The city of Glasgow continues to work on budgets for the new fiscal year, which begins July 1. According To Glasgow Mayor Willie Zeller, the city council has been busy working with city department heads in formulating a new budget. Although the fiscal year begins July 1, the mayor stated that the city does not have to have preliminary budgets done until close to the end of July. However, he said that they have been working hard on the budget and have most of it finished for the next fiscal year.

Each department in the city had to cut 7% from their budget, but the mayor said that none of the departments lost any major programs. He did note that the police department will cut down on extra part-time help and overtime wages.

The Glasgow city council is also being forced to reckon with the Montana Legislature and their tax cutting actions from the legislative session, which ended earlier this year. The legislature cut property and business equipment taxes along with the taxes paid to license vehicles. Much of those taxes goes to pay for services provided by cities, counties and schools. The city of Glasgow will lose an estimated $54,000 in tax revenue due to the tax decreases. However, the Legislature did authorize local governments to raise that lost tax money by raising taxes themselves. Local governments can now raise local taxes through a floating mill levy and that money would be used to replace the tax money lost through the state tax decrease.

So, overall, taxpayers in the city of Glasgow won’t see major reductions, but will get a tax break through a reduction in vehicle license taxes.Back to top

Department of Emergency & Disaster Services representatives will be in Opheim Tuesday night, meeting with people in the area who suffered damage from the severe weather last week. The meeting is set for 7pm, to discuss what programs might work to aid the northern Valley County residents. Even those who had their property insured are recommended to show up at the meeting on Tuesday night.

Also, State Representative Sam Kitzenberg said on Monday the ball is rolling on another problem in Opheim: the discovery of pesticide contamination in the public drinking water well. Kitzenberg stated that he and Valley County Commissioner David Reinhardt had 2 meetings on the problem last week: one with Mark Simonich, of the Department of Environmental Quality, and the other with Governor Mark Racicot. According to Kitzenberg, the funding request had been bottle-necked for some time, but it looks like the funding will be granted in a couple of days, before the end of the fiscal year on June 30th.

After the first meeting, Simonich recommended to Governor Racicot that the money for test wells be granted to the community. According to the memo, $39,364.39 from the Renewal Resource Emergency Grant Fund, and $35,635.61 be obtained from the Governor’s Emergency Contingency Fund.

According to Kitzenberg, the Governor talked favorably about the request, but didn’t give a timetable on signing it. Kitzenberg said he hoped the grant would be signed within the next couple days.Back to top
Glasgow’s Becky Erickson was elected to the Vice-Chairman position of the state GOP on June 18th. Party Chairman Matt Denny noted that she’s a “tremendous asset to the state party. With her years as Valley County Republican Central Committee Chairman, she knows exactly what it takes to win elections.”

Erickson lives in Glasgow with husband Lee, and is a co-owner of Sam’s Supper Club. She has also served 4 terms on the Glasgow City Council and is Chairman of the Montana Lottery Commission.Back to top

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is looking for private investors to build a resort on some of the most scenic shoreline of Fort Peck Lake. Lake manager Roy Snyder says he hopes to find enough investors for a hunting and fishing resort, which would open from May to the end of hunting season. There has also been discussion about another marina for boaters.

A consultant working with the Corps says investors would probably rather look at a smaller project than a major resort due to the remote area and short recreation season.Back to top

Valley County Commissioner Dave Reinhardt has announced that some disaster funding may be available to those in rural areas surrounding Fort Peck and Opheim, after the severe weather last week. He stated that according to the Montana Department of Emergency Services, low interest Small Business Association loans are available if there are 25 damages homes or businesses (including farms), and if 40% of those are uninsured. The deadline to apply, however, is Monday afternoon, June 28th, at the Valley County Courthouse. Call 228-8221 Ext.19.Back to top

Opheim has been declared a disaster area by Governor Mark Racicot. 3 members of the department of Disaster & Emergency Services met with Mayor John Marvin and Valley County DES Coordinator Greg Spear in Opheim Thursday morning. The officials toured the townsite, and discussed what Opheim will be able to use from the state after the disaster declaration. They also visited with local residents about the damage they sustained. The state officials were amazed at the damage that the small community sustained, and how much has been cleaned up already. No dollar estimates of damage are available yet. However, with the Governor’s declaration, the city is eligible for city owned property that was damaged, expenses above and beyond normal operating costs, such as flagpole, picnic benches & tables, flat tires and labor costs.

