenhals Cathy Honrud billingssister@yahoo.com 1973 Opheim
Wagenhals Dana danaw@tirerama.com 1975 GHS
Wagenhals Dana danaw@bresnan.net 1975 Glasgow High School
Walker Sandy Starkey swalker55555@yahoo.com 1969 Glasgow High
Wall Karen Euell 2diamond@nemontel.net 1981 GHS
Wall Beth Scott liztheresa@aol.com 1965 GHS
Wall Mike mwall@pipetrades.org 1962 GHS
Walton Elizabeth Jean waltonliz@hotmail.com 1999 NHS
Walton John montana_33_06@hotmail.com 2006
Walton Carol Ann Ellsworth waltonca@hotmail.com 1997 Saco Public School Currently in South Korea
Watanabe Bonnie Silk bsilkwa@aol.com 1965 GHS
Weber Phil pjweber@earthlink.net 1981 GHS Florida
Weeres Shilo shiloweeres@bresnan.net 1994 GHS
Weiser Connie Barnes yzzer@comcast.net 1961 Glasgow High School
Welsh Carey careyjwelsh@hotmail.com 1985 GHS
Welsh Ryan rewman97@bresnan.net GHS
Welsh Douglas ash255@midrivers.com 1989 GHS
Welsh Glenn glennwelsh@hotmail.com GHS
Welzenbach Cheryl Kastl cwelzenbach@jtl.wtp.net 1966 GHS
Whitish Brett IamthePhish@aol.com 1997 GHS now in Minot/Korea
Whitmire Buddy buddywhitmire@aol.com 1979 GHS : 1974-77 Currently living in Asheville, NC.
Wiebe Jerry jerry@jernsue.com 1965 GHS I am now living in Discovery Bay CA.
Wiebe Jerry papadrone@gmail.com 1965 GHS
Wieder Steven stevenwieder@hotmail.com 1992 GHS
Wiese Tami Ellefson Tami.wiese@noridian.com 1986 GHS Living in Fargo ND
Wilcox Pam Holmes Beachcox@aol.com 1982 Tri-county HS
Wiley Amy Chatten chatten-wiley@scglobal.net 1994 GHS
Wilkowski Fred (Rick) rickwilkowski@hotmail.com 1979 GHS Living in Helena MT. (2004)
Wilson Linda Marx lwilsn@bellsouth.net 1974 GHS
Wilson Linda Marx lwilsn@charter.net 1974 Glasgow High School
Wilson Gil gil@gilwilson.com 1984 Glasgow High School I only attended during my freshman year but would love to connect w/ my old chums.
Wixson Debbie Johnson ddwixson@nemontel.net 1986 GHS
Wood Barbi Halverson Barbijwood@aol.com 1986 GHS
Wratislaw Fred pebbleandrock@aol.com 1969 GRADUATED IN CAL
Wright Meredith Ratzeburg MWright382@aol.com 1963 GHS
Zighera Barbara Nelson sybillee@aol.com 1958 Boston, Ma
Zimdars Diane Etchart dzimdars@intrq.com 1974 GHS
Zinner Karl k_j_z2@hotmail.com 1975 GHS
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