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6:10 a.m. Boneheads In The News

An Australian astrophysicist has been admitted to hospital after getting four magnets stuck up his nose in an attempt to invent a device that stops people touching their faces during the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr. Daniel Reardon, a research fellow at a Melbourne university, was building a necklace that sounds an alarm on facial contact, when the mishap occurred.

The 27-year-old astrophysicist, who studies pulsars and gravitational waves, said he was trying to liven up the boredom of self-isolation with the four powerful neodymium magnets.

“I accidentally invented a necklace that buzzes continuously unless you move your hand close to your face,” he said.

“After scrapping that idea, I was still a bit bored, playing with the magnets. It’s the same logic as clipping pegs to your ears – I clipped them to my earlobes and then clipped them to my nostril and things went downhill pretty quickly when I clipped the magnets to my other nostril.”

Before attending the hospital, Reardon attempted to use pliers to pull them out, but they became magnetized by the magnets inside his nose.

At the hospital, a team of two doctors applied an anesthetic spray and manually removed the magnets from Reardon’s nose.

6:18 a.m. Story

You probably once said you wished you could ‘spend every minute with your boo.’ Well, now that the coronavirus has granted your wish… do you take it back? Here’s some advice if you’re worried a case of cabin fever might end your relationship.

A recent study from the University of Missouri-Kansas City found it’s important for people to maintain a “sense of self” inside relationships. Basically, you really need to try and maintain a balance between togetherness and separateness. Yes, you’re scientifically approved to do your own thing every once in a while...even during this crisis.

Carving out your own time and space to do things alone is just as important as the time you’re spending with your boo. You’re already feeling forced to stay inside so feeling forced to do everything they want to do is only make your freedom feel even more limited. So if you’re both working from home now, set up your laptops in different rooms, or if you only have one room, tell your partner you’re it’s alone time, and go to read in the corner.

6:18 a.m.

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6:55 a.m. Health Story

A lot of people are now working from home for the first time thanks to the coronavirus, and many may be tempted do all their work from the comfort of their bed, but while it sounds great, it really isn’t the best idea.

According to experts, working from your bed can cause you a whole host of problems, including:

It’s bad for your brain – Dr. Sophie Bostock says your brain needs to be able to separate work from sleep. She says it’s important your brain associates your bed only with sleep and intimacy, and not let work “intrude” on that. Also, setting up a dedicated home work space and not working in your pajamas will better help you transition to “work mode.”
You’ll be less productive – First, there’s a better chance of you nodding off in the middle of the day if you’re in bed. Plus, when it’s finally time to go to bed there’s a good chance you’ll have a hard time not thinking about work.
Dark rooms are not conducive to work – Being exposed to daylight is a good mood booster, so working near a window will help keep your energy up.
It’s bad for your back – Reclining on a bed while at a computer can result in back pain, which will make sleep harder. It’s ideal to try and set up a workspace where you can sit upright, similar to what you’d have if you were at the office.
Source: Daily Mail

6:56 a.m. Hospital Happenings/ABC World News/Local News

7:15 a.m. Story

In a pinch, there’s nothing quite as satisfying -- or comforting -- as a bowl of cereal. But of course, not all cereals are created equal. Some have a lot of sugar.
Here’s a rundown of the cereals with most sugar per ounce:

1. Cap’n Crunch -- .45 grams

2. Lucky Charms -- .37 grams

3. Frosted Flakes -- .36 grams

4. (TIE) Apple Jacks, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Fruity Pebbles -- .33 grams

5. (TIE) Froot Loops, Reese’s Puffs, Trix -- .31 grams

6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch -- .29 grams (The Takeout)