Mayor John Marvin stated that he went 36 hours without sleep as did many community members. During the cleanup, any able body that could clean, was cleaning. The high school students had fun trying to outdo each other lifting bigger branches than the one before.

Also, Northern Electric Co-operative is expecting a semi-load of poles to replace the 41 poles that run into the Northern Border Pipline compressor station site. Northern Border has been running on generator power since the storm Monday night.

The town is well on its way to recovery, though; some of the ladies have already replanted flowers in the Opheim City Park. The rodeo and parade scheduled for Sunday will go on as planned. We’ve added more pictures to our website, and the National Weather Service Glasgow office has posted 50 shots of their own. The office also plans to have an animated radar recap of Monday night on their site by next week.Back to top

The filing deadline is quickly approaching for those people interested in filing for city or town councils in Valley County. According to Valley County Clerk and Recorder Lynne Nyquist, the final day to file is July 1 at 5pm. People interested in filing can pick up filing forms at their local town or city office but they have to do the actual filing at the Clerk and Recorder’s office in the Valley County Courthouse.

In the city of Glasgow, the terms of council members Dan Durrell, Dan Carney, and Myron Malnaa all expire this year. As Of Wednesday, all three incumbents have filed for re-election and to date no challengers have filed against them.

In the town of Nashua the terms of council members Jon Hill and John Egosque all end this year and As Of Wednesday, not a single person has filed for those two seats on the Nashua town council.
On the Fort Peck town council, Steve Klessens and Chuck Carlson, have both filed for re-election with no challengers as of Wednesday. Also in Fort Peck the position of mayor is up for re-election and the current mayor, Arlie Gordon, has not filed for re-election.

In the town of Opheim the incumbent mayor, John Marvin, has filed for re-election but the two council members whose terms end, Evan Granrud and Darlene Dolny, have not filed for re-election.
Again, the filing deadline for city and town elections is July 1 at 5pm at the Valley County Clerk and Recorders office in the Valley County Courthouse. Back to top


The Valley County Long Run Fire Department responded to a fire at approximately 1:20pm on Wednesday, at the Kendall & Tracy Vaughn residence, 1 mile south on the Billingsley Road, about 6 miles west of Glasgow on the Tampico Highway. 11 firefighters, 3 pumper trucks, 1 tanker and 1 utility truck all responded to the fire. A small shop and a storage building were both destroyed by the blaze. No injuries were reported. The cause is still under investigation. Back to top

The Glasgow City Council met in regular session on Monday night in the council chambers at the Glasgow Civic Center. At the meeting, the council opened bids on gas and diesel for the city for the next fiscal year. The council received bids from Markle Oil and Anderson Oil and the council took the bids under advisement. The council also opened bids on hay cutting on city property and the bid was awarded to Glasgow resident Bert Keogh.

Glasgow Police Chief Lynn Erickson approached the city council about hiring another patrolmen for the police force. He told the council that he had the money in his budget and with the summer being the busiest time of the year for the police department, he requested that the new patrolman be hired immediately. The council gave approval for a 7th officer to be hired by the police department. Erickson said that they already have a list of officers who underwent the interview process when Dave Watson was hired earlier this year. Those applicants have already been ranked and will be contacted in order of finish in the last interview process. The council briefly discussed wage increased employees and will take up that item at a budget meeting which has been set for Monday, June 28. Back to top
Voters in the Fort Peck Rural Water District on Tuesday gave their approval for a $1.5 million revenue bond to partially fund construct a water system in the district. 283 votes were cast in the election with 203 voting in favor of the bond issue and 79 voting against the issue. That computes to a 72 percent voter approval and 60 percent was needed for passage of the bond issue.

