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Each week we draw from ALL that week's anniversaries and birthdays to give away a birthday prize pack from our sponsors:
- $10 gift certificate from the Apple Trolley
- Collector's coins from Fort Peck Community Federal Credit Union
- Two matinee tickets from Valley Cinemas
- $10 gift certificate from Bergie's
- Reynolds Market Deli & Bakery will be giving away THREE five-inch birthday cakes each Friday too!

Congratulations to our 2 birthday cake winners this week: Tish Neulib & Toni Nyquist
And, our Grand Prize Winner:
Shelly Riggin

Fort Peck Community Federal Credit Union
Need Cabin Loans? The Fort Peck Community Federal Credit Union offers very comparable rates and will help you with all your financing needs. Customized loans for trucks, boats, R.V.'s and so much more! Contact the helpful personnel at the Fort Peck Community Federal Credit Union (Fort Peck branch 526-3223) or Glasgow branch (228-9292) which is open conveniently until 5pm every Friday. We are member owned and service driven. Insured by NCUA, equal housing lender.
Reynolds Market Deli and Bakery
Offering fast, easy, and delicious lunch options...Daily Lunch Specials
Monday 2 Chicken Strips with 1/4 pound of wedges or cheesy potatoes $3.99
Tuesday 2 Egg Rolls for $1.19, General Tso or Sweet and Sour Pork $5.99/lb
Wednesday 2 Pizza Sticks $1.29
Thursday - 2 pc Chicken, 1/4 pound Scalloped Potatoes and 1 Roll $4.99
Friday 2 Corn Dogs for $1.00

Monday through Friday get pizza by the slice for $1.00 a slice

Soup served seven days a week. Large $3.25, Small $2.50

Deli options...
Fresh-made wraps and sandwiches
Fried Chicken, Rotisserie Chicken
Bbq Ribs, Hot Wings
Chicken Strips, General Tso Chicken
Sweet n Sour Pork
Variety of Salads
Homemade Spinach Dip
Selection of Deli Meats and Cheeses

Breads and sweet treats include...
Hoagie rolls - wheat, white, rye
Fresh donuts, caramel and cinnamon rolls
French Bread
Hard rolls, Ciabatta rolls
Cheese rolls and bread sticks
Cookies - chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, ginger, snickerdoodles, date filled and many more

Valley Cinemas
Noah (PG-13) @ 4, 6:50 & 9:30 p.m. & Rio 2 (G) @ 4:10, 7, 9 p.m.
Don't miss Free Popcorn Tuesdays: you'll receive a free popcorn with every paid admission on Tuesdays!

Matinees cost just $5.75 per ticket. For full movie details, visit Valley Cinemas online.

Bergie's in Nashua
One of a kind, homemade ice cream is made the original way at Bergie's in Nashua! Enjoy all of your favorite regular ice cream flavors plus...the various specialty flavors.

Bergie's serves delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Open 7 days a week...7am - 5pm Sunday - Tuesday and 7am - 7pm Wednesday - Saturday! Located just off of Hwy 2 in Nashua. Call 746-3441.

Today is Sunday, April 20th 2014.

In 735, B.C., according to the Roman historian Varro, Romulus founded the city of Rome.
In 1812, the fourth vice president of the United States, George Clinton, died in Washington at age 73, becoming the first vice president to die while in office.
In 1832, Hot Springs National Park, the first national park in the country, was established by an act of Congress. It had been a reservation prior to becoming a national park.
In 1836, the Territory of Wisconsin was established by an act of Congress in the Western part of the Michigan Territory.
In 1841, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allan Poe, considered the first detective story, was published in Graham's Magazine in Philadelphia.
In 1853, Harriet Tubman started her Underground Railroad.
In 1859, "A Tale Of Two Cities" was first published by Charles Dickens.
In 1896, Projected motion pictures made their commercial theatrical debut in America.
In 1902, scientists Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the radioactive element radium. It was named that because it radiated powerful invisible rays.
In 1926, first check sent by radio facsimile transmission across the Atlantic.
In 1932, Shirley Temple, who was three days shy of turning 4 years old, made her film debut in "Stand Up And Cheer.".
In 1935, "Les Miserables" starring Fredric March and Charles Laughton premiered at the Rivoli.
In 1938, "Under Western Skies" starring Roy Rogers in his first starring role in a Republican western, was released.
In 1939, Bette Davis co-starred with George Brent for the seventh time in "Dark Victory" that opened at Radio City Music Hall. Humphrey Bogart also co-starred.
In 1961, the Federal Communications Commission gave approval for FM Stereo broadcasting. While it would be another five or six years before FM stations went "underground" or "progressive" to attract listeners who were tired of the lack of audio quality on AM stations, FM stations to this time had broadcast in glorious monaural sound. Today, FM broadcasting in the United States accounts for more than 80 percent of radio listening.
In 1999, the Columbine High School massacre took place in Lincoln, Colorado.
Today's Birthdays: Actor George Takei (tuh-KAY') ("Star Trek") is 77. Singer Johnny Tillotson is 76. Actor Ryan O'Neal is 73. Keyboardist Craig Frost of Grand Funk Railroad is 66. Actor Gregory Itzin (iht-zihn) ("24") is 66. Actress Jessica Lange is 65. Actor Clint Howard is 55. Actor Crispin Glover is 50. Actor Andy Serkis ("Lord of the Rings") is 50. Country singer Wade Hayes is 45. Actress Carmen Electra is 42. Actor Joey Lawrence ("Blossom," ''Brotherly Love") is 38. Multi-instrumentalist Clay Cook of the Zac Brown Band is 36.

(Above for release Sunday, April 20th)

First Name Last Name Age Town
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Recent and Future Birthdays and Anniversaries
Birthday First Name Last Name Age Town
Apr 10 Leland R. Monson 80 Glasgow
Apr 11 Tooky Lacock Hinsdale
Apr 11 Anita Little
Apr 12 Linda Olson
Apr 12 Zane Tollefson
Apr 12 Jennifer Franzen 31
Apr 13 Joyce Wilson
Apr 13 Bruce Barstad Glasgow
Apr 13 Kay Opp
Apr 13 Ryan Grandchamp 19 Glasgow
Apr 14 John Kalinski Glasgow
Apr 14 Seth Garwood
Apr 15 Marie Pederson Glasgow
Apr 15 Breanna Barstad Glasgow
Apr 15 Lyle Franzen
Apr 16 Randy Elletson Glasgow
Apr 16 Duane (Snuff) Dahl
Apr 16 Milt & Roberta Barstad Anniversary Glasgow
Apr 16 Charlee Schultz 11
Apr 16 Toni Nyquist
Apr 17 Tish Neulib
Apr 17 Shelly Riggin
Apr 17 Melani Vandall
Apr 18 Terry Shorten
Apr 19 Alec Boland
Apr 21 Jack Morehouse 4
Apr 22 Lacey Flaten
Apr 22 Steve & Annette Schindler Anniversary
Apr 23 Mike Fairclough Glasgow
Apr 25 Keevan Sibley
Apr 26 Kelsie Meland Glasgow
Apr 26 Val Barstad
Apr 27 Lexton Fairclough 9 Glasgow
Apr 28 Kent Hubbard
Apr 30 Blake Estes 3
May 5 Mary Morehouse
May 5 Sadie Sukut Glasgow
May 6 Wanda Gundermann 65 Opheim
May 7 Ryan Nelson Opheim
May 11 Vonnie Pattison
May 18 Alicia Morehouse
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