7:15 a.m. Lunch Menus/Valley Happenings

7:30 a.m. Tim's News You Can't Use

The NY Post says Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko believes vodka and spa days will cure the coronavirus. He says his country remains open for business and that sports is the best anti-virus remedy. Alexander tells the Times of London newspaper, “People should not only wash their hands with vodka but also poison the virus with it. You should drink the equivalent of 40-50 milliliters of rectified spirit daily. But not at work. When you come out of the sauna, not only wash your hands, but also your insides with 100 milliliters of vodka.''
The NY Daily News says a Minnesota state trooper recently stopped a cardiologist for speeding. The Massachusetts doctor told the trooper that he travels to Minnesota every month for work and was there this time to help battle the coronavirus. The officer let the doctor go with a warning and gave him several medical masks to wear while battling the virus
The NY Post says the NYPD recently arrested Vasil Pando for running an unlicensed bar and casino at his home in Brooklyn. He and 12 others got busted when cops broke up their party. A neighbor called to alert the police that Pando and his friends were not practicing proper social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.
KATU says a four year-old girl from Auburn, Alabama was safely found after going missing for two days. Her dog never left her side after she left her babysitter and wandered into a wooded area near her home. Both the girl and her dog are in good shape. The girl requested Gatorade after she was found.

LiveLeak claims a man from Toledo, Spain recently dressed in a dog costume before walking on all fours on a city street. The man lifted his leg and relieved himself on a tree before his neighbors started filming him. He broke the city's coronavirus lockdown because he was getting stir crazy stuck inside
Not everyone loves working from home, but at least most people can agree that one major benefit is not having to get all dressed up for work each morning. You probably suspect that many of your work colleagues are taking advantage of the new casual dress perk and forgoing pants on the job, and now a new report from Walmart pretty much proves that’s the case.

According to Dan Bartlett, the executive vice president for corporate affairs at Walmart, the chain has seen “increased sales” for tops, but demand for pants and skirts isn’t strong. A rep for the store also confirms to Fox News that tops are “selling better than bottoms.” Bartlett theorizes that people aren’t buying pants or skirts because they don’t need them while working from home.
As if New Orleans doesn't have enough problems to deal with right now. With restaurants closed save for take-out service, far less food waste is being discarded in the city's alleyways. So that's driving the local rodent population out into the open to search for scraps. Now with Bourbon Street's famous bars all closed and people social distancing, videos show dozens of rats scurrying through the empty streets.
Charles Marsala of New Orleans Insider Tours said, "I turn the corner, there's about 30 rats at the corner, feasting on something in the middle of the street. I've never" seen anything like it before."
To control the population, city crews started putting bait in the gutters and placing rat traps throughout the French Quarter neighborhood. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said the rats were going "crazy."
Niantic – the company behind Pokémon GO and other titles – is hard at work, updating their games to support at-home gaming. Normally, their games encourage people to go outdoors and explore their world. But now, they’re being tweaked to allow gamers to still stay active, but play inside and around their own homes. (Tech Crunch)
A martial artist from India set a new Guinness World Record recently when he crushed 256 walnuts in one minute with his elbow. Muhammad Rashid beat the old record of 229 walnuts. Rashid also holds world records for breaking walnuts with his head, coconuts with his head and smashing beverage cans with his elbow.
A woman in Kentucky was arrested after claiming to be the mayor of Manchester, Kentucky and demanded that she get a free hotel room. When police arrived they found Julia Hill, who appeared to be extremely intoxicated at the front desk. She also continued to claim she was the mayor. She was arrested for public intoxication.
The Daily Mail says Nick Murray and Madeline Davies, of Herts, England, recently received the shock of their lives after they saw their neighbor break quarantine by dressing as a bush. Their neighbor slowly moved from his front door to the end of the driveway. He crouched down next to some trash cans before sprinting across the street. No word on where their neighbor was going.
The Tab says a new quarantine challenge has started called The Naked Challenge. It involves people flashing their unsuspecting partners at home while they are quarantining from the coronavirus. People are posting the results on Tik Tok. One unidentified man got so excited by his wife that he ran down a hallway, tripped, and faceplanted into a wall. She ran into the bedroom
The Daily Mail says one man walked into his girlfriend's room and exposed himself to her and her mother as they were lying in bed reading. The man had no idea the mother was in the room

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