Local commitment to the project was required before the release of a $1.5 million federal appropriation and a $500,00 grant from the Montana Department of Commerce. In addition, a United States Senate committee has just approved another $4million for the Fort Peck Rural Water District. The cost of the construction is estimated at not more than $7.6 million. Federal and state funds will pay 82 percent of the project, with a state grant contributing to the local cost share, reducing the water districts input to 18 percent. According to proponents of the water system, the water system could be up and running before December 2000. Back to top
The 5th Annual Longest Dam Run will be held this Saturday at Kiwanis Park, at the foot of Fort Peck Dam. A 10K, 5K walk & run, and 1 mile walk & run will all be held, starting at 8am on Saturday. The event is a lot of fun and has typically featured folks from all over the U.S. and Canada. For more details, check out our Chamber page.
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Music is ready, dance steps perfected, costumes pressed, and sets freshly painted in preparation for the 1999 summer season at the Fort Peck Theatre. Fiddler on the Roof opens Friday, June 25, in Fort Peck, kicking off the 30th anniversary of live theatre in northeast Montana. A reception in the theatre lobby following the opening night performance will honor cast and crew and everyone is welcome to attend.

A celebration the next evening will mark the anniversary as the Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, Inc., hosts a barbecue at Kiwanis Park. Tickets are priced at $5 for adults and $2.50 for students, with serving from 5 to 7 p.m. A program will follow, honoring everyone who has been affiliated with the Theatre during the past 30 years. The performance of Fiddler caps the evening.

This moving story takes place in a Russian village during the days of Czarist oppression of the Jews in 1905. The story revolves around Tevye, a humble dairyman, his hardworking, yet sharp-tongued wife, and their five marriageable daughters for whom he is unable to provide dowries.

A man of goodwill, Tevye often pauses to carry on conversations with God. His deep respect for God is evident, but he speaks honestly about his life and his feelings, using music to strengthen the bond. Songs such as Sunrise, Sunset; Matchmaker, Matchmaker; Traditions; and Sabbath Prayer help tell the story.

Summer Theatre favorite Bobby Gutierrez returns for a sixth season, this time as artistic director. His performances as the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz and Captain Hook in Peter Pan are memorable to many. Also returning are Musical Director Charles Elliott, Stage Manager Aubrey K. Howeth, and Actor Ryan Grigg.
The Fiddler cast includes actors from throughout northeast Montana. Many long-time local favorites return and the company welcomes people new to the Fort Peck stage. Jack Sigman of St. Marie has the lead roll as Tevye and Tamara Wright plays Golde, his wife. Cast as Tevye's daughters are Carly Booth of Havre, Megan Parker of Malta, and Desiree Sharrett, Katie Truscott and Tess Fahlgren of Glasgow.

Fiddler runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. through July 18. Tickets are available at the door, priced at $9 for an adult admission, $8 for senior citizens and $5 for students. For more information, contact the Fine Arts Council at 228-9219. Back to top
Three decades of art, music, drama and dance will be remembered during a celebration in Fort Peck on June 26 as the Fort Peck Fine Arts Council marks its 30th anniversary. That evening, the Council will honor volunteers and professionals who have contributed over the years.

Festivities begin at Kiwanis Park with a barbecue served from 5 to 7 p.m., followed by a lighthearted program of recollection. The evening’s performance of Fiddler on the Roof at the Fort Peck Theatre concludes the celebration. The cost of the meal is $5.00 for adults and $2.50 for children. “We’re asking people to call the Council office at 406-228-9219 to let us know they’re coming, so we can prepare for everyone,” explains Kari Lee Knierim of Glasgow, Council vice president and celebration chairwoman.

During the celebration, the Council will look back on 30 years of art in all forms. Participants will recall summer theatre productions, summer weekends of art in the park, Christmas holiday programs, a winter entertainment series, an artist in the schools program, an art gallery, and children’s theatre productions, along with a theatre camp for children.

With the diversity of artistic opportunities offered by the Council, support has come from throughout the region, Knierim said. “The Fine Arts Council has enjoyed tremendous support from the community in these 30 years. It takes volunteer workers, performers, musicians, technical staff, and those who help financially, to make it successful. People have always been willing to help and that is gratifying.”

Earlier this year, the Council was honored by Gov. Marc Racicot and the Montana Arts Council with one of six 1999 Governor’s Awards for the Arts. Members of the Montana Arts Council will meet at Fort Peck during the opening weekend of the summer season and will attend the anniversary celebration.

Seeds for today’s success were planted when the Council formed in 1970 as an overall arts organization. Uniquely, one of its goals was to preserve the Fort Peck Theatre and make it a productive part of the community. The building was used as a movie theatre from its construction in 1934 to 1968, and it needed a new purpose. Live theatre was the best answer. Filled with enthusiasm, the Council’s first summer season included an energetic lineup of plays: I Do! I Do!, Oklahoma!, Dirty Works at the Crossroads, Barefoot in the Park and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Audience numbers at summer productions have increased over the years, with a total attendance of 9,300 last year. The council marks three sell-out audiences as high points in its history. Two occurred over the Fourth of July weekend in 1997 during Wizard of Oz, and the other was during a 1994 performance of Quilters. Increasingly, audience members are driving from as far away as Havre, Glendive and Williston – each 150 miles one way – to attend.

Over the years, summer schedules have streamlined, with two musicals and a drama being a workable combination for professionals, volunteers and audiences. Fiddler starts the 1999 season, followed by The Voice of the Prairie and Pump Boys and Dinettes, playing through Labor Day weekend. Performances are offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. and tickets are available at the door. An adult admission is $9, students, $5, and senior citizens $8. Back to top
The National Weather Service reported that a tornado touched down about 5 miles west of Opheim Monday night. No other official details had been released as of 10pm, but we did get a call from an Opheim resident who stated that winds tore the roofs off several buildings, and the front of the Homestead Hotel & Cafe fell off the building. The tornado approached from the south about 8:40pm; residents reportedly thought that hail was coming down, but it was actually gravel that had been kicked up by the twister. Numerous electrical lines were down in the area, according to the witness who reported the information to KLTZ/KLAN. Again, that information is unconfirmed; we’ll have more details as they become available. Back to top


The Fort Peck Rural Water District will be holding an election on Tuesday at the Valley County Courthouse in Glasgow. Voters in the district will be voting on giving permission to the board of directors to issue and sell 1.5 million dollars in revenue bonds. Approval by 60 percent of the votes cast is required for passage of the revenue bond. Proponents of the water system say that a successful bond election is necessary to show local commitment to the project. Such a commitment is required before the release of a $1.5 million dollar federal appropriation and a $500,000 Treasure State Endowment Project grant from the Montana Department of Commerce.

The estimated cost of the water project is $7.6 million. Federal and state funds will pay 82 percent of the project, and a state grant will contribute to the local cost share, reducing the water district's input at 18 percent.

The planned water district calls for upgrade of the town of Fort Peck's water treatment plant, a pumping system and a 42 mile pipeline delivery system to users, including the town, rural homes, the Fort Peck cabin area and Park Grove. It is possible that the water system could be in use by December 2000.

The election will take place at the Valley County Courthouse community room and will run from 7am to 8pm. Those who are eligible to vote are those who have ownership or reside in the Fort Peck Rural Water District. Back to top

The Glasgow School Board and the Glasgow Education Association continued negotiations on a new contract Wednesday evening. This was the fourth time that the two sides have met and they have yet to agree on a new two-year contract.

It appears that the main obstacle continues to be the issue of a pay raise for Glasgow teachers. At the last meeting the school board made an offer that would of given no raise the first year of the contract but on the second year they would have raised the pay for teachers who are currently frozen in the sliding pay scale of the current contract. This would have cost the school district an estimated $12,000 in the second year of the contract.
The teachers came back with a proposal Wednesday night and called the current salary proposal unacceptable. They did offer four other options for raising teacher pay over the course of the two-year contract. School board negotiator Dr. Charles Wilson did not rule out any of the options but did say the school district currently is looking at ways to cut an extra $30,000 out of the school budget. This comes on top of close to $160,000 in budget cuts that were made with retirements and leaving some positions unfilled.

Glasgow Education Association negotiator Gordon Hahn mentioned that after talking with some members of the GEA it appears that quite a few members are tired of not receiving pay raises for several years. Dr. Wilson asked the teachers if a pay raise was offered would they like the increase in a base rate or in the sliding scale that would benefit teachers with more seniority and those who have done graduate work.

Hahn said that the teacher negotiatiors would have to meet with their executive board to find direction before negotiations could continue. The school board representatives and teachers agreed to meet again on June 30 at 7pm. The negotiations continue to be amicable and the only issue it seems left to be resolved would be the pay issue. Back to top

The Glasgow Police Department conducted another drug bust on Wednesday morning at 615 seventh street south. According to the Police Department, they received a request to search the home from adult probation officer Bridger Franzen. Two members of the Glasgow Police Department along with a member of the Valley County Sheriff’s Department searched the home at 7:47am and during the course of the search found three marijuana cigarette butts and several items of drug paraphernalia. A resident of the home, 26 year old Brandi Cook, stepped forward and claimed that the illegal drugs were hers. The Police Department then cited Cook with two citations, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Both citations are misdemeanors. Cook is slated to appear in city court next week in front of city judge Emery Brelje.Back to top

During the Dino-o-thon last fall to raise money for the Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Center and Museum, Hi-Line Computer Systems donated a computer system to be drawn from all contributors of $200 or more. 39 generous contributors to the interpretive center had their name in the hat. The lucky winner was Tom Stathos, who received his new computer from Wes Allen and Hi-Line Computer systems.Back to top


(AP) A fire that gutted three downtown Malta businesses last week is being called suspicious. Phillips County officials say the blaze appears to have started in a specific area of the Mustang Lanes Bowling Alley. The fire started early last Wednesday morning, and quickly spread to Jerry's Barber Pole and Stockman's Bar. No one was injured in the blaze, but damage was estimated at 750-thousand dollars. Phillips County authorities will continue to consider the possibility of arson, as they continue the investigation. Back to top


(Malta-AP) -- Authorities in Philips County say a blue-green algae (AL'-jee) bloom killed 13 cows and two calves, that drank from the Nelson Reservoir near Malta. The animals died Tuesday night. Dr. Anne Johnson is county health officer in Malta. She says when conditions are right for a bloom, the algae create a toxin, a quick-acting poison that could be fatal if ingested. She says the toxic blooms can be sporadic, and could occur throughout the summer when conditions are right. Health officials say it's risky to swim or ski in the reservoir while the algae is blooming -- and pets could be in danger if they're allowed to drink the water. Back to top

Glasgow firefighters responded to a shed that was on fire in north Glasgow, about 6:15 Tuesday night. The shed was in the backyard of #6 3rd Avenue North. The Glasgow Volunteer Fire Department had the blaze out within a couple minutes. The fire was apparently started by 2 juveniles playing with a lighter.

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The Valley County Commissioners have been busy recently putting together the county budget for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1. However, the commissioners have been handcuffed by the actions of the Montana Legislature. The Legislature cut a variety of taxes including property taxes. With the cuts in taxes, local governments are expected to see a shortfall in revenue in the next budget year which begins in July but this means that counties, cities and school districts will lose millions of dollars over the next year in tax revenue.

Along with the tax cuts, though, the state is sending money back to local governments to fill in an estimated 54% of the lost revenue. The remaining 46% will have to be made up by the local governments. The Legislature is allowing cities and counties to raise taxes in the form of a floating mill levy to make up for the lost revenue.

Another twist to the story is that the state revenue department will not have budget figures available to local governments until sometime in the middle of August. This is causing some confusion among cities and counties because their budget year starts in July and they won’t have any revenue figures until August.

The Valley County Commissioners are proceeding with their budgets and have instructed all of their department heads to figure budgets based on last year's revenue. The commissioners do not have any numbers on how much money they will be losing because of the tax cuts enacted by the legislature. But they said it is likely that will have to enact the floating mill levy to come up with the same amount of tax money that they have had in the past budgets but no decision can be made until the figures are obtained from the state revenue department.

In other county news, as you may have noticed on the station Events page, the county demolished the Cal's Napa Auto building last week. The county owns the property and paid for the demolition that was done by the road department and Fossum Ready Mix. They do not yet have a cost on the demolition but the county will have to pay for the costs of putting the building in the county landfill as well.

The commissioners also said that they plan to have the property appraised and put up for sale as soon as possible. Back to top

The Glasgow Police Department issued 15 citations during a drug bust on June 10. According to the Police Department, they received a tip regarding possible drugs being located at 13B Montana Street here in Glasgow. The Department executed a search warrant from City Court and searched the residence at 10:30 that evening. During the course of the search, the investigating officers found marijuana seeds as well as marijuana residue. They also seized drug paraphernalia including marijuana pipes and a marijuana bong. Three adults were issued citations. 19 year old Glasgow resident Joshua Sleeper was cited for possession of dangerous drugs. 20 year old Jebadiah Cole of Fort Peck was cited for possession of dangerous drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. 18 year old Glasgow resident Bradley Watson was cited for endangering the welfare of a child, illegal possession of alcohol and possession of dangerous drugs. Also cited were four Glasgow juvenile males ranging in age from 16 to 17. Nine citations were given to the four juveniles with one juvenile alone getting four citations. Back to top


The City of Glasgow is cracking down on city residents who own or reside on weedy lots. According to public works director Jon Bengochea an estimated 40 notices have been sent out to property owners informing them that they must have the weedy lots cleaned up or action will be taken against them.

Bengochea told Kltz/Klan news that after June 17 if the lots have not been cleaned up the owners of the lots will have to appear before the city council and explain their situation. Otherwise city crews will take care of the weedy lots and the owners will be charged for the service by the city of Glasgow. If you have any questions about the weedy lot problem, you are urged to call the City of Glasgow.

In other news with the City of Glasgow, residents of Valley County are reminded that the city is still selling cemetery plots in the new cemetery addition at a reduced price until September 16. In the past, those people who reside outside the city limits have had to pay more for lots in the Highland Cemetery. Last year the city passed an ordinance that reduced the prices on lots in the new cemetery addition for non-residents. Non-residents until September 16 will only have to pay $250 for a cemetery lot compared to the normal price of $500. City residents can purchase the new lots for $100 compared to the regularly price of $125. The new lots are located in the new cemetery addition, which is located to the east of the Highland cemetery. If you want more information on the reduced prices for the cemetery, you are urged to call the city of Glasgow. Back to top


The Glasgow School Board met in regular session Wednesday evening. Keith Myhre, architect for the high school retrofit project, updated the school board on the progress of the construction at the high school. He told the board that the bleachers have been removed from the gymnasium and that the new bleachers should arrive in Glasgow on June 21. The new lockers for the hallways and locker rooms will be arriving in July and the hallway lockers will be installed by the end of July.


Braden/Pehlke Construction who is the general contractor for the project has started the remodeling of the boys and girls locker rooms and the gymnasium will be painted this month.                  

The school board spent a considerable amount of time discussing the resurfacing of the high school track. Braden/Pehlke is also the general contractor for the track and they have received two bids for the resurfacing project. The Atlas Company has bid $57,882 for a black surface and $87,882 for a red track surface. The Le Court company bid $62,000 for a black surface and $84,000 for a red track surface. The board put off a decision on the color of the track until it could be found out how much money needs to be spent on asphalt for the foundation of the track.

Also at Wednesday night's meeting the school board is looking at installing a new alarm system at the Glasgow High School. This new system would have an alarm in each classroom that could be pushed if an emergency occurs in the classroom. The district is also looking at installing surveillance cameras in selected areas at the high school. The board has yet to approve the project but a portion of the money could come from technology funds that have to be used by the end of June.

The school board approved the hiring of six new employees for the school district. Clint Croy has been hired as the new high school math teacher to replace Ron Shumway who retired this fall. Croy, who spent the last five years in Nashua, will also coach football at track at the varsity level.

Jennifer Cunningham has been hired as the new elementary music teacher replacing Angie Page who resigned this spring. Cunningham has spent the last two years at Whitehall and before that was a music teacher in Hinsdale. Rachel Erickson has been hired as a third grade teacher at the Irle School. This teaching position is a federally funded position that will last only one year. Erickson previously taught in the Saco school system.

Robert Miler has been hired as the new half time high school art teacher and half time special education instructor and he will be the high school annual adviser. Miller previously taught art in the Missoula school system. Claudine Jamba was hired as the half time ESEA instructor at the South Side school and Sheri Daggett has been hired as the secretary at the south side school replacing Avis Needham who has retired.

Glasgow School Superintendent Gary Martin also updated the board on the status of the budgets. It appears that the budget for the next school year will be $4,349,495, which is down $4,516,509 from last year's budget. This means the district will have to cut $197,000 out of the current budget. Large savings will come from the early retirement of several teachers; in addition, several other vacancies that will not be filled but the school board will still have to cut $30,000 out of the budget. Martin told the board that incoming superintendent Glenn Monson is already working on cutting the $30,000 and will report to the board at the July or August meeting. By the way, this was Gary Martins last meeting as school superintendent and his last day on the job will be June 30.

School board chair Dr. Charles Wilson also updated the board on the status of negotiations between the board and the Glasgow Education Association. They are currently working on a two-year contract and have met four times in negotiating sessions including once last night.

At last night's negotiation session the school board presented another proposal to the teachers and after about 45 minutes of negotiating several changes in language were agreed upon in the contract. The board is currently offering the teachers no raise in pay for the first year of the contract but a small increase in the second year for teachers who currently have their pay frozen in the existing contract. This proposal would also offer an incentive to teachers who work towards their masters degree by increasing the pay for teachers who have done graduate work. The two sides have agreed to meet again on June 16 at 7pm to try to finish work on the contract. It appears that the two sides are very close to reaching an agreement on a new two-year contract for the teachers. Back to top

Lockheed Martin (6/11)

Lockheed Martin executives plan to be in Helena on July 7 to discuss Montana's fore proposed landing sites for the Venture star space vehicle. The four-hour briefing will be closed to the public. Lockheed plans to focus on detailed aspects of its plans for a reusable commercial spaceship to replace the space shuttle. Executives are stopping in all the states seeking one of the two 500 million dollar spaceports.

Senator Conrad Burns says three Lockheed officials will discuss the status of the VentureStar and X-33, the half- scale model scheduled to make a few test landings at Malmstrom Air Force Base next year. Back to top

Fire investigators go through rubble in Malta (6/10)

Two state fire marshals are in Malta today, sifting through the rubble of a fire that destroyed three businesses. The blaze swept through a bowling alley, a tavern and a barber shop yesterday, causing an estimated 750-thousand dollars in damage. Firefighters patrolled the site overnight. Today's investigation includes the help of a trained dog. (Contributed by Greg Kielb, KMMR) Back to top

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(AP) Three downtown businesses were on fire early this morning in Malta. Firefighters received the call at about 3:30am to the main downtown business block. The fire apparently started in Malta's bowling alley, Mustang Lanes. It then spread to the Stockman Bar and to a barbershop.

Firefighters said they hoped to contain the blaze to those 3 businesses.

No cause has been determined and there were no injuries reported as of 7 this morning. Back to top

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The two Glasgow youths who have been charged in the Glasgow Middle School bomb threat made appearances in District Court in Glasgow on Tuesday.

Twelve years old Jacob Fassett and Thirteen-year-old Evan Hall both pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit criminal mischief, a felony. The two have been charged with agreeing to damage, injure or destroying the Glasgow Middle School by placing a bomb in it. The two were arrested on April 28 after other students in the school overheard them talking about placing a bomb in the school. An investigation by the Glasgow Police Department and Valley County Sheriffs Department found that the two had made drawings of bombs, made maps of the school indicating placement of bombs and also signed a document indicating that they were serious about placing bombs in the school.

District Court Judge John Mckeon agreed to release Jacob Fassett to the custody of his mother who lives in Choteau Montana where will be under house arrest. Since his arrest in April, Fassett has been held in detention at the Yellowstone Youth Services Center in Billings.

Evan Hall has been under house arrest since the incident with his guardian in St. Marie, Montana.

If found guilty the two could be placed on probation until age 18, placed in a residential rehabilitation center, put under house arrest or be sentenced to a state youth corrections facility until age 18. Back to top

The Valley County Sheriffs Department is advising county residents to be wary of credit card scams over the telephone. The Sheriffs Department told Kltz/Klan that in the past couple of weeks several residents have complained to law enforcement that they have been contacted by companies asking for their credit card numbers over the phone. The Sheriffs Department advises county residents to not give out credit card numbers over the phone unless you have checked the company out first. If you are contacted by a company asking for your credit card number please contact the Valley County Sheriffs Department at 228-4333.Back to top

District Court in Glasgow has been a busy place this week with several individuals making appearances before District Court Judge John Mckeon.

On Tuesday, Joy Detienne appeared in court and gave her pleas to the three charges that have been filed against her in relation to an incident that occurred November 25, 1998.

Detienne pleaded not guilty to the charges of negligent vehicular assault, a felony. According to court documents, Detienne allegedly was under the influence of alcohol when she caused serious bodily injury to Chloe Eckes, a pedestrian crossing an intersection when Detienne’s vehicle hit Eches.

Eckes was injured seriously and spent almost two months in the hospital recovering from injuries.
Detienne also pleaded not guilty to the charge of negligent vehicular assault, a misdemeanor. Allegedly, Detienne, in the same incident, also caused injuries to Mark Bunn who was crossing the intersection.
Detienne also pleaded not guilty to the charge of failure to have liability vehicle insurance on her vehicle when the accident occurred. On the felony charge, if convicted, Detienee could face a prison term of up to five years and be forced to pay restitution charges.

She has been out on $2500 bail and faces an omnibus hearing on July 6. Malta attorney Alan Johnson represents her.

Also in District Court on Thursday, Valley County resident Tater Mcdonald appeared in court, making an initial appearance on two charges.

Mcdonald is charged with aggravated assault, a felony.

According to court documents, Mcdonald purposely or knowingly caused serious bodily injury to Hinsdale resident Chris Barstad by striking him in the face with his fist and causing severe trauma and damage to his face, which required corrective surgery.

Mcdonald also faces charges of misdemeanor assault. According to court documents, Mcdonald caused bodily injury to Hinsdale resident Cody Palm by striking him in the face with his fist. Bail was set at $1000, which Mcdonald met; he was released, to his employer.

He will make another appearance in District Court on June 7. If convicted on the felony charge Mcdonald could be sentenced to not less than 2 years and not more than 20 years with the Montana Department of Corrections. Back to top

Montana Senator Max Baucas was in Glasgow on Tuesday hosting a town meeting, and visiting with the people involved in the Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Center and Museum.

Baucas is currently on a tour of eastern Montana visiting with constituents in a series of town meetings.
Senator Baucus said that most of the discussion dealt with jobs, economic development, the low ag prices, and how to boost the economy in northeastern Montana. Baucus noted that there are a lot of good ideas in the area but they need to be followed up. Topics included everything from the Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Center and Museum to the fish hatchery and Venture-Star.

After the meeting, Baucas met with a group representing the Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Center and Museum. Baucas was instrumental last year in getting six million dollars appropriated for the design and construction of the interpretive center.

Last year Congress failed to pass legislation that would have appropriated ten million dollars for the interpretive center. Baucus said that he will try once again this year to get the ten million dollars.Back to top

The Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Center and Museum will hold an open public meeting Tuesday night, June 2nd at 7pm, for the public to share concerns & desires for the center.


Larry Meiers stated that the meeting is a planning & design session. Representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, BLM and Fish, Wildlife & Parks will be there; "just about everyone involved," according to Meier. will be there.

He also noted that the board does want public input, as to where it should be built, and what people want in the facility, plus any more concerns or desires people have for the center. Meier noted that this is a "community project."

Meier stated that this is a major planning phase of project. He said this week they hope to come up with a plan for the structure to give to the architects and designers. Back to top


Twelve year old Jacob Fassett made a preliminary appearance in District Court in Glasgow on Tuesday morning.

Fassett has been charged with conspiracy to commit criminal mischief, a felony. The charges indicate that Fassett and Evan Hall agreed to damage, injure or destroy the Glasgow Middle School by placing a bomb in it and that they acquired information about bombs, made drawings of bombs, told person they planned to place bombs, indicated placement of bombs on a map of the school, discussed the time for placement of bombs, and/or signed a document indicating they were serious about placing bombs at the school.

Since the incident Fassett has been in detention at the Yellowstone County Youth Services Center in Billings. The appearance before District Court Judge John Mckeon was mainly to explain the charges that have been filed against Fassett and to appoint an attorney to represent him.

Tracey Crater, Fassett's mother, had petitioned the court asking for a court appointed attorney to represent her son. Judge Mckeon questioned the mother about her financial situation after a short deliberation ordered that the county public defender, Alan Johnson, represent Fassett in the legal proceedings. Mckeon also explained to Fassett that if found guilty of the charges that he could order Fassett to be classified as a delinquent youth. He also explained the penalty for being found guilty of the charges. If found guilty, Fassett could be placed on probation until age 18, placed in a residential rehabilitation center, put under house arrest or be sentenced to a state youth corrections facility until age 18.

Judge Mckeon did not ask Fassett to enter a plea on the charges because he had yet to meet with the attorney who will represent him. He will be required to appear before the court again on June 7th at 10am when he will enter a plea to the charges. The judge also ordered him to return to the Yellowstone County Youth Services Center in Billings until his next appearance in court. The other youth charged in the incident, Evan Hall, has yet to make an appearance in District Court and his first court date is also set for June 7th at 10am.Back to top